Thursday, 12 May 2011

Commitment Profile: Matt Godin

Name: Matt Godin

Location: Novi, MI

Position: DE/DT

Ratings: ESPN – NR* (40), Scout – 3*, 247 Sports - 4*

Recruitment: Matt Godin grew up a pretty big Michigan fan, and many assumed he would ultimately end up in the class. However at one point he grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of an offer from Brady Hoke, especially given that his good friend Dan O’Brien already had his Michigan offer. Fortunately for Godin an offer shortly followed and after a couple of visits, he named Michigan as his outright leader. He committed silently in mid April, but still took visits to Michigan State and Wisconsin before publically announcing on May 12th.

Offers: Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Boston College, Cincinnati, Illinois, Missouri, Duke, Syracuse and Vanderbilt.

Stats: Currently stands at 6’5 and 265lbs, and runs a 4.97 forty. As a junior he made 66 tackles (28 for loss), two sacks, and one pass breakup. He plays DT in high school, so don't be too alarmed by the sack total. 28 TFL is very impressive.

ESPN Analysis: None available.

Scout Analysis: “On the defensive line, Detroit Catholic Central's Matthew Godin has great size, and is athletic for his frame, he just needs continued technical work and he needs to get stronger. I like his frame, his motor, work ethic and he has agile feet for a big man.”

From the man himself: “I’m quick off the ball and I use my hands well. I get great separation too. I move pretty well and have very good vision. I want to improve my technique and tackle better. I’m also trying to get stronger and more physical.”

Improvements: Pending the analysis, but he said himself, strength and technique. Could do with cutting down that forty time too...

Film Highlights: Link here.

Final Thoughts: Godin was recruited for the strongside DE position, but I think there’s a chance that he grows into a DT in college, he even played DT this year. The film doesn’t blow you away, but Godin is a solid prospect and the kind of guy you could see succeeding under Brady Hoke’s coaching.

Ryan Van Bergen departs the SDE position after this fall, and there doesn’t seem like a great deal of backup for him on the roster, especially since Kenny Wilkins is listed as a DT? I’m guessing either Roh or Black will slide over for 2012, with a 2011 DE like Chris Rock becoming the backup. Hopefully this would allow Godin to redshirt, as it’s something he probably needs. Maybe Chris Wormley will be in the rotation too if he signs with UM.

Speaking of Wormley, this shouldn’t affect his recruitment too much, apart from perhaps speeding it up. Michigan would still gladly take Chris, even if it meant they had four DE’s in the class.

Some of you might be wondering how this affects Dan O’Brien, and the answer is probably not much. O’Brien still seems to favor Tennessee, and Michigan has a bunch of other (arguably better) DTs that they can focus on.


  1. So is the pattern going to continue. De from Michigan, now a de from Ohio. Maybe wormley. I guess we have to wait and see.

  2. Hey Benji, Godin is a great addition. Do you see anymore commits this week? If so who? WOLVERINE FAN FOREVER!

  3. @benji which one did you vote for to be our next commit? (who you want to)

  4. Michigan is clearing my top 100 prospects. If they get Richardson. Thats #1, 2 and 3.

    I have Godin at #12 in the rankings, in front of him is Braden and behind him is Dante Fox.

  5. Benji,
    what can you tell me about Jarron Jones? soft commit to Penn State, low interest according to rivals and scouts. ESPN has an article quoting him as being interested in Michigan... are the feelings mutual?

  6. Not to be a downer but I think the pattern breaks this week with a Richardson commit. Pattern would've held if that other CB had showed but his dad couldn't make it. Hopefully thats true and it's not because of the additional attention he is receiving.

  7. So far most of the commits seem to be defensive or offensive players that need to red-shirt and develop a little before they see the field is there anyone yet who could see the field right away? I know the defense is week so does anyone start first year out of this class?

  8. I was wondering that myself. Of all the players committed so far maybe a Linebacker would get some playtime his freshman year, but I think the best chance a 2012 kid making an instant impact are the ones yet to commit or maybe some of the LB's playing on special teams the first year. A d-lineman could step in early with Mike Martin and Van Bergan graduating. Some of the kids are big enough but many of the bigger kids like Godin and Williams might redshirt anyways. Of the 11 we've got already Ross or Jenkins-Stone or maybe Ben Braden are likeliest to find freshman playtime somewhere.

  9. But aren't the Lbs and DEs blocked by the recruits from the last class. and with Posada coming in he might block Braden too. I understand Mattison might prefer his own recruits on defense but with so many Linebackers and Ends in the last class it'd be hard not to redshirt these players especially with so much depending on knowledge of the system. I probably agree that DT is the best shot at early playing time. In this last class does Justice Hayes fit into the system or is he just another bust Rich Rod Recruit?

  10. Questions:

    @Jeffery: Maybe not this week, but there's a chance Terry Richardson could be announcing next week.

    @Smokey: I voted for Chris Wormley to be our next commit, although I'd probably change it to Jordan Diamond now, we need to get another OL in the mix, so we can put pressure on the others.

    @EnM: Jarron Jones will be visiting Michigan this summer, and possibly again in the fall for an official visit. So the Wolverines will have two opportunities to steal him away from Penn State. Could be tough though.

    @dperegoy: I think it's a good sign when your true freshman can redshirt, it means you have talent on campus already, and Michigan certainly does. Michigan is starting to build up a lot of depth, so its hard to come in and play straight away. Chris Wormley might have a chance to, as could a CB.

  11. I understand depth and development are key, just all the years of futility on defense are making me a little eager to see a real Michigan defense for the first time since 2006 and with Mike Martin Leaving I'm just concerned. But hopefully this means michigan is back to being a team that reloads and doesn't rebuild every year! can't wait to see this team start getting some wins and see Sparty go back to being Little brother like how it should be!!

  12. I like the way the 2012 class is looking. GO BLUE!

  13. @ Benji,I'm down with the live chat when ever you wanna do it and if you need any help just hollar at me. With the talk about can these guys redshirt I for one would be ok with a "lesser" season for redshirting all these kids then to play them to win may be one more game.

  14. With the change in their weight trAining, an emphases on size, and concentration on technique...
    Who do you all see of our current players emerging?

  15. @deperegoy Yeah, the recruits from 2011 could block the 2012 kids, but by 2012 we'll have lost half of our current players on top of current depth concerns. Just next year we'll lose our Center, our Right Tackle, 3 receivers, 3 TE's, 3 RB's, our NT, our SDE, 2 of our 3 projected Will-Linebackers, and 1 starting CB. Some of our 2011 kids may replace those spots but it's not likely yet. O linemen can move around so some of the new kids could sub in at guard or right tackle by 2012, our TE recruits will be leaned upon by then to play most of the snaps on offense. Special teams is typically where many new recruits get their first game day experiences. Whoever doesn't redshirt from 2011 and 2012 corresponding to who graduates will proly get an early bite at the apple.

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