Friday, 22 January 2010

The Final Four

With signing day inching closer, its time to take a look at who is left on the board for Michigan. There is probably only two spaces left in this class, but Michigan has four targets that could commit.

4* Safety Sean Parker (CA) - Michigan is throwing everything at him right now, three UM coaches visited him this week, and Rich Rod himself will be out California next week to try and seal the deal. Its between USC and Michigan, and many think the Wolverines might have a slight lead...

3* Safety Rashad Knight (FL) - Michigan has been near the top of his list for a long time now, and he loved the official visit last weekend. He's probably the most likely to sign with UM right now...

4* DT Jibreel Black (OH) - Got an in home visit this week from coaches, and should be in Ann Arbor this weekend for his official, if not, forget about it. 

4* Safety Demar Dorsey (FL) - Blazing speed and enormous potential, Michigan has a shot! He got the in home visit this week and with Florida losing some defensive coaches, the Gators aren't so certain anymore. He loved the UM visit, has good relationships with Devin Gardner and Denard Robinson (his cousin), however FSU and USC are still on him big time. ESPN rates him very highly, would be great to get him on signing day.

I think UM will get at least one Safety, and if I could choose one it would probably be Dorsey, what can I say? Speed Kills. Parker comes in a very close second, he's a big hitter and Michigan could use a sure tackler at Safety.

Knight has mainly played CB in his HS career (I think?), but Michigan definitely wants him as a Safety, can he make the transition? As for Black, he might be the least likely to commit to UM, he may have interest, but he hasn't been on campus yet and there is no guarantee that he will. 


  1. i have a good feeling about dorsey... i think/hope we lock him up + parker to really put this class on the map where it should be

  2. Adding either one would be great. Let's not forget we already have Carvin Johnson, Ray Vinopal and Marvin Robinson already committed as safeties. It was a real area of weakness this year on the field, but taking five would be a bit strange!

  3. However, Marvin is good. We just need one more safety. I hope it would be Dorsey, but Sean is OK.Rashad is slow guy. He is similar ot Mark Williams. Important, we need CB. Only CC is not enough. We most need Tony.

  4. Considering the fact that 50% of our DB recruits blow up or move posistions I say quit recruiting Black. Letting Dorsey just sit back and rove would be amazing with his speed.

    Two quick questions. 1. Wouldn't Parker be great for that Stevie Brown (don't remember if it is Quick posistion or if that is Roh's posistion)? If he's big and is a great tackler, why shouldn't he be at the line of scrimmage? 2. Isn't if the SS that sits back in Michigan's defense and the FS that plays closer to the line of scrimmage? If so, is the SS really a FS and the FS really a SS (like on any other team) or do they really play the SS back and FS up? Why?

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. I guess Parker is a bit similar to M Williams, neither of them have blazing speed, but Parker has good coverage skills for his age, and is a real big hitter, which is surprising given his size. As for Tony Grimes, I watched some film of him at the O-D bowl, where his coverage looked suspect. Also, after getting CC, Rich Rod apparently cooled down on Grimes, as he thinks highly of players like Courtney Avery and Terrence Talbott.

    KB, Parker could definitely play in the "Spinner" position (Stevie Brown). He has actually played a bit of Outside LB in High School, but for college he would need to bulk up a bit. I think Rich Rod sees Josh Furman filling that role anyway. Furman has great speed and size, he should be a dominant player (Many people say he has NFL potential).

    In a normal team, the SS usually plays closer to the LOS. As for UM's defense, which ever position Kovacs played, (I think FS) was closer to the box. I'm not sure why this is, maybe because Kovacs can't do coverage that well? I really don't know much about this!