Monday, 4 January 2010

Unconfirmed Stories

Neither of these are 100% certain yet!

- It looks like Adrian Witty will not be a Wolverine, I think it is an academic issue. I hope this issue gets sorted out soon.

- Jonathan Hankins could decide his college choice this week, with Ohio State and Florida as the frontrunners. Another rumor going around is that Sharrif Floyd is a silent commit to OSU, this might discourage Hankins a little bit.


  1. Any word on Taylor Lewan? Did he get red-shirted this year?

  2. By most accounts, Taylor Lewan will be good/great player at Michigan. I think he has red-shirted this year, making him a potential 3-4 year starter at the tackle position.

  3. Awesome... He's got the size and speed and he should be able to contribute, but you never know.

    Thanks for the update...

    Love this blog!!!