Tuesday, 2 August 2011

BBQ Quick Notes

So we know what Chris Wormley thought about the Big House BBQ, but what about some of the other high profile prospects there?

- There was no commitment from Ondre Pipkins, and it looks like there probably won't be one for a while. It seems like he wants to take at least 3-4 officials before making his decision. Dan O'Brien will probably do the same, which is good for Ondre because it gives him more time.

- Brionte Dunn had another good visit, and it was no doubt helped by having good friend Kyle Kalis and cousin (and UM lean) Dymonte Thomas there. In my opinion it will still come down to those OSU sanctions, but as of right now Michigan still has a very good chance.

- Jehu Chesson is one of the top WR's left on Michigan's board, and he caught up with MGoBlog's TomVH to discuss his visit.


  1. there is no sanctions i thought? i thought that they werent give ohio state any?

  2. No Loic for the tattoos, because there was not enough evidence (people were to scared to testify). The other allegations have not been addressed and even without anymore sanctions the NCAA can still punish osu more.

  3. Benji,
    I think the projected class needs some updates. Burbridge and Washington probably are not joining the class and all indications point towards two WRs.

  4. The official sanctions against OSU will come after the August 12th meeting they have with the NCAA. The report that came out recently simply states that they won't get the death penalty. OSU has to do the same thing Rodriguez did last year -- go before the NCAA during Fall practice, and try to dissuade the NCAA from adding to their self-imposed sanctions.

    To be clear: OSU may still lose scholarships, but is less likely to get 100% bowl ban. However, they may still get a BCS bowl ban. Just don't expect there to be two years, etc. Michigan was penalized a hell of a lot of practice time for their infractions, even after some of their self-imposed sanctions.

    OSU is not out of the clear until the NCAA actually has the hearing. That letter only lessens the possible penalty, it doesn't negate a penalty.

  5. The NCAA typically likes to use a two for one system (that's what we got with practice time). If they do follow with that system osu should loose twelve scholarships each of the next two years and receive a two year bowl ban. It still could be a while before the NCAA issues the final punishment due to more allegations being investigated and reviewing everything from the august 12 meeting. This will leave more uncertainty with the program for a while dissuading recruits from osu. I truly believe the longer this drags on the better.

  6. Does anyone have a scout account? Adam Treiu just tweeted that Ron Thompson announced a top 3 in order on how hed be deciding. Anyone know who that top 3 is?


  7. Syracuse, Indiana, and Michigan..in that order

  8. geez wut is it with Indiana lol...first Khiel now RT? I dont see why RT would wanna go to Syracuse before Michigan in that order. They havent been good since McNabb

  9. Today looks like there isn't much happening, so I pose a question. Who do you think should start for Michigan at tailback? The reason I ask, is many people have said Hopkins should get it because of his size. However, "touch the banner" brought up a good point, that being put hopkins as the fullback (he's the same size as Mccolgan, but more athletic and faster) and only use him as a part time tailback. I like this idea, you could split the backs or run an Iform, then you give yourself a 1 2 punch with hopkins being a power back and put in a faster back behind him.


    What do you all think?

  10. I think Hopkins at fullback is a fantastic idea. I'm not sure what kind of blocker he'd be, but I'm sure it's something that could be developed. I'm more intrigued with how Matt Wile will transition from H.S. to college. Our kicking situation, above anything else, needs to get squared away immediately.

  11. Noah Spence is cutting his list of schools down to 7. Let's hope we make it! HAVE HOPE PEOPLE!!!!

  12. I know Bleacher Report is a rumor/prediction site most of the time, but they have an article out about the top remaining (according to Rivals100) non-committed recruits and where they potentially will land.

    Here are a few of UM's targets:
    No.45 - Jordan Simmons - Oregon
    No.41 - Yuri Wright - Colorado
    No.37 - Devin Fuller - MICHIGAN! (aka @Davon's man-crush)
    No.31 - Zach Banner - Oregon
    No.22 - Josh Garnett - Washington
    No.15 - Andrus Peat - Florida State
    No.13 - Noah Spence - Penn State
    No.12 - Aziz Shittu - California
    No. 8 - Stefon Diggs - Maryland
    No. 1 - Dorial Green-Beckham - Missouri

    Any of these guys would definitely be a major steal for Michigan.

  13. @Caleb
    Hey Now!!! Lol
    I think we can potentially land Garnett and Fuller..

  14. lalondtm,
    I would agree with you and Touch the banner about Hopkins he would make a good fullback IF and I do mean IF he buys into being a fullback. Being a fullback is not the glamour position he came to UM for but if he buys in he would get the job done. As for RB I would go with Cox with Shaw right behind him. I think RB could be very interesting this year if things go well DRob will go above and beyond this year if things don't go as well DRod will try and pick up the slack and try to do to much. I have complete faith in the coaching staff to do everything they can to get everyone ready for the season.

  15. I would like to see Hopkins at fullback in an I-formation and put Touissant at Halfback. I'd also be in favor of just rotating every single back they have lol because they all have basically the same talent and they'll keep the defense off-balance and keep fresh legs out there. I'd like to see more of Touissant and Cox though, I think if they give them a chance they'll do good.

  16. According to 247sports, we are back in the running with Armani Reeves !!!!

  17. i thought the coaches gave up on him? And UM is done with DBs.

  18. so if we do take 26, and there is 21 recruits so far this class (22 with jeremy clark) i would like to see the following happening while trying to stay realistic of course..

    Brionte Dunn
    Jordan Payton
    Stefon Diggs
    Devin Fuller
    Pipkins/Day/O'brien in that order.

