Thursday, 12 May 2011

Matt Godin commits to Michigan!

In state DE Matt Godin has made it official today by committing to the Michigan Wolverines whilst on a visit to Ann Arbor. Matt drove in this morning to tell Brady Hoke and co that he's a Wolverine, 100%.

Godin grew up a big UM fan, and is one of the top players in the state of Michigan so this is a nice pickup. It's also another recruiting victory over MSU.

I know the film doesn't blow you away, but he's a solid prospect and should help Michigan's defense do what they want to do the most. Stuff the run.


YES, Godin WAS the silent commit, so you can stop your wondering over that. Commitment post to follow later.


  1. This years class is blowing me away! The quality and the speed at which they are committing! Good job Hoke and crew! And thank you Benji for keeping us informed!

  2. Benji- Yeah, figured he was. Unless Ron Thom or Wormley commit soon Godin won't be paired with anyone. Who do you see as next in line to make an announcement? So many of the kids say "before their senior year" but who's announcements are sooner than later do ya think? Plus how do you feel about Colorado OT Paul Thurston who visited?

  3. Michigan is in a pretty good position for Thurston, if he comes back for a second visit then we'll have a real chance. Over the weekend I'll be doing a summary of the OL propsects that we're still in the hunt for, so look out for that.

    As for the next announcement, I'm really not sure. It depends when Ron Thompson is ready I guess. Could be TR?

  4. is Ron thom actually a Tight End recruit or do they see him more as a receiver? because three tight ends seems excessive even in a rebuilding class.

  5. Funchess is more likely a WR than Thompson, I think.