Friday, 15 January 2010

Gardner to enroll early

Inkster High School has cleared Michigan QB commit Devin Gardner to graduate, meaning he can enroll early at UM. This means a lot for Gardner, if he expects to win the starting QB role this year, spring practice is a must.

Head Coach Rich Rodriguez has always stressed the importance of competition for starting roles, and with Tate Forcier, Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner all around for spring ball, he'll certainly get competition at the QB spot.


  1. ???????? No other source is reporting this?????

  2. A couple of days ago Inkster High School confirmed that they have graduated Devin Gardner, the ball is in Michigan's court now, UM have to decide whether to let him enroll in classes because it might be too late? I'm not entirely sure at the moment.

  3. Ok has today reported that Devin Gardner has got the go ahead from Michigan, and he will be in classes on Tuesday.