Monday, 28 March 2011

Weekend Updates

Around 30 kids on campus, unfortunately no commits on the day; (Caleb Stacey committed whilst coming back from a WVU visit). Still, there were plently of positives to be taken from the weekend.

- Kaleb Ringer has confirmed that Michigan is his outright leader, and that he plans to announce his college decision on April 15th, which is one day before the Michigan spring game; which he plans to attend. This screams HEAVY Michigan lean, something would have to go dreadfully wrong in the next couple of weeks.


- Michigan probably wants at least 2-3 DE's in this class, and they've in a great position with two already. Matt Godin (could play DT too) and Chris Wormley both really enjoyed their visits on Saturday.

Wormley is likely to choose between Michigan and OSU, either just before or after his senior season. Deciding after might help Michigan because he's eager to see how the Wolverines perform on the field.

- QB prospect Zeke Pike is still scheduled to visit Michigan tomorrow, after he had to cancel last Thursday's trip for personal reasons. Pike figures to be one of the top QB's in the nation this year, so this is a good opportunity for Michigan to get in the fold early.


  1. What are the chances of signing Pike?

  2. Well its hard to say at the moment; things will be a bit clearer after his visit tomorrow. Hopefully meeting the coaches and seeing the team practice will elevate Michigan to one of his leaders.
    But we have to remember that Pike has offers from all the top programs in the nation, so he'll be tough to land no matter what.

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  4. Hey Benji,

    Can you please give the list of players we are likely to land or if we are in their top 3 list...

  5. Asad, some recruits don't even list a top group of schools, so I can't name all of them now for you, but here's a few we're in a 'good position' for.

    - Matt Godin
    - Chris Wormley
    - Jordan Diamond
    - Ron Thompson (guessing commit #3 this week?)
    - Kaleb Ringer (commit #4 before spring game?)
    - James Ross
    - Royce Jenkins-Stone

  6. Thanks Benji....that looks good. I am more worried about our special team as to our defense.

  7. Benji can you or anybody else give me a good recruitng website that is free espn, scout and rials do not give the info for free.Thanks

  8. I don't think there is a website that covers recruiting nationally for free. You can probably find a lot of blogs that cover individual teams (such as this one).

    Maybe try this:

  9. this is the best free recruiting website I have found. Keep it up Benji. Can you tell me who has actually offered Ringer?

  10. Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Syracuse, Cincinnati, West Virginia and MACs have all offered him. Its a pretty good offer list at this stage.