Monday, 30 May 2011

Commitments coming

So I made the grave error of going to sleep at a reasonable (UK) time last night, and as a result missed a few interesting bits of news.

Firstly, I haven't read the SI article yet, but I've heard it wasn't that shocking. This is probably slightly disappointing for most UM fans, but in a way I don't want OSU to get hammered so badly by the NCAA that the rivalry game is still pointless for another three years. Don't get me wrong, I want to beat OSU every year, but I'd rather do it because we got better, not because they got worse. You know what I really hate? When SEC fans claim the Iron Bowl is a bigger rivalry...

Secondly, Allen Gant will be announcing his college decision this morning, and the timing has everything to do with Tressel leaving. Gant has always favored UM and OSU, but doesn't have an OSU offer, and the last thing on Luke Fickell's mind right now is handing out new offers. Besides, Gant's father already said Michigan was his leader a couple weeks back, therefore we should probably be expecting commitment #14.

Next up we have Wayne Morgan, another defensive back who will probably be announcing for Michigan on Thursday. No need to go into much detail here, you guys know the score with this one.

Chris Wormley in theory could also be announcing for Michigan this week, or next week. Wormley is another Ohio guy that basically from the start said, it's either going to be UM or OSU. Given recent events, UM is a massive favorite, and really the only question mark here is when will he announce.

So there's three possible and very likely commitments over the next couple weeks, and I think there will probably be a couple more in June, one from the fourth DB (whoever gets there first) and maybe a lineman of some kind. I'm basically expecting (with good reason to believe ;) ) that Michigan will have 17 commitments by the time July comes around.

Sidenote: I forgot to include Sheldon Day in the list of those effected by Tressel's resignation. Day's coach is a big OSU fan, and there were rumors that OSU was making good progress with Sheldon. Of course now the Buckeyes are probably done for Day, as they will be with many recruits outside of Ohio.


  1. Great summation. There's definitely a 4th announcement on the very near horizon. I still don't have a good idea of who it is from my snooping and lurking. I've heard Tom Strobel's name mentioned a few times as a possible silent commit. The fourth DB commit may be Standifer as he and Washington will be visiting very soon. Supposedly those two are a package deal. This situation begs for a very fitting quote from the Beatles:

    "If you want it, here it is
    Come and get it
    But you better hurry 'cause it's going fast"

    Erik Magnuson, one of the best OTs in the nation, has said that Michigan is now his leader:

    "They are my number one, so I'm not afraid to say that. It's always been kind of on the back of my mind but I've never really said it."

    So things are looking really good, and the situation in Columbus can only help things. I've heard that 8 current recruits with osu offers have now eliminated them as a possible destination. Dunn says he won't make a decision until there is a better picture of NCAA sanctions but if it includes a bowl ban, he's out like a boner in sweatpants.

  2. Thanks for Magnuson quote, thanks great to hear.

    By the way, it's WR Dwayne Stanford that is the package deal with Adolphus Washington, not Standifer.

  3. Thanks for the correction

  4. The SI article didn't tell us Michigan fans anything we didn't already "know" but it took all of the rumors about Tressel and turned them into facts. Him naming names of other Tatgate kids floored me. They'll serve suspensions this year of maybe more than 5 games if the investigation is timely. If they're investigated at all tUOS might just pull them for 5.

  5. The Iron Bowl may not be "bigger", but it is certainly more important to the fans.

    I love Michigan, and Michigan football. But the Auburn-Alabama rivalry is nothing like anything else in sports. It's more important than God, country, or family.

    Nothing to envy. Really kind of sad.

  6. btkling99...

    "Besides, Gant's father already said Michigan was his leader a couple weeks back, therefore we should probably be expecting commitment #14"

    did you mean to say #14, or #13 ???