Sunday, 21 August 2011

Changes to Projected class

It's been a while since I've changed my projected class, and with a few official visits now scheduled, I think there should be some changes. It's hard to guess what positions the coaches really want, but I imagine it'll be 1 defender and 3 offensive players, with a basic first come first serve policy.

- First change; Dwayne Stanford is out. We just haven't been hearing much positive news regarding him and Michigan, whereas UM seems to be in a good position for the likes of Amara Darboh and Jordan Payton. Whilst I'm sure we'd all love to get Payton, I think with Darboh visiting for the WMU game, he should be the favorite to get the WR spot.

- The second change is a follow up from the first. With Stanford out, that pretty much means Adolphus Washington won't end up at Michigan. If UM do indeed take another defensive player, it's more likely to be a DT like O'Brien or Shittu, or a CB like Yuri Wright. Clearly out of these three, O'Brien is the most likely, so he gets the nod.


  1. So....are we all in agreement that we want a WR, O-linemen, DT, DB? If anything else it would be 2 WR or DT instead of a DB, which is kinda what I'm hoping for. I WANT SHITTU NEXT TO PIPKINS! Gotta save that spot.

  2. Benji,
    Who are your final 4?

    Amara Darboh
    Jordan Payton
    Josh Garnett
    Yuri Wright

    UM maybe better off if they got these players instead.
    Amara darboh
    2 O linemen Garnett, Banner or Adam Bisnowaty
    Dan O'Brien

    Either way UM will end up with a top 5 class.

  3. There is still uncertainty that we will take another DT, the coaches have said they want: 2 WR, 1 DT (Pipkins), one more DB, and one more OL

    The two WRs: Payton, Darboh.
    The DB: Yuri Wright (longshot Shaq Thomson, for those of you who dont know he stated he wants to hear from the coaches and is interested in Michigan)
    The OL: Garnett

  4. Wright and Thompson are both listed as S. Can they play CB as well?

  5. After thinking it over I would rather UM take 2 O linmen and 2 D linemen. I know UM needs a WR and they will take one so they better make it a good one because the O and D line are where UM needs the most help. Now if for some reason there is a extra spot or someone decommits I would take a another WR or DB.

    Does anybody know how UM looks at DE. Because is Godin,Pipkins and they move Wormley to DT. Who is left at DE?

  6. Wright is listed as a cb by some sites and he is primarily considered a CB. And Thomson can play S, CB, and WR his size lead him to be listed as a Safetey.

  7. Hey to all my U-M brethren,
    I'm not understanding why so many people want another OL to commit. We have 5 guys already committed, we had a couple enter the 2011 class along with potential big time sleepers in Glasgow and Yerden.

    That's 9 guys in two classes. To me, ideally we would start to recruit about 3-4 OL every year from now on. That gives you 15-20 OL every 5 recruiting classes when counting red shirts.

    I want at least 1 WR and O'brien to commit, any other stud at whatever position is a bonus to me.

    We're gonna be sneaky good this year people, I'm looking for at least a 9 win season or more and then a Bowl Victory after winning the 1st B1G Ship'.
    I predict a 12-2 or 11-3 season.

  8. Mick,
    Everyone know UM is undersized at O line and not very deep thats why UM did not have a true spring game not enough linemen on both sides of the ball.

  9. Mark,

    Do you recall where you read or heard that the coaches have said they want 2 WR's? I saw a freep article that indicated as much, but that was the first I had read about it. I've never read or heard a direct quote.

    I also think the "second CB" situation came about only because of TR's decision to take other officials.

    Darboh sounds like he will commit on his official. I have not heard what O'Brien has been told. TomV recently said he was going to call the coaches, and see where things stand, but there has been no reported follow up.

    My 4:

    Darboh, then an OL, and the first two that decide to verbal out of Dunn, O'Brien, Wright or Payton.

    I think everyone is being told that the doors are closing. To a large extent, it's now up to the recruits to decide what positions fill. I don't see them saying no to O'Brien, and that means one less DB or WR, and vice versa with Payton.

  10. Ok,ok Jer, I'll take 1 more OL, but that's it! Fair?

  11. Mick,

    I try to be a devout realist. It's part of being good at my profession.

    With that being said, I agree with you that this team may shock some people. 38th in the AP poll? I can both see why, and why not.

    If they hit on all cylinders, and get a few bounces and tips their way, we could be seeing DR hoist the Heisman, and MI in a BCS bowl. Their schedule is quite favorable, no one has film on them yet, and they have been mercifully spared by the injury demons thus far.

    The only down side will be listening to RR squawking "I told ya so" every chance he gets!

  12. Mick,

    Thats fair brother all is good.

  13. BM, I thought I remember TomVH saying that the coaches planned on taking to WRs.
    And Obrien hasnt talked to the coaches yet, he was going to do it after his team camp, it was not stated when that will be.

  14. Jer,
    Thanks man, I enjoy your posts.


    I saw on the previous thread that you were at the 98' Rose Bowl. Well so was I and that is my #1 all time favorite sports event, my brother and I were sitting 5 rows up in the end zone where Woodson intercepted that game turning pass by Ryan Leaf. It was like about 20 feet from me.

