Monday, 18 January 2010 Final Rankings

For those of you that read the blog often, you'll know that 90% I'll use's ratings when talking about a recruit, and today they released their final rankings for 2010's class. Here's some notes of interest for Michigan:

- Devin Gardner slipped a bit in the overall rankings, down to #43, but maintained his 5 Star status and he remains the top dual threat QB.

- Cullen Christian climbs to #56 overall, just 6 places short of being a 5 star prospect. He remains the #3 CB in the class.

- Josh Furman made a big leap, landing in the top 100 recruits at #96. When your 6'2, 200lb with a good frame...and you can run a 4.36 have to figure he should be a top 100 player. 

- Austin White, Marvin Robinson, Jerald Robinson and Ricardo Miller are the other four star prospects in the UM class, although in my opinion Will Hagerup should be in that group. He's received great reviews from the Kicking Camps and he was the top punter at the Army Game. 

- I'm also a bit disappointed with Cornelius Jones' final rating of 2 Stars. He lead his team to a fairytale playoff run, losing in the semi-finals to one of the best teams in the country, but showed great leadership and skills in the process. I refuse to believe that there are 103 better QB's.

Anyway, these changes put Michigan 9th in the team rankings, which is a great effort. If Rich Rod can lure in a big time recruit like Sean Parker (#81 prospect) or Dillion Baxter (#33 prospect) then the class could remain in the top 10 after  signing day.

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