Monday, 1 August 2011

Commitment Profile: Chris Wormley

Name: Chris Wormley

Location: Toledo, OH

Position: DE

Ratings: ESPN – 4* (80), Scout – 4*, 247 Sports - 4*

Recruitment: Chris Wormley grew up as a big Michigan fan, but throughout his sophomore and junior years at high school he insisted that both Michigan and Ohio State were his co-leaders. In fact, no other schools even came close to consideration. I think Wormley would have chosen Michigan in the end no matter what, but the trouble at OSU undoubtedly made his decision much easier. He committed to Michigan during the Big House BBQ at the end of July.

Offers: Michigan, Ohio State, Florida (not 100% sure), MSU, Illinois, Cincinnati.

Stats: Currently stands at 6’5 and 250lbs, with no reported 40 yard dash time. As a sophomore he made 59 tackles and 12 sacks.

ESPN Analysis: Wormley is a good looking defensive end prospect and displays the tools to be a tough defender against the run and pass. He is a kid with good size for a high school prospect with nice height and bulk. His current size may suggest he could out grow the end position and it is possible, but we feel he has the tools to stay at end for the long haul.

Very good in run defense, using good burst and pad level to maintain his ground and then shed through his block once he locates the ball carrier. Also has a wide range of pash rushing moves which along with his quickness of the ball make him very tough to block; he capitalizes well on any mistake an opponent makes against him.

Overall is a very solid DE prospect with the skills and size to contribute early in his college career.

Scout Analysis: Tremendous size and ability. Likely a strongside end, but could also play inside. Ideal five-tech. Turned it up another notch in terms of motor and consistent effort as a junior. When we saw him as a sophomore, he just overpowered his opposition. Last year, because I think he saw a few top prospects and, he started to turn up the intensity. He's a naturally massive kid and moves well for that size.

Improvements: His lack of intensity has been an issue brought up by a few analysts, but I wouldn't worry too much about that with Hoke, Mattison and Montgomery watching over him. 'Lateral Range' is also listed on scout as a weakness.

Film Highlights: Link here. (sophomore film)

Final Thoughts: Wormley has been one of Michigan's top targets for a long time now, dating back to the RR era, so it feels great to finally have him committed. He's received some criticism this off season, but I fully expect him to answer those critics with an outstanding senior year.

Wormley will more than likely play strongside DE, a position that will be up for grabs in 2012 after Ryan Van Bergen graduates. With his good size and skill set, Wormley will be competing for the starting role straight away.

As for the rest of the class, this commitment doesn't have too much of an effect on the projected class because it was so highly expected. Will they take another DE? Probably not, unless it's Washington.


  1. How come we dont have his Junior year stats or video?

  2. I think Michigan will hear from Pipkins soon. Then, I think we are in for a long, quiet late summer, through early fall.

    I don't think Washington and Stanford are interested, and MI will take a second DT like O'Brien, rather than someone else at DE.

    Kind of funny how jaded some are becoming. Ho Hum, just another 4 star!

    Not even a mention until a mixed basketball/football post by the freep this am!

  3. It seems wierd that espn,scout, and 247 sports all rate 4 stars but rivals only gives him a three star rating. I always felt that they all should give a snipit on how they derive their rating. Just a thought.

  4. does anybody know what brionte dunn said about Michigan? has a story about it, but I'm not one of their "vip" members.

  5. TomVH said this in his weekly update " This post is starting to get pretty long so I'm going to save a couple posts for this week. I'll have 2013 RB Wyatt Shallman's thoughts, WR Jehu Chesson, and RB Bri'onte Dunn. Bri'onte's father told me that this visit also helped Michigan with his son, I'll have more from them later in the week. I still think Michigan has a chance with him, I just believe he'll take his time with everything."

  6. Since the BBQ is over, we can officially call Ace Williams a fraud. Most of what he has said has held true, although it's usually very broad and obvious knowledge. However, didn't he say Michigan would be getting a 300lb commit at the BBQ? Now, I haven't sized the kid up or anything, but I don't think Wormley is anywhere near 300 lbs. I think he's listed around 250, and that looks about right.

  7. Ace gets his info from insiders but no one can correctly predict all the commits even if you're talking to players on the team. Nobody truly knows except for the player themself.

  8. Ace is actually a fraud

  9. What are the latest rumors about Sevon Pittman?

  10. Ace is not a fraud, everybody makes commitment predictions, they can't all be right. So what if he has a fake picture maybe he doesn't want his face all over the internet a lot of people do that. There's not much evidence in that article to say he's a fraud it's a lot of unsubstantiated evidence.

  11. Now that Wormley has committed things are going to slow down for along time now. Althought I hope its not maybe Pipkin will commit early reports (Scout) say he was overwelmed on Sunday. That may turn into something. I would like to know how the visit went for Sheldon Day? If anybody knows please let us know.

  12. Dude is the most obvious fruad out there lol its honestly laughable that people take anything he says seriously. The first prediction he made..."Shoelace is really pulling away from Devin in the QB battle." while they're not even practicing. Next prediction, "we have some good offensive linemen, my insiders say they'll get drafted." and then his "insiders" say oh hey Wormley, Kalis, and Wilson all committed (in the past tense) and they'll all announce this weekend. We all know how that went, then like a true professional he writes an article literally a month later titled "as we first reported a month ago..." Lets keep it to the TomVH's and Benji's of the world who dont pretend to know everything and just let us know what they know.

  13. Tom did not mention him at all when he talked about visitor reactions and he did not answer any questions about him, so either the visit was not productive or Day just didn't talk to TomVH. Jehu Chesson (WR)said that the coaches were still fixed on two WRs, so what I am guessing is that once one guy commits some other WR will quickly commit to get a spot. Jordan Payton is visiting for the ND game and he seems to be interested and making a commitment very soon, so this sounds good (he also apparently said his top two are Michigan and California). I think we will get a commitment from him within a few days of his visit causing a domino effect with another WR committing in the following days. I also do believe that Pipkins will commit in the next few weeks (TomVH said that he was staying in Michigan for a little while after the BBQ). So we should have three of our final commits by the end September. Our last two spots (OL and best available?) might take a while to fill up, so there could be months between commitments. I also think the heat will start to turn up for 2013 guys, we could even get a few during the season.

  14. So from mgoblog I see that Steffon Diggs is interested in Michigan? He said something along the lines " Mich is going to need a bigtime go to reciever I def wanna check them out." Just something to keep an eye on with all this talk lately that players will have to earn the #1 jersey for recievers and the #2 for cb. It wouldn't hurt to land the #1 WR and #8 overall best player in the nation. Lol longshot' but thoughts?