Monday, 8 August 2011

Pipkins to UM

You crafty fox Mr time a kid says he really wants to take official visits, I'm just going to ignore him!

Three Star (should be four star) DT Ondre Pipkins has committed to Michigan today, all but ending DT recruiting for this class; which might be bad news for Dan O'Brien.

Pipkins has had a great spring and summer at camps etc, and has earned some really impressive offers, so this is a great pickup. Anyway, more of this talk in the commitment profile later!


  1. I believe we still may take another DT .....

    1 DT
    1 WR
    1 CB
    1 OL

    Longshot is a RB

  2. Welcome Ondre. Hope you have the time of your life playing for Michigan in front of 113,000 fans. GO BLUE

  3. Outside of great Big Ten offers, also Alabama, Florida, and Oklahoma... Wow. I think this can be more telling than recruiting rankings or number of stars sometimes. Or at least mean that the fourth star (or more) will come during the senior season. Great pick-up.

  4. who has more stars o'brian or pipkins?

  5. If you read Pipkins quote he says the coaches only want to take one "Nose Guard," which is the 1-tech DT. O'Brien appears to be a 1-tech as well, but maybe the coaches see him as a ready to play immediately 3-tech upon his arrival and that as he gets stronger and as the others (Godin or Wormley) take time to fill out to become 3-tech, O'Brien slides to 1-tech in rotation with Pipkins. Just a thought.

  6. He is a 4 start on every site but espn meaning espn has no clue what they are doing. Sorry I watched video on this guy he is a possible 5 star. Any recruiting site that has him at a 3 star has either not updated their rankings or has no clue what they are doing.

  7. star* sorry but some recruitng sites make me laugh. If this kid was in florida he would be a 5 star.

  8. Yuri, Garrett, Dunn, Payton, and Chessu to wrap up the class!! Big Blue will be finishing strong my friends!

  9. Ryan,
    I would take that list of final recruits.