Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ronald Darby to ND

I seem to remember someone asking about CB Ronald Darby last week, so I thought I should post this; he's committed to Notre Dame. If you don't know already, Darby is the fastest player in the country for this year's class, so he would have been a great talent to have on the roster.

Darby's father is a big Michigan fan, and Ronald had been speaking to some of the UM coaches, so there was a hope that they could get him on campus. But I guess it's just not meant to be, Notre Dame gets a really good one.


  1. I wonder what Coach Hoke is gonna do with all these LBs in the furture... I wish this problem is happening to all other positions too..

  2. Well some of the linebackers might naturally grow into defensive ends, which wouldn't be a bad thing considering how bad the depth is at DE.

    And there's always the chance that Michigan switches to a 3-4 defense in a couple of years.