Friday, 29 April 2011

Commitment Profile: Joe Bolden

Name: Joe Bolden

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Position: LB

Ratings: ESPN – Watch List* (40), Scout – 4*, 247 Sports - 4*

Recruitment: Bolden grew up an Ohio State fan, but he received a lot of attention from Michigan early on. He visited Ann Arbor at least three times and built solid relationships with the coaching staff. He announced Michigan as his leader in early spring, and with two linebackers already committed, Bolden didn’t wait long to commit.

Offers: Michigan, Arizona, Arkansas, Boston College, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, UNC, N.C State, Northwestern, Penn State, USF, Stanford, Tennessee, West Virginia and some others.

Stats: Currently stands at 6’3 and 225lbs. As a junior he made 90 tackles, four sacks and two interceptions. I couldn’t find a forty yard dash time.

ESPN Analysis: None available.

Scout Analysis: "He has very good size, and he's a tough, hard-nosed football player. He's a classic, throwback type linebacker, but he's not just a run stuffer. He runs well and shows good ability in coverage. I think he can be an every-down linebacker and that's why so many schools are after him... Put that all together and he has a shot at playing early and often."

From the man himself: “The linebacker is the quarterback of the defense. I think I’m a great leader and communicator. My voice is heard on the field and I play smart. I’m also a big hitter and when I make contact I drop and go through people. I can also move well sideline-to-sideline. My game is not perfect and I’m always trying to do things better and get better at everything.”

Improvements: pending...

Film Highlights: Link here. (50 secs)

Final Thoughts: Bolden is a solid prospect and so far is a consensus four star recruit. However, given that Michigan took four LB’s last year, it’s unlikely that Bolden avoids the redshirt. As for his position, I think it’ll be OLB because I know the coaches want RJS at MLB, and Kaleb Ringer is also listed as an MLB.

Bolden is the third LB commit in this class, and now we must speculate about whether Brady Hoke wants to take another LB, namely in state prospect James Ross. I find it hard to believe that Michigan could pass on the top player in state, assuming Ross wants to be a Wolverine.


  1. do you know roughly when ross plans to announce and if he has a leader. diddo for wormley

  2. What ever happen to kiel? And his day at UM

  3. John, the Silent is Godin, not Bolden.

  4. Solid pick up, give me kids with solid personal/family character & football skill over any bum or troll with speed & character & off the field issues.

  5. I hope Godin is not the silent commit! He is not very good compared to some of the other DL players we are recruiting. If we let him come, I feel we would be giving a scholarship away especially since O'Brien is a huge Tenn lean. There are so many better players than Godin. I'm HOPING the silent commit is Diamond or Wormley.

  6. Benji, can you just give us a hint to who the silent commit is to end the speculation?? Some good hints would be...
    Not night, but...
    Womans best friend?
    Big Perm (from 'Friday')

    Just some suggestions...

  7. Dude, all the bashing on Godin needs to stop. Do you even pay attention to the recruitment of Sheldon Day, out of 15 spring games he could had gone too, he came to the Michigan game. We are not going to land every top recruit fans salivate for. But all this negativity on Godin needs to stop, otherwise just keep your rants to yourself about giving scholarships away etc.

    hat makes you think Godin won't turn into a good solid player ?

  8. Yeh I think we're being a tad harsh on Godin here. We shouldn't talk negatively about Michigan leans! Now if he chooses MSU or Wisky, then sure, by all means...

    The clues for the silent commit given out by Sam Webb:

    - In State player
    - Defensive Recruit
    - Not a linebacker

    These are some pretty easy clues as it narrows it down to two players in my book. And then if you think about it, you'll probably realize who it is.

  9. yea, It's not Richardson so must be Godin.

  10. I remember you saying his name was on the poll to the right, which Ojemudia is not on.

  11. Maybe I was trying to hide who the silent was. And besides, some guy tweeted me that Godin said he wasn't the silent commit, so take that FWIW.

  12. Can I say Ojemudia - BOOM !!! Whomever it is, it's all good, he is part of the U of Mich. Family.

  13. WHAT IF IT'S O'BRIEN!!? I mean it's not but that would be awesome! I just don't understand why we should use a scholarship on Godin just because he is an in-state recruit... Who cares where they are from, I want them to be good!

  14. Well I'd take a three star guy from Michigan over a three star guy from say...Georgia. Because that in state guy probably grew up a fan and has dreamt of playing for UM his whole life, he understands the rivalries etc.

  15. We get your displeasure with Godin. Most GET THE MEMO. We who? It's Hoke & Co. to make to decision to accept his commitment or not. You keep on bashing Godin, then throw O'Brien's name out there on a wild goose chase, O'Brien was not at the spring game, so it's not him. You will know on 5-12-11 if it's Godin or not. They you can keep on bashing the kids name some more.

    No problem, don't think he is going to care one way or the other.

  16. Cesar, do you have a fascination with Godin!? I have seen some of his tape and he doesn't compare to a Sheldon Day. I am simply saying that if taking Godin is going to take a scholarship from a better football player, it simply does not make sense in terms of improving the team.

  17. No, simply telling you that your rants about MG are useless. Seems to be the other way around, it appears to be your issue.

    Both MG & SD have offers, same as O'Brien. It's basically first come, first welcomed, Hoke has made it clear.

  18. First come, first serve is great for the LB position because there are so many top-notch guys, but I don't feel we can do that for DL. There comes a time when good programs have to turn down average players, MG is average.

  19. Last note, that's not the apparent case here. He got a scholarship offer, so the staff sees it otherwise. We will see 5-12-11.

  20. They offered EVERYONE with any skill from Michigan! But yes, we will. I guess if he goes Blue, I hope he can convince his friend Danny to join.

  21. Every picture of Bolden looks like a deer in headlights. That being said I am happy for the commit and hope he is as good as people say.

    Benji can you please name the silent commit so people can stop asking?

  22. I think I would rather have Godin then O'brien. O'Brien just doesn't impress me. And we have the same hometown. I was really hoping he would go blue but the more I watched video the less I liked.

  23. There are so many variables when looking at film:

    Quality of compition
    Maybe all the needs are there just a fixable technique
    The kid hasn't hit his ceiling

    I trust hoke & co over any of us.

  24. @Benji,..Any response just sent by Allan Trieu:

    Allan Trieu of scout just tweeted this message:


    Good news coming this week for #Michigan, which would week of 05-01-11, It's not Thompson nor Godin. Any insight ?

  25. I'm thinking a commitment from " one of the mid west bests"

  26. my father used to talk to me about a player that I do not remember his name now, but his descriptions were like seeing Joe Bolden and I was amazed when I found it out