Monday, 25 April 2011

Matt Godin Announcement

Put this one in your calender, in state Defensive lineman Matt Godin will be announcing on the 12th of May. The three star recruit will choose between Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin.

UM is the favorite here, as Godin grew up a big Wolverine fan. All three schools have already gotten or will receive a visit from Matt this month before the decision.

As of right now, signs point to UM.


  1. Benji,

    I respect that you need to keep quite about the silent commit.

    one of your comments...

    ...."Yes, there is a commit coming in 3-4 weeks. The legendary silent commit.

    No other announcements have been planned for the near future, so if a guy does commit, it'll be a surprise. "

    so either this is a surprise or Godin is the surprise.

  2. any update on brionte dunn? was his visit this weekend?

  3. Hello silent commit! Hey Jenn how do you enjoy the spring game?

  4. I think the silent commit is Bolden he is the only guy who needs to save a spot.

    Benji, Is Donovan Roberts going blue?

  5. With Godin and Danny O'Brien being friends, you would think Godin's commitment would help our chances at landing O'Brien, right? And with Zeke going to Auburn, does that kill our chances at landing Dorial Green-Beckham?

  6. Dorial Green Beckhaam is not coming to AA.

  7. It was good just to be inn A2.the weather windy cold and wet. But I enjoyed it. I'm hoping to get up for a game this year

  8. I dont think that Bolden is the silent commit, in my opinion it is either day or godin. About donavan roberst going blue i think there is a good possibility that it happens. he was high on michigan about a month ago without having a visit(to my knowledge) and now he is going to visit in a week or two, per Tom VH over at this could be a good thing. All in all it is a long way from next february and the 2011 class isnt even on campus yet so a lot could happen till next years signing day

  9. The whole Donovan Roberts thing is answered in the above post. And Logan, TomVH said Greg Garmon would be the visitor in 1-2 weeks, which imo is much better news.

    Landing Godin would help with Dan O'Brien, but to be honest, I'm not too high on Michigan's chances anymore with O'Brien. He's another Michigan kid that really likes what Derek Dooley is selling.

  10. Dan O'brien can go to the SEC.... he has no love for UM! I'd take a 1 star water boy over danny boy who said, "I love the SEC. You can't deny SEC football with (five) national championships in a row," O'Brien told "I definitely want to play on that big stage. I actually visited Tennessee when they played Alabama. The SEC atmosphere is hard to beat."
    Michigan football don't want ya.... and don't need ya!