Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The remaining spaces

The class now sits at 22, which in August is extremely impressive. With UM thought to be taking 26 this year, simple math tells us that there are only four spaces left, so what positions will/should they go to?

Wide Receiver: This is probably the only real need left in this class and with prospects like Darboh, Stanford and Chesson still up for grabs, I don't think Michigan will miss out on a WR.

Cornerback: Personally I don't think another CB is needed, but it looks like it could well happen given the way UM are after Armani Reeves and Yuri Wright. Both prospects are saying UM wants to take one more elite corner.

The next two positions are more random, they will go to the first two to commit, almost regardless of their position. If I were to guess how it ends up, I'd say OL and RB.


  1. As for Wide Receiver, what about Payton or Madaris? I like Payton over any of the above mentioned because I really dont think Stanford is going to go blue.

  2. I like prospects in this orders
    WR: Darboh, Chesson, Payton
    CB: Yuri, Reeves
    OL: Banner, Diamond
    RB:Dunn, Lewis

  3. Paytons highlights don't look as impressive as Chessons IMO

  4. I'm just not buying Devin Fuller to Michigan yet. He hasn't even visited yet and he's a spread QB, we're a pro style.

  5. Fuller, Dunn, Payton and Yuri

  6. oh the ill replace Fuller with Chesson

  7. Here is an interesting link of DL vs OL: http://rivals.yahoo.com/video/recruiting-football/Army-combine-OL-v-DL-Pt4-1019255

    After seeing this, I want Danny O'Brien too.

    As far as remaining scholarships, I would take in this order:

    CB: Wright
    WR: Payton
    RB: Dunn
    OL: Diamond

    I think realistically we are in great shape for all of these guys. Banner and Garnett have UM in their top 7 and eleven respectively and UM is still a longshot for their services. Banner will be a Duck and Garnett a Husky. Devin Fuller would be AWESOME! Diamond is looking around, but he will go Blue.

  8. We aren't getting Fuller. Mike Farrell (rivals) posted his top 11 a little while ago on twitter and Michigan isn't one of them.

    Alabama, UCLA, Kansas, Penn St., Nebraska, TCU, Boston College, Uconn, Miami, Rutgers, and Georgia Tech.

  9. O'Brien is no longer an option? Why?

  10. Anybody else notice we moved up to number 1 on scout's rankings? No reason to suggest we wont stay there too.

    4* reciever

    4* DT I dont believe Hoke (a defensive line coach) is going to shy away from another DT.

    4* OL

    4* CB

  11. anyone notice how Diamond got owned on multiple occasions in that video?

  12. If UM takes another DT he would have to be a 5 star stud.

  13. According to ESPN, Zach Banner narrowed his list down to 5 today. Did we make it?? I don't have Insider...

  14. @e4...
    We will most likely get a 5* OL, Diamond, Garnett, and Banner are all 5*.
    Yuri Wright (who I think we will get at cb) is 51 overall, and the top 50 get 5*, so he has a very good chance of being a 5*.

    I get your logic, but I just don't see us getting a 5* DT. We Schutt the door on Tommy and Shittu has really fallen in the ratings, so he probably will not be a 5* (not on espnu150 anymore and lost 5* rating on scout)

  15. Pipkin,O'brein and Godin looked good.Godin looks like he needs to find the buffet and weight room.Quick,good feet and a good motor.

  16. Mark,
    I am saying UM will not take another DT unless he is a 5 star super stud. If some other things do not fall into place by signing day that may change.

  17. @akmed2011
    Diamond was hurt in those videos. After every play he grabs his back.

  18. Amara Darboh has scheduled an official visit for Michigan on September 3rd according to Rivals. He loved his time at the BBQ and his high school coach coached with UM's DB coach (Curt Mallory) and his brother played college ball with Hoke. Darboh may be going Blue soon!

  19. @Ryan

    ESPN insider says Banner is CLOSE to naming a top 5. but he hasnt yet.

    "Then at the end of September after I've seen all the teams play and I have a better feeling about them, I'll cut my list down to five. I'll take all five visits, some during the season and some after and then make my decision around signing day."

    If we are going to wrap our class up early, either Banner won't be included, or he'll surprise everybody and sign early.

