Wednesday, 11 May 2011

ESPN rankings out early?

The ESPNU recruiting rankings usually come out during the first week of June, and I'm pretty sure that was still the schedule for this year. However, if you go on ESPN mobile, you can see some of the recruits grades. For example Dorial Green-Beckham is rated 86 (very good).

As for Michigan recruits, well you can see some but not all the grades, so here's a quick look at some players of interest, starting with the commits:

- Royce Jenkins-Stone: Either 81 or 80 overall, it gives two different grades for him?

- James Ross: 80

- Joe Bolden: 80

- Devin Funchess: 80

- Pharaoh Brown: 79

- Ben Braden: 79 -> Pleasantly surprised!

- Mario Ojemudia: 78

- Kaleb Ringer: 78 -> Will it go up now that he's an Army All American?


Gunner Kiel - 83| Jordan Diamond - 82| J.J Denman - 82| Terry Richardson - 81|

Zach Banner - 81| Sevon Pittman - 81| Sheldon Day - 80| Chris Wormley - 80|

Brionte Dunn - 80| Jarrod Wilson - 80| E.J Shumate - 80| Aaron Burbridge - 79|

Matt Godin - 79| Ron Thompson - 78| Dan O'Brien - 78| Wayne Morgan - 79|

There are probably a few that I've missed out or simply couldn't find, because its a lot harder to go through it on your mobile phone. Still my first reaction is that it seems pretty fair. Remember that 80 and above are guaranteed four stars, and some 79's will also get a fourth star.

I wouldn't trust these just yet though, let's wait until they sort out some issues, like a few players having more than one grade!


  1. I don't understand while all the recruiting sites are dogging Wormley... I mean he is only an 80 in ESPNU and well we all know about Rivals. Didn't Bucknuts say he is the #1 player in Ohio??

  2. Yeah Wormley getting the shaft seems to be the common denominator amongst the services. The Ben Braden rating is surprising though. I can't help but feel as though we got in on a couple guys who have a higher ceiling than some others may have thought.

  3. Also, a little bit surprised at the 78 for Mario, probably a size issue, these services are so obsessed with prototypical size for recruits it gets annoying.

  4. Does Michigan even have a shot at Kiel anymore now that we have Morris?

  5. It seems that recruiting services are popping up these days like internet search engines were 10 years ago. Right now Scout and Rivals are the biggest, but they're the fast-food of recruiting services and if you want carefully considered analysis of the best recruits in America then ESPNu, 247sports , and Tom Lemming put some actual thought into their rankings more than just into marketing their site. Standings subject to change but it looks like Michigan will have a consensus top 10 class before our biggest prospects commit and that Texas might end up near #1 for 2012.

  6. hey I thought that the ESPN rankings was already public, in fact I read an article on this matter on pay per head call center sports blog and there were no surprises for me