Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Projected Class

I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and now that Michigan has approximately one third of its class full, it seems like a good time.
I'm going to keep updating this throughout the year, as players come off and on the board, so keep an eye out for it. I'll probably put a link to it at the top of the page.
At this point in time, Michigan only has 18 scholarships available for the class of 2012, however most people think this number will grow above 20 by the time signing day rolls around. Attrition happens in all programs, sometimes seniors won't get invited back for a 5th year, sometimes kids can't handle the academic workload.
In this latest overview, I've given Michigan 28 scholarship places, which seems about right.
The Projected Class
Running Back (Need 1)
- COMMIT:2* RB Drake Johnson (4.34 speed.....)
- COMMIT 3* RB/ATH Dennis Norfleet
Full back (Need 1)
- COMMIT: FB Sione Houma

Wide Receiver (Need 2)
- COMMIT: 3* WR Amara Darboh;  
- COMMIT: 3* WR Jehu Chesson

Tight End (Need 2)
- COMMIT: 4* TE Devin Funchess; 
- COMMIT: 3* TE A.J Williams; 

Offensive Line (Need 5, take 6?)
- COMMIT: 3* OT Ben Braden; 
- COMMIT: 4* OT Erik Magnuson;
- COMMIT: 3* OL Blake Bars;
- COMMIT: 4* OL Kyle Kalis;
- 4* OL Jordan Diamond: Will decide Feb 3rd

Defensive End (FULL)
- COMMIT: 4* DE Mario Ojemudia;
- COMMIT: 3* DE Tom Strobel;
- COMMIT: 4* DE Chris Wormley: 

Defensive Tackle (FULL)
- COMMIT: 3* DL Matt Godin;
- COMMIT: 4* DT Ondre Pipkins;
- COMMIT 3* DT Willie Henry

Linebacker (FULL)
- COMMIT: 3* LB Kaleb Ringer;
- COMMIT: 4* LB Royce Jenkins-Stone;
- COMMIT: 4* LB Joe Bolden:
- COMMIT: 4* LB James Ross:
Position now full.

Cornerback (Need 1, take 2)
- COMMIT: 4* CB Terry Richardson;

Safety (FULL)
- COMMIT: 4* FS Jarrod Wilson:
- COMMIT: 3* SS Allen Gant;


  1. I get the impression by keeping ricardo at WR and funchess as a potential WR we are getting away from the speedster's and going for big possession guys. Could we potentially land Conway from CC/JC as our WR in our next class?

  2. miller is listed as a Tight End on the roster i do believe.

  3. This would end up being a nice class! Bucknuts will flip their wig if we land the #1 player in Ohio both in football and basketball this year! lol

  4. Benji, I agree with you unfortunately. Seems 1 more LB only, Bolden or Ross, whomever commits first, personally I think it will be Bolden.

    Wwould be great to stick it to osWHO with Wormley & stealing B.Dunn from them !! We will see long 9 months to go.

  5. Benji, does your estimate in the number of scholarships include the one left over from last year's class? Or was that one taken by Marell Evans?

  6. I'm assuming Marell Evans isn't back on a scholarship. I know he enrolled back at the University of Michigan before being allowed back onto the football team, so I'm assuming he's paying his own way.

  7. You are right I guess he wouldn't be back anyway. So does your count include last year's left over scholy?

  8. Yeah, we're at 18 scholarships right now, including last year's left over one. So I'm estimating we'll have three players leave the program between now and signing day, for whatever reasons.

  9. Blue in Columbus,

    Even my buckeye dad believes Michigan will wind up with a good class this year

  10. Players need to stop leaving the team, that's why our defense is so helter skelter and why we keep changing up lineups and what not. Nobody knows exactly what's going on with the team.
    "Those who stay will be champions"
    - Bo Schembechler

  11. According to the Michigan Terry Richardson has set an decision date. Do you know when?


    says T-Rich and Ross were down at the Buckeyes spring game....

  13. Richardson will take some visits in the fall and will make his announcement at the Under Armour All-America game.

  14. So you dont think we have a chance with Stefon Diggs

  15. i know you are asking Benj but, i think he's beyond a long shot for us.

  16. No, we don't have a chance with Stefon Diggs, and I've heard he might have some academic issues too.

    As for Richardson, well to see that article on the you have to pay, so screw that! I'll try and find out today.