  20. I know everyone wants to get a 5 star, but they don’t mean much to me. There are many examples of 5 starts not doing much. Sometimes I think these “stars” go to their heads. I would rather have a 3 star that works his ass off and becomes a 5 star in college.

    I don’t remember his name, but osu had a 2 star receiver and he has been one of their best.

    Athletic ability, smarts and character and obviously someone who wants to be here at Michigan. (I question if Dunn wants to be here)
    And like many on here, on want to be picky with these last few openings.

    Hey, Go Blue!

  21. @Northermi

    I agree with you. Braylon Edwards was a 3*, but he seemed to work out PRETTY well. I also don't think Dunn wants to be at Michigan as much as he wants to be at THEosu.

  22. Good news! Michigan has released an updated roster with position/height/weight etc.

    Notable Gains in size

    Cam Gordon LB = 222 lbs (was 207)
    Mike Shaw RB = 195 (was around 185)
    Thomas Rawls RB = 219 (was around 210)
    John McColgan FB = 240 (was 230)
    Marell Evans LB = 237 (was 225)
    Frank Clark LB = 228 (was 210)

    We've all been reading about our linemen adding or losing weight, but those are the standouts I noticed at other positions of interest.

  23. The coaches will be selective based on those kids who are the top-top on their list (not scouts, not rivals, not 247). The coaches aren't looking at scouting services and targeting kids who are 5 stars. It just so happens that the kids they are targeting are high rated. Stars are only sexy to the fans who care about recruiting class rank, I could care less. Banner/Garnett are very unlikely to leave the west coast. I like our chances with Diamond, Darboh, Wright, Payton, and Danny O may sneak in.

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  25. I suggest a new rule: yes, Braylon Edwards was a 3* that went 3rd in the NFL draft but normally a 5* is a better college player than a 4*, a 4* better than a 3* and so on. Exceptions do happen but lets not pretend every 3* is a Braylon Edwards type. So now on, no more comparing every 3 star's potential to that of Braylon Edwards. (This idea was borrowed from a Tiger's blog that created a new rule asking people to quit comparing every trade to the Alexander/Smoltz trade.)

    I love Yuri Wright especially since he's 6'1/6'2 but I'd much rather add another DT. Depth at DB is deep next year with Brown, Floyd, Talbott*, Avery, Carter, Hollowell, Countess, and Taylor plus Richardson*. Yes, there are questions here. Rumors swirl around Talbott and Carter and Taylor are probably safeties but those are secondary questions after looking at our DT/NT depth once Martin's gone. At DT/NT we only have Washington, Ash, Campbell, and Pipkins. We need two starters from this group and another two for rotation. Washington, Ash and Campbell only have question marks. Sure we can move Godin in or another SDE but this isn't their natural position and they'll need a RS to add weight. A DT recruit will be more ready for rotation play for game #1.

    Now if Richardson decides to go play in the SEC or if we can tell Gant thanks but no thanks (and we can since nothing is signed and he'd have all fall and winter to find another team) then I'd go for Wright. But I wouldn't take Wright over a DT and anyone who does is crazy in my eyes.

    We have four spots. If I was in charge of recruiting I'd make 1 spot a DT, 1 spot a WR, 1 spot a OT (only tackle not guard), and I'd leave 1 spot open for the best other player. I think turning down Schutt was a mistake and I'd re-extend an offer. I'd also tell Shittu and O'Brien the next one who commits gets the spot, then we're full. At WR, we lead for Payton but I'd tell Payton, Stanford, and Darboh they have until the season starts. After that I'd add Chesson to the mix. Michigan needs a big 6'2/6'3 WR and I'll gladly take a 3* over nothing. But I'd expect Payton or Darboh to accept before September.

    We do have some decent OT prospects but you can basically never have too many elite tackles. I'd love to become left tackle-u (or right tackle for Morris). It seems 50% of elite tackles wash out or move to RT. Having a shut-down elite LT is so critical, it's like QB depth, you can never have too much. Diamond's recruiting process scares me. He's gone from pretty sure thing to questionable. I wouldn't leave him a spot and say no to another elite tackle in case he becomes Zettle 2.0. I'd really be happy with Peat, Garnett, Banner, Diamond, or Bisnowaty and I'd tell each of them that. There are five great OT recruits and one spot. If you want to keep seeing schools like Ole Miss fine, but we won't keep the spot reserved.

