Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Jordan Payton to visit?

This situation reminds me a lot of DeAnthony Thomas from last year; a highly rated California prospect who's been committed to USC for a long time decides that he wants to take all five officials.

Jordan Payton (Santa Clarita, CA) is one of the top wide receivers in the country according to's early rankings; as a junior he caught 61 passes for over 900 yards and 10 TD's, despite missing two games. But unfortunately he's been a USC commit since last November.

However! He's decided to take some visits, and given that he grew up following Michigan (to some extent), it's very likely that the Wolverines will receive a visit. Michigan really needs a top WR in this class, as they lose some top talent from the roster after this season.

No date has been set up just yet, but it's certainly one to keep an eye on. Other schools looking at Payton include Florida, Oklahoma and California.


  1. USC way over-recruited even by their standards last signing day taking 31 kids, and might do so again (for whatever reason the loss of scholarships isn't in effect yet.) This kid may just want a shot at regular playing time. He'll get it here for sure.

  2. I'd love to land a stud WR, especially since we seem to have zero chance with Diggs and DGB. This would be huge and could potentially lead to landing Gunner or Zeke... Never know!

  3. What's your overall issue with Zeke Pike dude?. Something we need to know here ? Zeke this, Zeke that.

    What gives ?

  4. He is good man!! Talent is talent, whether he or Gunner! I don't understand why you wouldn't want him.

  5. We couldnt match Auburns price! Idc if his dad played in the nfl 100 years ago, a million dollars is a million dollars.. (im just assuming thats the ball park. They supposedly paid newton 500 k just for one season. Imagine what a true freshman that brings along other players is getting!)

  6. Oh I ran into Jordan Payton one lucky day, I actually could not believe it myself I was talking to Jordan Payton, but I was, it was so awesome!