    Anybody else care to post theirs?

  19. Jer
    They are worried about richardson taking visits. He is also a WR, si they may be recruiting him as an ath.

    My best guess:

  20. Not with trich taking visits.they I mean coaches are just covering there asses just inn case trich decommits . Imo

  21. I thought the only DB we were interested in was Yuri Wright. But who knows
    I think Hopkins could buy into being a fullback, mainly because our coaches want to use one all the time. He's got the athleticism to be a fullback who gets multiple carries, and he would be deadly if he was a dump off option, not to many corners are going to be able to bring him down right away.
    I like shaw behind Hopkins in the tailback slot, just because of his ability to shed tackles, and his break away speed. I would have said Touissant, but he's sort of in the middle. He's bigger than shaw, smaller than hopkins. Faster than hopkins, slower than shaw. Cox just hasn't shown me anything to warrant him getting the playing time, but I would love to be wrong.
    We'll have to see what kind of an impact Rawls and Hayes have after summer practices, its definitly possible that they could see some playing time this year, especially in the first few games (save ND). I get the impression that Rawls is similar to Fitz (as far as size/speed combo) and Hayes is smaller, but very quick and fast. I like Hayes to compete with VSmith as the 3rd down specialist, at least untill he puts some muscle on.

  22. @lal
    They are interested I Shumate, Wright, and Reeves. Reeves can play receiver. And Standifer may not be able to play corner as well as he can play safety.

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  24. Rivals has us listed as "low" for Reeves, who has ND and PennState "high" and BC and Stanford "medium". He's also only listed at 5'11. I'd take Wright over either of them, Reeves or Shumate.

  25. Go over to 247sports and it says that Hoke and three other coaches talked to Reeves. I'd take Wright over them as well.

  26. Here's the link: http://247sports.com/Article/Michigan-is-back-after-Reeves-33598

  27. well it can't hurt to add reeves. I'd rather see the scholarship go elsewhere, but he's definitly a talent

  28. Tom vh did an interview with him on mgoblog just now..they want to bring in another high caliber cornerback... Yuri Wright!!

  29. Notes from Brady Hoke's small-group interviews on Friday this is on Mgoblog.com.This is what Coach Hoke said Medicals: Teric Jones, Terry Talbott, Christian Pace are all done for their careers. Scholarship numbers: "I don't know... It's maybe 81 guys on scholarship right now.Sad news for these guys.this may open up some spots this year.

    For the final six:
    Dunn just because he has a few guys in his ear sayin Go Blue you can start as a true freshmen.
    O'Brien Not happy with.
    Chesson Would rather have Madaris or Darboh. I think Diggs is just having fun with us.

    TRich will have his teamate on him all season. But I will keep my finger crossed any way.

  30. Laltdam. I think you got it backwards. 3rd down backs are the bigger backs, short yards, 3rd and 2. You don't put a 170 back in on 3rd down, you put the big back you can't bring down. You put the small shifty homerun hitter in on 1st & 2nd. That's true @ all levels of football. Vincent smith is NOT a 3rd down back!! Just so you know.

    And if you keep up with the "news", they (the coaches) don't have or have not named a clear starter @ rb. How could you after last season, or even the last few seasons? On offense that's our biggest question mark!

    I think cox (if he can stay healthy) will win the starting job. He's fast shifty, not sure of his wieght but he's not a "small" back. But like I said before rb is prolly the position where you HAVE to have more than 1 person to play a single game. Rotating D linemen is important but not as important as roatating backs. Either way we have enough rb's to make it work.

  31. Hopefully the 5* Prospect Policy applies to Brionte Dunn!

  32. I still think we are only taking 26 guys, so I think:
    Garret-we need a guard more than a tackle
    Mandras or Reeves depending on if the coaches really want a WR or db.

  33. It's not Mandras Mark, it's Madaris lol

  34. Haha I knew I was spelling it wrong, I was just to lazy to check.

  35. @smokey420

    I guess it really comes down to yardage. I would use a fast shifty back in 3rd downs (unless your talking 3rd and 1-3 yds) and most of the sites predicting Michigans RB situation seem to agree with me. Because when your at 3rd and 8, you don't want a power guy to run up the middle, you want somebody who can make the best yardage in space like from a screen pass or a cut across the middle.

    In a 3rd and 1 situation I would agree, you want the heaviest strongest guys to push the line, but not when its 3rd and anything over 3 yards.

  36. I don't think you run on 3rd and long. That has been one of UM's problems in the past- throwing short passes and running on third and long. I wanna see a pass that goes as far as the first down marker every time unless a guy's WIDE open

  37. @will
    you took the words outta my mouth lol

  38. Unless your winning draining the clock you don't run on 3rd&8. If anything you run a screen. & what recruiting site says smith is a 3rd down back? Lol

  39. I never said run the ball on 3rd and long. I said "you want somebody who can make the best yardage in space like from a screen pass or a cut across the middle."

    Sites like bleacherreport and touchthebanner, that plus just fans talking all agree vincent smith is a "3rd down specialist".

  40. I heard Vincent Smith might be transferring

  41. Tom VH said that Vincent was gone a few days ago. And that Hoke was now going to make the #2 jersey just like the #1 jersey fot DBs. I think that is a great way to honor Charles Woodson.

  42. I agree, I'm sad to see Vincent Smith leave, but I like the honorable jersey selection

  43. What happened to Sheldon Day visiting during the bbq? I heard somewhere that he would be up there for it but I haven't heard anything about it since.