    The final spot is the hardest. Ideally it's Dunn but I'm not holding my breath. This shouldn't be depth for any position other than DT or WR. I'd much rather swing for the fences (DGB, Goldman, Diggs, Marshall, Dunn, Shell, Shaq Thompson and maybe, maybe Hamilton or Spence) and risk missing out than adding another depth signing. Either we'd get an elite talent or the 26th spot carries over to next year and I'd much rather fill another need next year than just add depth to this year's class.

    Recap: 2nd DT/NT > DB, Wright > Gant, final four spots go to best WR, DT, and OT + wildcard/empty slot.

  26. Guys.....stop talking about Fuller. We are off his list and Davon is still hurting over the loss.

    Davon.....sorry about the insensitive comments. Heal my friend.

    I Like: In Order

    WR - Payton, Darboh, Chesson, Powe
    RB - Dunn, Lewis
    CB - Wright, Reeves
    OL - Banner, Garnett, Diamond, Bisnowaty,

    O'Brien if we can't land a decent RB

    Having said all of this.....all of these prosepcts are win/win situations.

  27. Although I don't see eye to eye with the book that KB wrote, I do agree we save our last scholarship for a big time player that is probably out of reach. Those big players usually like to wait to sign, and if we have a good season, it may persuade somebody like DGB to give us some consideration.

  28. Best case list.
    WR Payton or Darboh
    RB Dnn
    CB Wright
    OL Peat

    Worse case list. I can't see this happen.
    WR Chesson
    RB No one
    CB No one
    Ol Bisnowaty
    DT O'Brein
    One scholarship goes to next year.

  29. If Terrelle Pryor is ruled not ineligible for the sub draft next week do you think he will roll over on OSU for a buck? I do.

  30. GBN
    I'm trying to heal..it's too devastating.

    I think Garnett should be ahead of Banner imo. Garnett seems to be a great guard and wouldn't take as much work. Banner is RAW, but he has loads of potential. Either way I'd be thrilled, but Garnett is better overall.

  31. Yeah idk what KB's thinking. Must not watch pro football I guess...1/3 of the NFL is from non power house schools, and were not highly Recruited outta high school. With better coaching in college, they can mold kids how they want, train them better, with fresh rare to start at most positions they have a year or two for training. Bottom line is ranking are from media analist, from thier own service. I'll trust someone who has developed talent every day for 30 years over thier "analist" any day!

    & then to say get rid of gant who's 6'2 210 & if I'm not mistaken the neafew of woodsaon!! Are u kidding me?? Yeah let's turn him away because he's "only" a 3*. Dumb ass!!

  32. Sorry all of the lights. You said it just fine. Lol

  33. Normally recruits rankings are similar to what the coach would rank the player, now this is not always the case but it happens more often than not.
    The rankings are only a judgement of their talent, not how they will improve themselves and if they will have the right attitude.
    It is a coach's job to figure out if the player will have the correct attitude (no trouble, go to class, works to improve themselves, help lead other players) and to develop the players talent. I don't feel like the players were correctly developed and their attitudes were not elaluated well enough.
    If Hoke can spot good team players and develop their talent, then we will see how good our five stars can be.

  34. I dont think that I will ever use 24/7 sports ever again. they have some players have no interest in schools that they have announced in their top 5 or so. they have jordan payton having no intrest in both michigan and cal and im pretty sure he said they were no. 1 and 2

  35. They just don't update player interest often, Espn has the same problem. 247 updates their rankings in a few weeks, so that should be fixed soon.

  36. Tom VH just stated that Armani Reeves is announcing at 10 am on Friday. Since there has been no visit by him to Ann Arbor, I think it's safe to assume that he is out of the running. So, as it stands, it's Wright, no DB, or try to get Wayne Morgan on the phone and tell him we were just kidding about not having a spot for him. I don't often state opinions on here, but I feel that we really don't need another DB this class. The scholly would be more well used on a badass D lineman.... or, if they are looking for an unheralded 33 year old guy that used to play in high school, but really wasn't that good, I'd like to offer up my services for that scholarship.

