Friday, 6 May 2011

Changes to the Ideal Class

I've changed things around quite a bit on the 'Ideal Class' page, including allowing Michigan an extra scholarship, bringing the total to 22 for the class. So this assumes the attrition of four players between now and signing day.

The main reason I raised it to 22 is because of the success Michigan seems to be having recruiting defensive backs. Thus I've included an 'excess defensive back', because I think Michigan will end up will three DBs. The three DBs are currently Richardson, Standifer and Morgan, with the latter being the safety. I've put Richardson down as the excess DB, because I feel Standifer is more likely to commit first. But given Richardson's talent level, the coaches would still accept him even if they don't really need 2 CBs.

I've also changed Matt Godin from a DT to a DE. Godin replaces Pharaoh Brown on the DE list, whilst Godin himself is replaced by Ondre Pipkins on the DT list.

I originally had Godin listed as a tackle, but since then I keep seeing him listed everywhere as a DE, and I read a few months back that he wanted to play strong side end in college. Pharaoh Brown still likes Michigan a lot, but he doesn't make the Ideal class because Godin and Mario Ojemudia are likely to commit before him, and there's no way I'm kicking Chris Wormley out of the class!

I mentioned above that Wayne Morgan is now listed as the Safety, this is a change from the last update when I had Allen Gant in that place. I like Gant as a prospect, but because we haven't heard anything about him recently, I'm almost forced to replace him with Morgan. If I'm right in the fact that Michigan signs Standifer and Richardson, I think Morgan would start out at Safety, even if he can play corner at the next level.

The defensive back places could be the hardest to predict over the next few months, as players like Armani Reeves and E.J Shumate are still quite high on Michigan, and other prospects like Deon Bush and Yuri Wright plan to visit. So expect lots of changes!

You can check out my version of the 'Ideal Class, here.


  1. I think we should add burbridge as the wide receiver. If we get Mario we will more than likely get Burbridge to pull the trigger and GO Blue.

  2. I read earlier on the det freep website that we have the full 25 scholarships available and that Coach Hoke may over sign.... So who knows how this will turn out

  3. If the talent is there we will open up some room I am sure. Hoke is looking for game changers so we will have to see who wants to come.

  4. I was really thinking about putting Burbridge down as the receiver, but I thought I better wait until after his visit this weekend.

    As for the freep, well...they are hated by most Michigan fans for a reason, they suck. Coach Hoke won't over sign, this isn't the SEC. We may well end up with 25 spaces, but no one can say for sure right now.

  5. Benji- Do you like Standifer and Morgan more or do you think they're simply more likely to commit first? Even though he's later to the scene I continue to be impressed by Jarrod Wilson as a Safety, setting aside all the Hoke one liners he fulfills: "midwest, toughness, scholar-athlete, athletic, team leader, intelligent, touching kids..." Well, hopefully not that last one. I'd also prefer Jaleel at DT because he has such great technique already but are others likely to precede him? I know you can only guess so much, of course. Thanks for the updates.

  6. We're allowed up to 25 signings a year(NCAA), The NUTT Rule says we can take up to 28 (oversigning by 3). We have an overall limit of 85 and I have no idea where we stand right now. Thing is, I hate the idea of oversigning because if you don't lose kids to attrition you have to cut them loose, "fire them" and I want to think that we as a program and Coach Hoke are better than that. We expect these kids to live up to their committments, we should too. Let's not go the way of Miles, Saban or Nutt.

  7. @ GoBlueNorth

    I think we need to cut those players who are never going to play and dont fit the mold of what we need at Mich... We have upper classmen who have never seen the field but yet are on scholarship , I know this thinking is how the SEC opperates but in order for us to become more competitive thats what we need to do .. Get rid of that Jr who hasnt played a down in 3 years and go after a player who will be able to see the field and contribute..

  8. Hard to do that and still tell new players that you would not yank their scholarship later. Makes us look like we are liars. I don't see Hoke doing this.