  17. Beni, Thanks for the list and the work you do to keep us up to date on Michigan. I don't know why sites like Wolverine, scout, espn, and rivals all want fans to pay to be informed on your team. If you know of any free ones please let me know. Thanks

  18. Benji. What do you know and think about Chad Kelly. His numbers are nice, good family blood lines. Scout says he may visit this weekend no offer yet.

  19. He's got a lot of offers, and he's actually only in Michigan to visit MSU's spring game. He's just popping into Ann Arbor for a quick visit.

    We'll see how it goes first.

  20. I've successfully infiltrated a buckeye board and currently spying on what they say... they feel confident in stealing Diamond, Ross and Richardson ( if he doesnt go to USC)

  21. Ross, maybe. Richardson, maybe. Diamond, No.

  22. Richardson is going to end up in the SEC. Unless some major drastic change occurs, that is the way I see it. Ross yes, could be Suckeye land bound.

    As for Diamond, heck no. I agree.

  23. I know we'll have to wait and see how the NCAA plays out with OState. Why would these players want to go to OState, sit behind what is currently on the roster, only to play when the team very well maybe in suspended years. I really see some bowl game suspensions in their future.

  24. Absolutely agree on Appleby. He's one of the better qb prospects for technique and decision making but being injured his junior year caused him to fall through the cracks and get a low rating. I like a guy touring the area working to get offers and make his job more than a prima donna who'll transfer after not having been handed enough play time. Could we take 2 RB's? Garmon is likely but Hoke likes recruiting "athletes" for versatility. Wouldn't be surprised now if an ohio recruit or 2 flips after Friday/ They should start a Doomsday countdown clock in Columbus.

  25. Michael,

    Is Friday when the NCAA makes known their penalties?

  26. I would take a QB that maybe doesn't have canon for a arn but makes good decisions and doesn't turn the ball over than a QB that has a canon for a arm and turns the ball over and thinks he can make that throw.Stupid doesn't scare other teams only yours.Would that Ohio team have to vacate the entire season last year? If they take wins away.

  27. Michael they did let OSU know what penalties they are looking but they already knew everything the ncaa has on them. I don't think they are scared.

  28. I don't think they're scared either, which is why they got into trouble. ESPN has former buckeyes saying they can't imagine a scenario where the vest doesn't get fired. Alumni are saying a year vacated, a year without a Bowl Game, and an additional year without the vest is coming. It'll be hard to recruit effectively with rumors like that. Plus with repeat offender status and the AD looking at potential lack of control investigation, firing has been likened to complying in all the other cases. They may still recruit well, but ESPN is working against them. Just with the uncertainty recruits like Brionte Dunn and Wormley will have to think twice about their futures.

  29. @ Jennifer.
    I just meant after last Friday when they announced the violatiions. The somewhere-down-the-road rumor of investigation became more immediate. I thought the investigation timetable would be years long when usc was doing SOOO much wrong and it took them forever to rule I didn't think this was going to impact the 2011 season, let alone precede it.

  30. Benji,
    How bad is this going to hurt OSU recruiting? And which player will stop thinking OSU and go to Michigan? I am thinking this is great for us for summer recruiting.

  31. I'm thinking this scandle will hurt OSU but not with everyone. But we/Hoke seems to go after character guys. Those are the kids this will matter for. If it helps with one, then it helped.

    It makes me proud to be a Michigan fan, when I am proud of those who are leading our teams. It is good to be Blue!

  32. Could we steal any of the 2011 signees from OSU? I know they can be released from there scholarship and immediately eligible based on the situation... What are the chances of landing one or two and who would it be?

  33. I would really like to have Jarrod Wilson and Corey Smith fill in our WR and safety.

  34. What about guys like Geno Smith,Brian Poole or Anthony Standifer at the corner posistion? they all have expressed intrest in michigan in the past couple of weeks. Could they be possible contenders for the last couple of spots

  35. Standifer now added, Smith and Poole are longshots right now.

  36. Is the WR from ohio, stanford i think is his last name, who is teammates with adolphus washington even a possibility?

  37. Terry Richardson is supposedly announcing tomorrow.

  38. Richardson pushed the announcement to Thursday

  39. Is this going to be updated sometime soon? I'd like to see where things stand especially now that some of those names are now off the board or Michigan Commits!

  40. Benji have you heard anything about a corner from San Antonio named Colin Blake? He is listed at 6'3" 175 lbs, but is said to not like contact. I have never heard about him till he was on the front page of scout tonight saying that Michigan is interested in him.

