Thursday, 19 May 2011

Commitment Profile: Terry Richardson

Name: Terry Richardson

Location: Detroit, MI

Position: CB

Ratings: ESPN – Watch List* (40), Scout – 4*, 247 Sports 4*

Recruitment: Terry Richardson is the last piece of the Detroit trio that Michigan has been recruiting so heavily. Whilst many will argue James Ross might be the best prospect in the state of Michigan, Richardson clearly has the best offer sheet (see below), making his commitment to Michigan a real triumph. Especially seen as a couple months ago, Terry didn’t really seem that keen on Michigan, there was talk of USC or an SEC school leading. I guess that all changed when Ross and RJS signed up for UM, along with a bunch of other top in state prospects that TR likely knows. Terry is also part of a long line of tiny CBs from Cass Tech (UM pipeline), following Cissoko, Mathis, and Hollowell before him. And before you ask, yes, there is another small CB from CT in 2013!!! Terry's final five schools were UM, ND, USC, Alabama and LSU.

Offers: Michigan, Alabama, USC, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Penn State, Arizona State, Iowa, UCLA, Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Iowa, Indiana and more.

Stats: Currently stands at 5’9.5 and 165lbs. He’s had some bad times in the forty yard dash reported, but I’d hardly call him slow, probably a mid 4.5 guy right now. As a junior he made 35 tackles and 12 interceptions, as well as 400 yards receiving on offense.

ESPN Analysis: None available.

Scout Analysis: Richardson may not have the prototypical size, but he does have the instincts, hips and natural cover ability as evidenced by his eight interceptions a year ago. Don't let that 5'9, 165-lb frame lead you into thinking he can't tackle either, as that is a part of his game he worked on greatly and he showed it as a junior.

From the man himself: “I’m a big play guy. When we need a big play, I’ll come through and make it happen. I’m also smart and I can read routes and know what the offense is doing. I’m also always very composed and don’t get rattled. I want to be more explosive and get in and out of my breaks faster. I’m working on being more physically fit and getting stronger.”

Improvements: Pending analysis. Hopefully he’ll grow a bit though and add 20lbs or so of muscle.

Film Highlights: Link here.

Final Thoughts: Michigan probably wants around 3 DBs in this class, and it’s great to start them off with an Under Armor All American. Richardson is a playmaker, 16 INTs over the last two years is a very impressive statistic. That quote above is interesting, “very composed and don’t get rattled”; this is perhaps something Michigan has lacked in the secondary; guys with short memories and cool heads.

This commitment could also cause a bit of a rush on DB commits, as spaces begin to fill up. Will TR’s commitment bate a guy like Anthony Standifer or Wayne Morgan into pulling the trigger early? Allen Gant and Armani Reeves are other possibilities too.

With that kind of offer sheet, Richardson is probably one of the top CBs in the nation, but even he might struggle to find early playing time at Michigan. The last two Michigan classes have seen many DBs taken, especially at the CB position. Terry might also need a year or so to add some bulk and get conditioned for the college game, so a redshirt might be the right move here.

This commitment further seals Michigan’s in state dominance, although let’s be honest, MSU didn’t really have a chance in this one, with all the national powers in the race.


  1. Benji, who's the 2013 corner out of Cass Tech

  2. Benji after those exams are done are you going to update the ideal class.

  3. Thanks Benji, just for that, I hope you get good grades.

  4. Daily ritual...

    Wake, shower, coffee, computer on, press "m"(browser takes care of the rest), press enter, find out we landed another sweet recruit, then spend the rest of the day trying to be as awesome as Brady Hoke. I have yet to succeed.

    GO BLUE!

  5. Great things are happening since we got a Michigan Man back at Head coach(Hoke),D coach(Mattison). Recruits know we are back! and we will WIN! Gotta Love It! GO BLUE

  6. @Jut: The only person as awesome as Brady Hoke is Chuck Norris!!! But Brady is a better recruiter!!!

  7. im not an um grad, just love the football team, but as michigan people how happy were you with the hoke hire (understanding and then not taking into account how great of a start he is on)? Before RichRod was hired I assumed he would be the coach so I assumed this would eventually happen, just not this quickly. Either way, I was thrilled when I herd he was hired

  8. my grammar/spelling just indicated that I did not get a Michigan quality education

  9. @ ef220... I thought RR was going to do great things at UM, but when he got here you could tell he wasn't a good fit. When he got fired I was on the "harbaugh train", but you could tell right away he wasn't as excited as we were (and my theory is if you don't bleed Maize and Blue we don't want you here). Now after that Hoke was my choice. Hoke has always loved UM and made it well known. Miles is NOT a Michigan Man! Let him stay at LSU. I (like you) never dreamed that Hoke would do all these great things so fast!!!!! I'm just excited to have something to be excited about with UM football again! GO BLUE!!

  10. He is recruiting well but lets see how well they play before we get to excited. Hoke doesn't have a great track record in coaching a winner.

  11. I would say his track record isn't that bad. He took a ball state team from 4-8 in 2003 to 12-1 in 2008. And, granted he was only at san diego state for two years, he took them from 4-8 in 2009 to 9-4 in 2010. I think he has a knack for inspring his players to play harder. I get goose bumps listening to him talk. It will be interesting to see what he can do with higher profile players.

  12. MichiganMan1
    Miles was never going to leave LSU. I don’t even think Brandon wanted him. David Brandon has already admitted that the jet that was at Baton Rouge was a decoy. I too wanted Harbaugh, but after seeing Hoke at his introduction press conference and listening to him in interviews, this guy loves Michigan and will never want to go somewhere else. I am amazed at the recruiting so far. Keep rolling….

  13. Hoke has always been a great recruiter. He and Coach Mattison are 2 big reasons we had so many greats at Michigan in the 90's. Turns out they're great coaches too! What a beautiful day we've got today, though. It's the kind of day that makes kids just want to go out and commit to Michigan. Am I right?!

  14. @ Dan... Agree! And Michael... You're right! AMEN BROTHER!

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