Thursday, 24 March 2011

2012 - Michigan Commitment List

To view the commitment posts for each player, simply click their names.
1) OL Ben Braden (Rockford, MI)
2) LB Kaleb Ringer (Clayton, OH)
3) LB Royce Jenkins-Stone (Detroit, MI)
4) TE Devin Funchess (Farmington Hills, MI)
5) TE A.J Williams (Cincinnati, OH)
6) LB Joe Bolden (Cincinnati, OH)
7) LB James Ross (Detroit, MI)
8) DE Mario Ojemudia (Farmington Hills, MI)
9) DE Matt Godin (Novi, MI)
10) CB Terry Richardson (Detroit, MI)
11) SS Allen Gant (Sylvania, OH)
12) DE Tom Strobel (Mentor, OH)
13) OT Erik Magnuson (Encinitas, CA)
14) OL Blake Bars (Nashville, TN)
15) FS Jarrod Wilson (Akron, OH)
16) OL Kyle Kalis (Lakewood, OH)
17) FB Sione Houma (Salt Lake City, UT)
18) DE Chris Wormley (Toledo, OH)
19) DT Ondre Pipkins (Kansas City, MO)
20) S Jeremy Clark (Madisonville, KY)
21) RB Drake Johnson (Ann Arbor, MI)
22) WR Amara Darboh (Des Moines, IA)
23) WR Jehu Chesson (Ladue, MO)
24) DT Willie Henry (Glenville, OH)
25) ATH Dennis Norfleet (Detroit, MI)


  1. Dee Hart!!!!! oh wait nevermind

  2. This overall very exciting. I love to have football news year round. What I don't get is how upset people are getting at our slow start. I don't care how many recruits we have today. I'm not excited to have another Dee Hart commit and then walk away. I want commits that KnoW this is where they belong. Take the time you need to know that to be true!

  3. lol, go to sleep bud :-)

    Love your blog btw

  4. Im with you Jennifer,I dont care if we dont get any recruits untill June as long as we land good players that WANT to be here. Here is to the first piece of a great class!

  5. Thanks Ricky, but this is Commit-Watch...I'm not allowed to go bed until it's over!

  6. Hope you have a lot of Red Bull bro! lol I'm up all night anyways,off work for 6 weeks from surgery! My sleep pattern is all messed up lol

  7. At least you have March Madness!

  8. haha agreed I love this blog, I check it every few hours. Benji I am really glad we didn't make it into April without a commit, which I was actually starting to think. I am like 20 miles from Rockford so it would be sweet if they got him.

  9. You are 20 miles from Rockford and I'm 80 miles from Columbus. Yay for you boo for me! lol

  10. RBratton,

    Im in Columbus, but i'll be up for the spring game!!

  11. Jenn,I live in Portmouth(southern Ohio). I use to go to the sprin game all the time but havent been the last few years. I doubt I'll go this year since it wont actually be a "game".

  12. I never get to make it up for games at all. I am just excited to get up to A2 and be around Michigan football again. Hard times in Columbus being a Michigan fan.

  13. I use to go to a game every year but I have only been to maybe 3 games over the last 5 years. By the way times should be getting easier for you in C-Bus with all this Tre$$le stuff going down.

  14. I'd like to see stats and highlight film of Jennifer... lmao

  15. Watch This New Comer From Detroit Frederick Douglass

  16. Check out my Bleacher Report Article- Top 10 Michigan recruits that will impact the 2012 season- here Appreciate the support, go blue!

  17. What do you see about Kickers for 2012? Any scholarships available for a good kicker FOR 2012? I know a really good one whois very interested in Michigan!