  41. You said at the top you have given Michigan 26 scholarship places, but unless I am counting wrong you only have 25 recruits listed for your ideal class. Personally at this point, if Michigan doesn't get Gunner Kiel I'd rather just not take a QB and use it at another position because no realistic option at this point excites me. That way you have another spot for an elite DE like Pittman, another DT like O'Brien, or WR like Burbridge if he can qualify. Any of those 3 add more value than an Appleby to me and are quite realistic imo with dark cloud of sanctions potentially ruining O'Brien's feelings about Tenn. Michigan should be fine for 2012 and 2013 at QB with 3 on the roster each year.

  42. Benji, just read an article on ESPN by Mitch Sherman where he says Gunner eliminate a school that already had a quarterback in its class (read as Oklohoma). Is this enough to make us favorites again?

  43. First Off, I have a question: Where do you have the Safety Jeremy Clark? And Allen Gant is a Wide Receiver and has already Grey Shirted. So that leaves us with 22 Recruits at the moment. The absolutely Dream Scenario for the rest of this class is:

    #23: RB Brionte Dunn
    #24: DT Dan O'Brien
    #25: WR Jordan Payton
    #26: OL Zach Banner
    #27: CB Yuri Wright

    Oh how I would love for this to happen. What are your thoughts?

  44. Oh my bad, it was Jeremy Clark who grey shirted, Sorry about that.

  45. J Clark greyshirt is no longer valid. Will be a part of this class.

    Curious on wishlists? We have 22 recruits now, and most projections have us signing as high as 28. A top five from anyone would be fun. I'm hoping that we can nab another D-Tackle still.

    Also, if Michigan pursues that AZ TE commit hard, may be able to get a change. Rich Rod doesn't use Tight Ends much at all.

    My wishlist/Top 5. Rankings include need, chances of coming, and ranking of recruit all considered when picking.

    1. Yuri Wright. Is high on Michigan, a stud recruit who can excel on special teams as well. We seem to have a handle on the secondary right now, but OSU exposed the lack of athleticism a little bit. Having an elite recruit to add to the class in the secondary will help with our lack of D-Line depth next year and 2014.
    2. Stefon Diggs- Although we are run first, having Shane Morris on his way could help here. I don't think we are his #1 at this moment, but the momentum this year must put us high. Would be our top rated recruit according to most sites and in a spot that we are in desparate need after next year! Roundtree and Stonum should pair up fine for 2013.
    3. Garnett or Banner- The lack of O-Line depth is very concerning for a run-first offense. Adding either of these will make it a legendary O-Line class, even if only half of them pan out.
    4. Brionte Dunn- Stealing him from OSU is bigger than our immediate need. Fitz has secured the starting role for 2013 and 2014, and the coaches are high on both frosh RB. He is a stud, that has us in his top two, the impact of stealing the recruit is his biggest draw though.
    5. Payton/Darboh- need two W/R, these are the best two options.

    I don't think we need another TE in this class (2 is plenty, even with lack of depth). I would like to see a stud D tackle over Dunn or the second WR, but only if it is a guy we feel can contribute early.

    Any thoughts on my five? BTW, anyone know if any of our current o=line commits also play d-line?

  46. Why does Michigan have to depend SO much on Ohio
    for players? And coaches? All schools recruit nationally but
    Michigan relies on Ohio more than their own state. Why?
    aren't their any quality coaches from michigan? Bo was born
    and raised in Ohio, Hoke too and now he is scouring
    Ohio for players. It's the university of Michigan, not Ohio State North!!!

  47. Hey Benji,

    Love what you are doing with this board. Only place I can rely without having to pay for updates on recruiting info. Question for you. I was on and they have a slideshow ranking the top 30 athletes available. BTW, Michigan is in the bid for about 6 of them. Anyway to my question, do you know anything about that Arik Armstead?? They say he is better OT than DE but he is looking at schools more if they recruit him as DE. Well I noticed and it is not on any other sit but Michigan is in the running for the 6'8" monster. Do you know anything on this at all?? He would be great for a D-Line that may lack some depth. Could be immediate starter.

  48. I just want to know why SEC schools are allowed to over-recruit year after year, and then pull scholarships from student-athletes when someone better comes along. Then Tennessee will not allow Arnett to go to a BCS school. That to me is insane!

  49. hmmm there were more players that committed in the offensive line than in the defensive one and I think that is a point to analyze