Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Kaleb Ringer to Michigan?

It's a few days early, but according to the Dayton Daily, LB Kaleb Ringer has verballed committed to Michigan, becoming the third commitment for Brady Hoke's class of 2012.

Ringer was set to announce the decision on April 15th (this Friday), so maybe the DD is jumping the gun here; but let's be honest, we all knew he was going to commit to Michigan anyway. When you tweet that Ann Arbor is your future home, you're not leaving much room for suspense.

Update: According to MGoBlog's TomVH, Ringer didn't want the story out until Friday, so the Dayton Daily really did jump the gun, that's poor form.

Ringer is still penciled in as a spring game visitor, and hopefully he'll bring his recruiting hat with him, as UM will be hosting a few other top LBs.

Commitment post to follow in the morning.

Sidenote: Joe Bolden visited Michigan today with his coaches, no commitment as of yet, but things still look good here.


  1. Yeah third player on board for this year. No thanks to the jackasses from the Dayton Daily News in ruining his announcement Friday, what else you expect ?.

  2. Yeah no kidding,what a ass to go public with the news. I bet if he was going to OSU they never would have said a word. Anyways great to have ya Ringer,hope you can bring some more talent with you!!

  3. I want Joe Bolden to be a Wolverine!
    After reading the article "Bold Moves" on ESPN.com I think that this kid could be beast.
    It is obvious he is smart, you can tell that just from his comments in the article, but you can also tell that he has that desire to succeed come hell or high water.
    I think that is what has been lacking in the Big 10, players with heart.
    If you look at the teams in the s.e.c. that won titles, they all had one or two players that were studs, as in they excelled at their job as well as they made the players around them better. Ex_ tebow @ florida, ingram & mcclain @ alabama, dorsey @lsu, newton & farely @ auburn.

    I read a similar article about Coach Hoke right after RR was let go and I knew right then that he had to be the next coach at Michigan.
    After reading the article about Bolden I got that same feeling, that he is something special & needs to be a Michigan Wolverine.
    GO BLUE!

  4. Bolden is an absolute beast. I live in the Cincy area, and I've watched this kid play over the years. He's big, he's fast, and he has the "LIGHTS OUT" mentality. He could fill out to 245-250 and still keep his quickness. 6'3" 250lb hammer in the middle of your defense, yes please!

  5. This is a copy & paste e-mail I sent this morning to Marc Pendleton of the Dayton Daily News for ruining Ringer's announcement along with his response.

    Hi, Cesar; thanks for writing.


    Marc Pendleton

    Dayton Daily News Staff Writer



    (937) 225-2381 (work)

    (937) 225-7352 (fax)


    From: REYESC@nationwide.com [mailto:REYESC@nationwide.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 11:14 AM
    To: Pendleton, Marc
    Subject: Thanks.

    For being (the big shot) in announcing Ringer's commitment intentions. Ringer made it clear he did not ask for you or the paper to break the news early. It would serve well for you to show up at his announcement gathering this Friday and apologize to the young man.

    Not that you will, Sir.

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  7. Anyone hear a rumor that ESPN is about to let lose a story about OSU that is WAY bigger than the Tat5 story??

  8. Lol Cesar, well done for setting him straight, that guy is a douchebag.

    And Worm, where did you hear this?

  9. Benji,there was a post on Mgoblog that is now gone. someone posted over there that it was on bucknuts.com and taken down. you can go over there and see where it was.(on bucknuts i'm talking about)

  10. Wow, I know Yahoo Sports has a HUGE story on a major college football program that's in the works, maybe ESPN has beaten them to it? Thanks anyway

  11. Do you know when the story is scheduled to be released? I haven't found anything on it yet...

  12. here is whats left from the thread.


  13. well that link didnt work so just go to Bucknuts.com and go to the first message board.its on there

  14. is this good news or bad news? ringer seems like a good kid, and i'm sure he is a solid player, but in regards to the linebacker post, is it a bad thing that he is going to Michigan. Bolden also seems close to commiiting which would already mean two LBs. that must mean that either Hoke thinks that he has no shot at RJS and JR or that he has made room for all four. Even if there is room for all four, higher recruits do not like to commit to a program with several other players at the same position in the incoming class that can hurt there chances of playing. so, is this a bad thing that ringer is very likely to commit?

  15. @matthew,no its not a bad thing. Ringer is very good and Ross and RJS wont be scared off I believe. And Hoke will take all four if they want to come because some may end up as DE.

  16. kaleb ringer is listed as commited to Michigan on ESPn recruting