Thursday, 14 January 2010

Rivals 250 released released their final rankings for the class of 2010, and like the ESPN ratings before them, it's more bad news for Michigan. 

Devin Gardner remains the top Duel-Threat QB, but took an almighty drop to #132 in the rankings, I think he was around 60-80th before. Cullen Christian is the only UM player to make the top 100, and that was at #99!

After seeing Devin Gardner at #132, it really was painful to scroll down the rest of the list searching for the word "Michigan" next to the player's names, the search ended in disappointment. The one bright spot was that Dillion Baxter checks in at #17 (5 Stars), if Michigan were to land him it would certainly improve the outlook of the class.

Rivals only gives Michigan five 4 Star prospects, which is pretty harsh, let's hope the rankings are a little more in favor of UM.

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