Sunday, 8 May 2011

Commitment Profile: Mario Ojemudia

Name: Mario Ojemudia

Location: Farmington Hills, MI

Position: DE

Ratings: ESPN – NR* (40), Scout – 4*, 247 Sports - 3*

Recruitment: Farmington Hills Harrison H.S used to be a Michigan State stronghold, and Ojemudia even admitted that he didn’t really think too much of Michigan at the start of his recruitment. However, after visiting Ann Arbor twice in the spring, Mario really felt comfortable with Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison. Having the opportunity to join his teammate Devin Funchess was also a factor in turning the once MSU lean, blue. Mario committed on May 7th, becoming the first of many DL commits for the class.

Offers: Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Stanford, Syracuse and MACs.

Stats: Currently stands at 6’2 and 215lbs, and runs a 4.65 in the forty yard dash. As a junior he made 127(!!!) tackles, including 12 sacks and 3 forced fumbles.

ESPN Analysis: None available.

Scout Analysis: "Mario Ojemudia is quick off the ball, aggressive, and disruptive. The main knock on him is that he's about 215 pounds and has been playing out of position as a tackle. I think he will be fine at end, though, because he's so athletic.”

From the man himself: “I have great speed. I’m very aggressive and I play hard and fast. I want to work on shedding blockers. I’m trying to get bigger and stronger too.”

Improvements: The obvious thing here is his weight; he needs to add at least 30lbs to be able to compete on the DL in the Big Ten

Film Highlights: Link here.

Final Thoughts: A top in state player that grew up an MSU fan? Yes please. Mario Ojemudia is by all accounts a very good pass rusher, so he’ll be headed to the weak side DE position at Michigan. He’s pretty much guaranteed to redshirt his first year so that he can bulk up, and after that he’ll have to sit behind Jibreel Black and maybe guys like Brennen Beyer. Ojemudia’s time to shine will most likely come as a RS Soph.

He looks pretty good on film, and even has the option of sliding back to rush linebacker if he struggles to add the weight.

Michigan now has two members of the Farmington Hills trio in Mario and Devin Funchess, and fans will expect these two guys to recruit their teammate Aaron Burbridge to the Maize and Blue as well. Burbridge, a WR, could be the most talented of the bunch.


  1. Thanks Benji! I was wondering your opinion on if we do get Godin,Wormley,Day and Pipken(sp?) do you believe this will be the best defensive class ever at UM or atleast the best front 7 class ever?

  2. It would certainly be the best defensive class I've seen at Michigan. There will be a good number of high four star guys, and perhaps more importantly, big physical guys with toughness!

  3. I've been watching UM since 88 and I dont recall a class with this much talent in the front 7. That being said next years class we need to land some stud DB's since we dont have the numbers this year.

  4. What do you make of the whole Jordan Diamnond and Oregon thing. Its the cover story on 247 sports and he seemed excited about the offer with his Facebook status "Its official just got offered by Oregon... going to sleep with something to think about!!!" Is Oregon gaining on us for him?

  5. Diamond has been a Michigan lean since before the coaching staff change, that's how much he likes Michigan. Plus we have his teammate and good friend, Chris Bryant. Of course a new offer is going to interest him, but tbh I don't see Oregon shipping offensive lineman to the NFL, in fact their last guy to get drafted was a Center in 2009.
    I think Michigan will get Diamond in the end, even if he waits to take his officials. Right now I'm more worried about the SEC schools he likes than Oregon.

  6. And also I hate to be pessimistic with all the optimism on this blog and other Michigan blogs, but I know that Hoke is saying that Michigan is back to lure in recruits, but if we have another 5-7 or 6-6 season will it scare off recruits and possibly lead to a couple decommitments. And also it seems that Greg Mattison has been the biggest reason for the early recruiting success, but as we all know, he is getting old. Do you think this dreamlike success will only last a few years until Mattison retires?

  7. Well Rich Rod went 3-9, but that didn't stop him luring in a top10 class after that season.
    Sure Mattison might not be around for the next 10 years like we all wish. But he should be coaching long enough to lay the foundations for a successful defense. Whoever takes over as the D-Coordinator will have a LOT of talent to work with. Plus Dave Brandon is not afraid to pay big for Coordinators.

  8. Even if Greg Mattison is only around for a couple of years keep in mind that the Hokester is a defensive guy and I have to imagine with him and Mattison being the straight shooters they are, Brady has an idea of how long Mattison will continue to coach. If Mattison does leave after only a couple of years, maybe Brady could lure Ron English away from Eastern Michigan to coach defense again. The 2006 team was beastly on defense.

  9. My vote for eventual Mattison replacement is Dick Bumpass from TCU. His schools consistently have the best D in the country, and like Hoke he's a D-line coach who's been successful with little, then more, and maybe at Michigan someday he'll really be able to do work. Whomever Hoke hires I'll have confidence in, but Bumpass is the man.

  10. to tell you the truth my dear blogger, Mario Ojemudia was a total mystery for me, but thanks to your blog and always accurate information, I know much about him :D

    Host PPH