Friday, 15 April 2011

Spring Game Visitors

Michigan's spring game is tomorrow and many top recruits will be flocking to Ann Arbor to check out the new look Wolverines. Unfortunately the Big Ten Network is no longer streaming the game online, so I can't watch. If you're attending, and happen to see some recruits in the stands or on the sidelines, let me know in the comments section or on Twitter!

Anyway, as promised, here's a list of prospects that SHOULD be there:

- The Detroit trio: Terry Richardson, James Ross, Royce Jenkins-Stone
- The Good Counsel Kids: Stefon Diggs, Wes Brown (RB), Ryan Watson (DE), Blake Countess!!
- OL Jordan Diamond
- TE Ron Thompson
- TE Devin Funchess
- OL JJ Denman
- DT Vontrell Williams

Prospects that COULD be there:

- DE Chris Wormley
- OL Kelby Latta
- DT Jaleel Johnson
- DT Sheldon Day (According to Allen Trieu's twitter, Day has been invited to 10+ spring games this weekend!)

Anyway, the list is pretty good. I'm glad to see the Detroit trio all attending, because even if Michigan gets Ringer and Bolden, it looks like Hoke will still take Ross and RJS. That would make eight linebackers in two classes!


  1. And I will be there as well! Go Blue! Love the blog, read it everyday, don't write much but I log on about 10 times a day to see updates... Thanks!

  2. Glad you're enjoying the blog, go blue!!!!

  3. Yeah great blog! GO BLUE!!! Michigan Football Forever!

  4. I wonder how many of those 8 would be moved to another position??

  5. Which "soccer" team in London do you support (guessing you do indeed support one)?

    Is Latta seen as an OL or DL prospect by Michigan?

  6. What are the chances of us getting some commitments after the Spring Game and the weekend? I want the Good Counsel Boys and James Ross the most! And Wormley!

  7. KB: Latta is an OL prospect for Michigan - I think?
    In soccer I support Aston Villa and AC Milan.

    Ryan: I don't think anyone is expecting commitments this weekend, but you never know. I think the prospects you named will wait at least until the end of summer to make their decisions though.
    We'll get Kaleb Ringer later tonight, after that its a bit of a mystery who the next commit will be.

  8. AC Milan? come on Benji your better than that. It's all about INTER MILAN. Forza Inter

  9. Well Benji, stayed tuned. LA LIGA will be determined tomorrow. A Barcelona Win Or Tie and it's all over. Then onto Copa Del Rey & Uefa Championship Semi's against crybaby Ronaldo & Real Madrid.

    It's all about Leo Messi & Barcelona !!! I know it's about UM Football. GO Blue !

  10. Haha, AC Milan beat Inter twice this year!

    Barcelona are by far the best team in the world, they actually make soccer fun to watch!

  11. Just give me the Detroit trio and the good counsel boys and ill be a happy camper... and if we could get Noah spence ill givw both my testicles to someone for no cost

  12. And that pike guy.... I here he's good...../s

  13. I'm so serious about that, put them on Craigs list. Cost: michigan must land said recruits.

  14. Lmao! That would be the next bribe scandal. I can see the headlines "recruits are NUTS for Michigan"

  15. Benji, What do you know about Qb Brain Blackburn? Does he have a offer from Michigan and is he worth it?

  16. He doesn't haven't offer yet, and he's down on the list of QB's that Michigan wants unfortunately for him. UM is still in play for Pike and Mauk, along with a couple of other good ones.

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