Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Rich Rod hits the road

Could you say no to this face? Of course not!

 On a serious note now, Rich Rodriguez is really going for it this week with the in home visits. He was with Sean Parker yesterday and things are looking good there, he did visit Washington this week, but it will probably be a UM vs USC battle.

 He was down in Florida last week to meet up with Rashad Knight, and he'll be back in Florida this week to see Demar Dorsey. There are plenty of rumors about Dorsey going around, some say Florida aren't that keen on him anymore, (unlikely!!!), others seem to think he's a silent commit to FSU, which is also unlikely seen as hes going to visit USC this weekend. Either way Rich Rod will do his best to make sure Dorsey picks Michigan.

In other news, Terrance Talbott has made it clear that he's going to Michigan and he seems sure his brother Terry will be joining him despite a recent visit to UNC. Whatever the situation Rodriguez will pay them an in home visit to make sure everything is good.


The best you can possibly hope for is 2 of 3 safeties to commit, I don't see any scenario where all three pick Michigan. Also, let's not forget about Tony Grimes who has Michigan in his top 3 schools, along with Maryland and Ole Miss. Personally I think Grimes will go with Clarence Murphy to Maryland, I think when UM took Cullen Christian the interest in Grimes faded. 

I also think Dorsey won't be donning the winged helmet next season. I saw him in an ESPN interview with Florida commit Johnathan Dowling in which they were both saying how they love playing together, and how they aren't going to lose a game whilst at Florida....

I don't know when the video was made, they are both wearing all Under Armor gear, which means the video might be as old as the UA AA game, which is good. Whenever it was made, Dorsey sounded pretty certain at that time where he was going to college.

Prediction - UM get Parker and Knight, but Dorsey goes to Florida.


  1. Can we sign both of them? I thought we only had 1 more scholarship to give..

  2. The general perception is that Michigan has one space left, but if they really want to, they could find a way to get one more spot in the class.
    Also there are concerns about Tony Drake's academic status.