Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sheldon Day Update

I mentioned this before the spring game, but DT Sheldon Day (Indianapolis, IN) had 12 invitations from schools to go to their spring games on Saturday; and yet he chose to turn up in Ann Arbor to check out the new Wolverine defense.

This is a great sign for Michigan. Defensive tackle is a major position of need and Day is one of the best in the country, he's already got offers from the likes of Florida, Penn State, Iowa, Arkansas and North Carolina.

This wasn't his first trip to Ann Arbor either, Day really enjoyed an unofficial last month, as did the rest of his family. Could Michigan even be the leader right now? Academics are going to be a big factor for Sheldon too, which helps UM further.

He won't be making a decision until after his senior year, but Michigan is in a good position right now.


  1. He grew up a michigan fan, and he wants to go into pre med.

  2. Sorry. As you suggested, and correctly at that, academics played an important role in his decision. Why you would assume this would favor Michigan is where you lost me. And apparently Sheldon Day as well. If you'd like to ask him, he'll be in South Bend for potentially 4 years starting in August of 2012. Good luck with the blog. You seem to have some potential. Keep working at it.

  3. Yeah you are right, I remember when you mentioned that about the spring game and I really agreed with you at that time and I do now as w well

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