  37. Armani Reeves will be playing Wide Receiver at Michigan, if he comes.

  38. @ KB, I hate to disaggree with you but i dont think turning down SChutt was a mistake. Hoke wants ppl who WANT to be at mich. How can i as a coach take you seriously when for two months you wouldn't return my phone calls but then when you get your feelings hurt you come running back and remember my name all of a sudden. I know he was a 5 star but I think come signing day this kid would of been having second thoughts of if notre dame wont have me, well what about boston coledge. I think hoke likes living WITHOUT the drama. As for last 4 scholies, I still see us taking a dt, somehow someway. and I'm still hoping for obrian, that leaves 2 to the best availible at any position+ whatever attrition we get from this year.

    P.S Davo my email address is sazjubadger@att.net. please put fantasy football in the subject so i dont spam you.

    P.S.S does any body know about more suspensions coming out?

  39. Hoke made it sound like there were no more (unless it's from something new).
    Just an update one where we stand with our top prospects:
    Joshua Garnett-Moved up his official to the ND game, he was going to go to the osu game. This is good news because it probably means he is interested in deciding soon. And he has become really good friends with Erik M.
    Armani Reeves- Announcing Friday, looks like he will go to psu
    Yuri Wright- Michigan is in this top two, and he grew up liking Michigan. He wants to take his time and he will had plenty of time if Reeves doesn't pick Michigan.
    Jordan Payton-Said Michigan was #1 for him. He wants to decide soon, and is visiting the ND game soon.

  40. What does everyone think about the Free Press article stating that MI will take 2 WR's with their last 4 spots?

    Never heard that before. Would have been nice if they posted a source...

    Anyone else hear a similar thing?

  41. I agree that Garnett moving his Official Visit Day up is encouraging. Darboh is set to visit on the 3rd, Payton and Garnett on the 10th! That could be three of our last four. My only take on the lack of DT scholarships given out is that although Hoke has said that he plans on running a 4-3 (over/under) scheme it appears with what he is recruiting that he and Mattison plan to use much more 3-4 in the near future. Wormley, Strobel, Godin at DE's, Pipkins at NT. Brown, Ojemudia, Jenkins-Stone at OLB and Ross, Ringer & Bolden to play inside. It makes sense since that is what Mattison used in Baltimore, and requires less DT types and more of the DE/DT tweeners that it appears we have been recruiting. Just a thought...

  42. @anyone
    I heard on espn that Oregon is replacing 3 ol. Just wondering if anyone knows if jake fisher is in the running to be a starter. I know he's a freshman on a great team, but he is a beast. Im not gonna go to negative town, but if he's starts at Oregon he's a bigger loss than anyone could of imagined.

  43. ESPN(Pat Forde) is reporting the NCAA is sending a second letter of allagations. Say hello to Mr. Dunn if this is true it should seal the deal with Dunn. If you get the chance the Outside the Line report on OSU it is 2 part make sure you watch the part with Pat Forde and another guy not sure of his name but was a good report. Read some of the comments OSU fans make at the buttom of the page. They really don't think they did anything wrong. And that every school is doing it. And that maybe true but they got caught.Deal with it.

  44. Jer89...a second letter of allegations is not entirely accurate. A letter was sent to let the suckeyes know that the investigation was still ongoing...this could mean that they will find something, have found something or may not find anything at all. There are so many stories out there about regarding rules being broken that it appears the NCAA is actually doing their due diligence and maybe doing a proper investigation. I have posted the link to the article below courtesy of espn.com and Pat Forde.


  45. kmed you are right on that report thanks for the website. I do think this will affect Dunn choice on weather he will go to UM or OSU? He made need to make his mind up before Sept. 10th. or there may not be a spot for him.

  46. I honestly don't think that this article really would give anything that indicates Dunn will change his mind. Wait til the hearing and some possible real news is reported and then we'll talk. He'll be a Suckeye until further notice, but hopefully his cousin and Kalis can make some headway. I'm more concerned with how the D will do this year in all honesty...