    My brother and I couldn't stop rejoicing and smiling all the way home to San Diego, the best 2 hour drive of my life!

  15. Few things:

    1. Do you guys really think Yuri will come to Mich?
    2. Thatd be great if we could get Payton, but from what Ive heard a lot of the better schools have been cooling on him
    3. Last I heard, Shaq Thompson had UCLA and ND in his top 2. Im worried that he will end up at ND. He is friends with fellow Californians and ND commits Deontay Greenberry and Tee Shephard. Apparently they have been in his ear a lot and he is going to ND for an official for the USC game.
    4. Do you guys think OBrien is that good of a prospect? I hope he's better than Schutt since we turned him down

  16. 1.yes, we are in his top two, and he grew up a Michigan fan.
    2. I haven't heard much on schools cooling on him, but his ratings have dropped off a little bit. He is still our top rated prospect at WR. I really like him because he set school records at a very good high school his freshman and sophomore year, last year defenses focused on him and he got hurt so his numbers went down a little.
    3. We haven't even offered Shaq yet, I am sure with an offer and a visit we can gain alot of progress with him. He is good friends with Payton, so that could help us with landing both of them. Also regarding his top 2, ND doesn't really have room for another DB and he and Payton (once strong Cal leans) have been shying away from them, I truly believe his recruitment just opened wide open.
    4. No, but O'brien can play the 3 tech, is from Michigan, and getting him would not be a consolation prize for him like it would have been with Schutt. It might just be the case that we dont need another DT.

  17. GoTwins,

    I have agree with just about everything Mark said. Well said Mark.

  18. Mark,

    I read the article regarding Yuri mentioning Mich in his top 2, but it sounded to me it was more like he was one of the two sticking out to him, not that he has cut his list down to 2 and Mich is one of them.

    Also, I've heard that ND is not full at DB. They are still going hard after Shaq and CB TJ Davis.

  19. Does anyone know the the scrimage went? Who looked good? Who didn't? Read an article on freep that said drob is completing OVER 70% of all his passes in practice. That's good news, seems how you know there not all quick outs. The walk on DT ( can't think of name srry lol) that is a stand out! Great news!! Freep also said mattison is running his D at the simplist form, and players adapting very well, not giving up big plays. Also said the offensive line was set in stone with the 5 starters from last year. Plus with a TE (koger), WR's roundtree & hemmingway, said they like the one true FB we have (can't remember name either lol) plus drob, the only possition not named on O is rb!

    Only named 3 deffinate possition locks on D, Martin, kovacs, and wilfolk. Don't kno what to make of that but the rest is pretty reasuring. Offense seems solid! And with last years D I doubt they'll name all starters right away. What's everyone make of that?

  20. My biggest worry right now is the DT next to Mike Martin. It sounds like a walk on weighing 265 lbs is running with the 1st team. I don't know how you stop the run up the middle in the big ten with a guy that is 265 lbs but I guess if the other guys that are over 300 lbs aren't getting the job done then it should go to the best player just don't feel good about it.

  21. Nathan brink is the walk on fyi

  22. I think UM is going to have room for almost 30 once this year ends and players see the writing on the wall. Some of these guys (Kellen Jones may be an example) see what and who is coming and they know they aren't playing any time soon.

  23. @Jeremy his name is actually the Brink truck

    @blueball We can only take a maximum of 28 players, I honestly hope we don't have that many openings because that would be a whole lot of attrition. I could also see Brink getting a scholarship, 26 still seems like the number (not including Jeremy Clark)

    Yes we are in Yuri's top two not final. And regarding ND, you were right I thought that they were full with their DBs, but I see that they are still recruiting top safeties (Elijah Shumate is another one they are recruiting)

  24. Who are all the players that have scheduled officials already and when are they?

  25. I don't know what will happen from here on out, but personally I would love to get at least one wide receiver. I don't think we need two because many of the top wide outs will probably be jumping at the chance to play with Morris next year.

    Other than that, I want Yuri Wright. Simply because you can never have enough corners. Especially with the injury trouble we've had at that position lately. And you can never have a good enough secondary.

    The other two spots I would consider to be first come first serve, but that may be true of all 4 spots.

    But in the end this has already been an amazing recruiting year! Any commits we get from this point on are just the cherry on top.

  26. Shaq and Payton apparently forming that "Fab Five" and both has interest in California. ND is stacked with high talent @ the DB position (including Darby and Shephard). I strongly believe Wright will jump on board with us. O'brien will go elsewhere, preferably SEC (Best wishes to him). I'm baffled about the WR. With Stonum redshirting, will the coaches actually pursue (2)WR?? Wright, Garnet (Thanks to Magnuson?? Sorry for incorrect spelling) and most likely Darboh. Everything will be clearer by September 5 (after the ND/Mich game soaks in)

  27. The Mich/ND game isn't until September 10th.

  28. Brink is playing DE, RVB moved in and played DT when Brink was in the line up.

  29. Richrod recruited too many skill players and not enough trench warriors. We don't want Hoke to make the opposite mistake. We already have all the linemen we need. Unless it is Garnett and/or Yuri Wright our remaining spots should be spent on weapons.