Friday, 15 January 2010

Boom! LB Visitor

Ohio LB Jake Ryan is on campus this weekend for his official visit to Ann Arbor, and a commitment could happen. Ryan is a bit of a sleeper prospect, he has apparently grown a lot over his senior season, and he is starting to attract some attention from the Big Ten schools. 

The reason this post is called "Boom" is....well just check out his highlight reel here! Around 0:57 is a great hit!

Ryan plays outside linebacker (OLB), and with Michigan's recent troubles at the linebacker spot it would be good to add him to the class. He looks very fast in the video, which states that he runs a 4.57, which is good for a 225lb LB. Looks like a great tackler, and either he's playing against the worst O-Lines in the nation, or this kid really knows how to get into the backfield! His high school team actually won the D1 state championship in Ohio, so he has played at a good level and knows how to win.

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