  9. I'm not sure why D.J. Williamson left, he was a track athlete, and it seems like we could use him somewhere, on a reverse or a screen. I'm surprised he couldn't get on the field, or wouldn't get on the field. He could've definitely been used. Benji, what is your insight?

  10. D.J Williamson might have been a good athlete, but as for his receiving skills, they left a lot to be desired.

  11. We still could've used him on reverses or WR sweep

  12. Why don't we offer Demitrious davis or chris davis. Look at their film, dude is fast as hell

  13. Michigan won't oversing, we have 15 players leaving due to graduation according to my count:
    Kelvin Grady
    Martavious Odoms
    Michael Shaw
    Junior Hemingway
    Darryl Stonum
    Kevin Koger
    Steve Watson
    Mark Huyge
    David Molk
    Mike Martin
    Ryan Van Bergen
    J.B. Fitzgerald
    Brandon Herron
    Marrel Evans
    Troy Woolfolk
    And lost already 3 more
    Mike Williams (injury prone with concussions)
    Cullen Christian
    Ray Vinopal

    that's 18 so far

    We more than likely will lose some players do to transition and playing time this year (see Vlad Emilien or Anthony Lalota for an example)

    Big Ten rules say that a team can "over sign" by adding 3 more players to the 25 limit, but only if you've enough spots towards the 85 scholarships limit, we currently have 82 players on scholarship, (most likely those three missing scholarships will be handed out to 3 senior walk-ons since they're being unused as of now) and after all seniors leave we will have 67 players on scholarship left, as of right now, so we'll have 18 scholarships open to recruit 18 athletes, If due to graduation plus attrition we ended up with only lets say 57 players on scholarship, we would be able to bring 28 recruits, and we would go up to 85 scholarship players again, but the important thing is to not exceed that 85 limit, so the big ten doesn't aloud to over sign indeed, and we're not a SEC team, I don't think Hoke, nor the fans would want to have to pull a scholarship offer to an already signed player just because turns out that he's not good enough to make the cut, I'd expect at least another 2-4 spots to open before national singing day.

  14. Benji_ are there any legs to the rumor of a Michigan Football Player being kicked off the team?

  15. I agree On not forcing a kid out. If he has been there 3 years on scholorship and has on more year to graduate, No way should he have to pay 40k on his own to finish his education. A scholarship is a privilege AND a promise from the school.

    I also remember several articles and a few interviews with a senior lineman that was touted as a team leader. Taylor Lewyan mentioned him as such. Now, I would have to go research for his name because he
    Doesn't play. But who are we to know the value these non starters add to the value of this team. I would not want to support the over signing that has become prominent by the SEC

  16. As far as Jordan Diamond, I live in Chicago and follow the local recruits, he is a definite Michigan lean regardless of the visits he wants to take. The kids a stud, the best Oline prospect in Illinois. Benji, did you get any feedback on the Dunn visit? Recently found your blog Btw....loving it.....Go Blue!,

  17. @ bigjim

    This was copy and pasted from another site .. "Brionte Dunn visited Michigan today and said he had a good time on his visit. While he reports he is still strongly committed to the Buckeyes he said he had a great time with running backs coach Fred Jackson and offensive coordinator Al Borges. Dunn enjoyed visiting the facilities, and spending time with Denard Robinson. Dunn’s father had a great time on the visit also."

  18. After todays headlines this young man is going to think long and hard about his commitment. I am sure his father will start to look out for his best interest. The suckeyes are heading into death penalty territory with all of the things coming out against them. I think Bri'onte will be in our back field when it is all said and dunn.

  19. Tweet from Allen Trieu, maybe a possible commitment from on of the FHH visitors. Ojemudia ?

  20. Thanks UMFan for the Dunn update. I'm not expecting him by any means unless it keeps getting with Tressel. Now they are looking into 50 cars that were sold to the team and their families. Great day today with Brown and O.
    Go Blue!,