Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Weekend visitors

Michigan will be hosting some top talent this weekend, headlined by five star RB Brionte Dunn, a soft OSU commit. Dunn has been trying to get up to Ann Arbor for a while, and it looks like this weekend is the time.'s Allen Trieu tweeted this earlier.

Joining Dunn on campus will the Farmington Hills trio of Devin Funchess (UM commit), Mario Ojemudia (possible UM lean) and WR Aaron Burbridge (MSU lean). There were rumors of a upcoming MSU commitment for Burbridge, and whilst they were apparently premature, this visit is a good chance for Michigan to show him his other in state option.

If Ojemudia commits over the weekend then that will give Burbridge something to think about if he wants to play with his current teammates at the next level. Academics are an issue with Aaron, but given his talent level, Michigan would gladly take a chance on him qualifying.


  1. Tom has also said that everyone that thinks Burbridge is an MSU lock is mistaken. If we get Mario don't be surprised if he comes with him. I am interested to see who else comes up this weekend. Maybe we could get gunner up again with this group.

  2. That would be huge. If people start committing left and right I wouldn't be surprised to see us snag a few of these national blue chip type guys. This type of thing is contagious.

  3. Maybe Dunn will decide to swap out the $uckeyes for the Wolverines! Ahh that would be awesome!

  4. that is so nice to know and I myself tend to come to your blog during the weekdays rather than the weekends hehe because on weekends I tend to be away from my computer and just relax

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