  47. I beleive the Def will surprise everyone this year. UM will win some games with there Def.

  48. We also need to think about what Pryor will do. Unless the NCAA has more evidence, he won't qualify for the supplemental draft. The Sdraft is definitely in his best interest, so he might squeel to the NCAA about THEosu's violations in order for their "one year suspension" on him to be legit. Otherwise, he can't actually enter the draft, and he'll have to walk-on, which he'll be losing a TON of money.

  49. Pryor will throw OSU under the bus either to enter the draft or because he needs the money.

  50. Schutt just commited to PSU wow

  51. After the first night game at the Big House there should only 1 or 2 spots remaining until NSD and UM can finish off there recruiting class. I Wright visiting for the ND game?

  52. vincent sMith is still on the teaM he Was Practicing yesterday

  53. While we are all waiting for Benji's next post, heres something to talk about....

    With the redshirting of Stonum, it's more likely we'll get to see some of our WR depth in action this year. I read an article on ESPN's B1G blog about how the offense is doing so far. Borges mentioned Hemingway, Roundtree, Odoms, Grady and Jeremy Jackson. We all know Hemingway and Roundtree will be beasts, I'm eager to see how Odoms and Grady do in the slot, they are both extremely underrated (IMO) as far as slot guys go, and I'm excited to see how often Jeremy Jackson sees the field, if he is indeed the preferred WR out of our depth. I've mentioned 100 times we need a tall receiver, especially for this type of offense, and Jackson will be our tallest WR by 2 inches at 6'3". Could provide some excitement, at least in the redzone.

  54. I've never really been a big fan of Grady. He has never done anything that really impressed me out on the field. IMO I think Hoke has other weapons that could produce more than Grady. One receiver I really want to see is Je'Ron Stokes, the kid was a beast in high school but really hasn't had a whole lot of playing time with the wide receiver depth Michigan has right now. What do you guys think?

  55. If Kellen Jones gets his leagal stuff worked out can he enroll back at UM? As long as he has proved he has done nothing wrong.

  56. @ Kevin

    I also think Stokes could play a big part in the offense. He had a good spring, hopefully that translates to him making some plays. As for Grady, you're right, he hasn't done much as of yet, but I expect him to contribute a lot more this year in the slot and returning kicks.

  57. Kevin, I like Grady. He was Johnny on the spot quite a few times last year, making some clutch plays. Not that many of them ended up mattering...

    But, he kind of reminds me of Jason Avant. Not the hyped guy. Never a potential #1 jersey. But clutch. Look what Avant has accomplished. (Not that Grady is otherwise like Avant, just an analogy).

    It's not how good you are, it's how good you can become. We will see how much progress he's made. I think the kid has a motor, lives with the experience of a good example of how not to blow your chances (his brother) and may really break out this year.


    They never would have pulled the plug on Jones unless they were convinced he did something terribly wrong, and unforgivable. It still amazes me it has been kept so quiet, but they know something we don't, and it's awful.

  58. Blue,
    What did he do? If you know.

  59. Jer,

    You got me thinking. Thanks.

    Let's back up a moment.

    Known facts-
    He is no longer with the team, and not enrolled in school. NO ONE is saying anything else.

    Everything else.

    Not only do I not know THAT he has done something wrong, the people I know, that know almost everything, don't know.

    Additional Facts-
    He's 18, and not protected by legal nondisclosure.

    He lives in TX, and is a fairly well known recruit. Being a big recruit in TX, even without a TX or OK offer, makes him a minor celebrity, and newsworthy.

    If ANYONE with a hatred for MI had a chance to tie Hoke to a recruit character debacle, it would have already been done.

    I think, therefore, it's possible he suffered a medical problem of some sort, and has asked everyone to respect his privacy, and they are respecting him.

    Not much else makes sense to me. Otherwise someone would have twittered or FB'd how he slapped a girl around, stole something, cheated, etc...

    I'm ashamed of myself for ignorantly assuming he has done something heinous. He may have just caught a bad break. Literally.

  60. I forgot to add-

    Fact: he has not enrolled at a SEC school, or anywhere else, for all anyone knows.

    I he did something that was SO bad that no one would pick him up, I think it would have been in the news already.

  61. I just don't get what happened. I agree if he did some illegal OSU would have been all over it. I just hope everything turns out for the kid.