Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dorsey de-commits

Florida safety Demar Dorsey has de-committed from the Gators and will now look at Michigan, FSU and USC (possibly Tennessee, but I doubt that). ESPN says Dorsey is no longer being sought by the Gators, leaving the door wide open for Rich Rod and co.

Coach Rodriguez is set to visit Dorsey tomorrow I think, let's hope it goes well. Dorsey will announce his decision on signing day.


  1. Nice. That's the first step in getting him.

    Am I wrong to start being worried about being limited to just 13 kids next year? We won't be able to sign any early enrollees and move them to this year's class. So maybe 2 kids transfer but nobody should leave early so that 15? Are then any 4th year Juniors this year that won't get a 5th year?

  2. You underestimate attrition levels my friend

  3. Naturally some players will leave the program between now and Feb 2011. I don't know exactly how it will work but Michigan should sign around 20 in the next class? It will definitely be smaller than 2010.

  4. Rich Rod plus four other coaches visited Dorsey, they are really giving it everything to sign him. Tallahassee eh? You wouldn't be an FSU fan would you?!!