Thursday, 3 March 2011

DetNews Article: DE Tom Strobel

This week in his DetNews column, Sam Webb takes a look at one of the top prospects in the state of Ohio, defensive end Tom Strobel. The talented youngster already has offers from the likes of Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Stanford.

Check out the full article here.

Quick Summary:

Basically he's still open right now despite growing up a fan of OSU, but the Buckeyes are probable favorites, with ND being in 2nd place. Fortunately Strobel is stressing that academics are #1 for him, and that he's very impressed with what Michigan offers in that department, which gives the Wolverines an opportunity. He's looking to make a decision before his senior season.

The most interesting line of the article wasn't even about Strobel though, it was when Bill Greene (Ohio recruiting analyst for said that he expects fellow Ohio DE Chris Wormley to go to Michigan!

"I think (Michigan and Michigan State) are definitely in the game (for Strobel)," said Greene. "I don't think (all the defensive ends offered by the Buckeyes) are all coming (to Ohio State). I think Chris Wormley is going to head to Michigan. The rest of them are going to be recruiting battles."

Interesting stuff...


  1. Any news on Graham Glasglow? That OL from Illinois?

  2. The 2011 guy? He chose to walk on at Ohio State. If Michigan REALLY wanted him they could have offered a scholarship, but they didn't.