Friday, 20 May 2011

Armani Reeves Update

Four star cornerback Armani Reeves has placed Michigan firmly in his top two along with Penn State. UM of course picked up the commitment of Terry Richardson yesterday, so CB isn't a great need, but I think the coaching staff would still take him.

Stanford and Boston College round out Reeves' top four, but he's essentially admitted that it's down to Michigan and Penn State. The Nittany Lions might have a slight edge because they already have his teammate committed, LB Camren Williams.


  1. He and Jarron Jones can visit together. That would be ok with just about everyone.

  2. Benji, since the rest of our class is kind of a mystery: I keep seeing Center prospect Evan Boehms name popping up with Michigan and Scout/others say we're highly interested in him, which makes me interested in him. Any word on him or his process? Saw him get schooled by Jaleel at the combine, but he still looks strong...

  3. Off topic but others were asking about the OSU scandal,it isn't a rumor in the eyes of guys like Dunn. Sounds like he may be done with OSU very soon!

  4. Hey Benji, Hope is all well. Looking over twitter and came across Jordan Diamonds profile. He canceled his trip to Wisconsin. Can we hope he is comming to Michigan this weekend to Committ!

  5. Benji, Do you know when he plans on making his decicson? And does Michigan have a real chance at Zach Banner? Do you think there will be any commits this weekend? We could use some Offence commits.

  6. It was posted today that we may have another silent commit. A highly decorated defensive player, that is not from the midwest. Any Ideas who this may be.

  7. Who do you think will be the projected starters for next season on both sides of the ball?

  8. @Lash on scouts it makes it seem as if the guy will announce today

  9. The posters over at MGOBLOG used the silhouette on Scouts and found a picture of Armani Reeves that is pretty much identical so thats who a few of the guys think it is

  10. If its not Reeves it's his twin.

  11. Yeah I think its Reeves also. I know some like Reeves much better than TR!

  12. Reeves is higher ranked. I say either reeves or Morgan. Morgan just visited so either DB makes sense to me at this point.

  13. @Brad Oline-Lewan Barnum Molk Omameh Hyuge TE-Koger Watson Moore WR-Roundtree Odoms Hemmingway RB-Cox Shaw Toussaint FB-McColgan Hopkins QB Robinson
    Dline-Roh Martin Campbell Van Bergan LB-Fitzgerald Demens Gordon FS/SS- Carvin Johnson Jordan Kovacs CB-JT Floyd Troy Woolfork. Very similar starters to last year, Borges and Mattison will look to use a ton of subs though.

  14. QB Denard Robinson
    RB Michael Shaw
    FB John McColgan
    WR Darryl Stonum*/Junior Hemingway**
    WR Junior Hemingway#/ Roy Roundtree**
    WR Martavious Odoms**/ Roy Roundtree#
    TE Kevin Koger
    TE Brandon Moore
    OT Taylor Lewan
    OG Ricky Barnum
    C David Molk
    OG Patrick Omaneh
    OT Mark Huyge

    WDE Craig Roh
    DT Mike Martin
    DT Will Campbell
    SDE Ryan Van Bergen
    LB Cam Gordon
    LB Kenny Demens
    LB Thomas Gordon
    CB Troy Woolfolk
    CB Coutney Avery
    FS Carvin Johnson
    SS Jordan Kovacs
    * = if he clears up his legal issues
    ** = if Stonum does not play
    # = if Stonum does play

  15. It's Reeves. If you see the picture of Reesves on espn they are the same.

  16. Benji,
    Do you think it would help Michigan to get Kiel if they got a couple of big O linemen to commit?

  17. Well according to this guy on TWITTER its Wayne Morgan

    "Hoke_A_ManiaHoke A Mania

    So with Wayne Morgan now on board, Michigan's "Noah's Arc' is almost full. #2By2 #KeepThemComing"

  18. According to TrieuA on twitter Michigan has a silent commit. He states it could break on Monday or longer!

  19. But I want to know now! Ahhh, this is awesome.

  20. wayne morgan is the silent commit according to many twitter feeds. I believe he can play CB or S so this could be a great addition, he's a 4 star and has offers from alabama, miami etc just like TR did.

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