Friday, 10 June 2011

Commitment Profile: Erik Magnuson

Name: Erik Magnuson

Location: Encinitas, CA

Position: OT

Ratings: ESPN – 4* (80), Scout – 4*, 247 Sports - 4*

Recruitment: From the start, Erik said that he wanted to get out of the state of California, which was clearly great news for Michigan. However the Wolverines still had to go against some tough competition from the likes of Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon etc. In the end I think it was his relationships with the coaching staff that did it, and the visit in early June just confirmed that Michigan was the place for him.

Offers: Michigan, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Oregon, Arizona, Cal, Miami, Oregon State, UCLA, Stanford and others.

Stats: Currently stands at 6’6 and 275lbs, with no reported 40 yard dash time. Being an OT, he has no stats.

ESPN Analysis: Magnuson is a tough inline blocker capable of dominating opponents with his good upper body playing strength. Has the size along with enough athleticism for the offensive tackle position at the major level of competition. Although we detect some lower body stiffness this prospect manages to play with good balance and agility when in space; comes off the ball hard when drive blocking but will need to improve his explosion, initial quickness and first step.

Uses his legs to drive through in his blocks, but at times plays with a high pad level. His arm length and upper body strength should help him in pass protection, but he’ll need to improve his footwork to be able to deal with quicker speed rushers. Has the tools needed to become a quality offensive tackle, even has that nasty streak, however he will need a redshirt to polish off his game.

Scout Analysis: None available.

Improvements: Bending and sliding to meet speed rushers, use of hands and pad level are all things that need to be addressed.

Film Highlights: Link here.

Final Thoughts: The evaluation might seem a little harsh, but Magnuson is still a top talent, and this is a commit that we should be very excited about. Offensive line, especially at the tackle position was the biggest need coming into 2012; Magnuson and hopefully Jordan Diamond will certainly help to address that. Also Ben Braden if he stays at tackle.

Michigan now has three OL commits, and most people are assuming Diamond to be the fourth, even if he does decide to drag out his commitment. The Wolverines will take at least five OL, possibly six if they get the right guys.

As mentioned above, Magnuson is probably headed for a RS, even with the lack of depth on the OL in 2012. However after that year he’ll have the chance to compete for at least a spot in the rotation.


  1. We are going to sign a full class of 25 we only have 9 spots left

    2-3 Olineman position of need
    2-3 DT position of need
    1 WR
    1 QB
    1 RB
    1 S

    I dont see room for Wormley or any other DE from Ohio..

  2. Benji, why do we keep settling when can have so much more talent in this class?

  3. @Robert
    If you are referring to manguson as "settling" then you need to do some research on him, he is a top 100 player on all sites except for Espn. And the db's that we are "settling" on are spacific players of need. Even though they are not highly recruited they are what Mattison apparently wants in his secondary (over 6 foot playmakers). Now I can see what you mean if you are referring to the de's, but I am guessing that we recruited what were thought to be the best we could get. No one expected that we would have a chance with guys like Pittman and Washington.

  4. The last 3 years have been terrible, i'm ecstatic that they've been able to pull in this type of class this early on while proving absolutely nothing about how Hoke is as a game coach.

    A little perspective goes a long way ...

  5. It's funny last week people said Michigan should have taken Morgan and Reeves. But Michigan decided to go another way. Now Michigan gets two good commits and people want them to be more selective. Make up your mind people. I think in the end Michigan will lose out on some very good player but at the same time they knew the class was filling up fast.

    Benji if Kiel delayed his decion is that good news for Michigan?

  6. Tim

    Coach Hoke is a good coach He turned a team from perenial losers into a 12-0 ball state team that reached #12 in the nation ... He took SDSU from a team that lost 10 games to 9-4 the guy knows how to coach and build up a program..Now he has some talent and a team that has pieces it wont be hard for him to turn things around quickly here

  7. On there is something going on. I think its about Kiel does anybody have a subscription with scout? If you do please fill us in.

  8. Robert,

    Why do you think Benji would have an answer for you when he isn't coaching or recruiting for Michigan? I can only guess you are in your teens and do not really understand how recruiting works. The coaches know what they want and who they will accept a verbal from.

  9. @Jer

    He is just delaying his decision again

  10. Strobel is a 4 star by all but espn and studies have shown the of the rivals, scout, and espn. SCOUT is the best with Rivals just a sliver behind and espn a little bit further behind so I'll trust Scout.

    Furthermore, Strobel was being recruits by tSIO as a DT so obviously he has a big wide frame that can add on 35 lbs or so. In any event, they'll probably add Wormley with the intent on moving one or two of these guys to the inside as they bulk up.

  11. @ Rodger
    I feel your pain. This class has even surprised the coaches to a degree. Next years class will be a bit different/better. Our best recruits will come at the end anyways, most of the top 100 are still undecided at any site.

  12. Wish I could go into the future to see this class as Juniors or Seniors with Shane Morris at QB. Coach Hoke has done a great job in past years developing talent so imagine what he can do with this level of players, plus with a very good DC. In the words of Bart Scott, "Can't wait!"

  13. I can't believe some of the posts on here and the negativity. Lets be honest, Michigan has sucked the last few years, they have a new coach, and we are picking up quality players that fit the system. Call me a JA, but I couldn't be more excited about what this group of coaches has done in the recruiting space. I have no concern about their ability however I do have concerns about Denard's ability to transition to the new offense. I think it might be a long year if he stays at qb.

  14. @Michelle about@ Rodger. How do you know this class has been a suprise to the coaches? It seems to me they know what they want they want. How could this class be different/better?

  15. lets be honest the guys that are commiting right now wont help us fror a long while so lets not neg them right now when they are just finishing their junior years in high school. whos not to say wormley doesnt have a spectacular senior year and blow every one away. than what will we say "oh hoke blew that one with a guy who wanted to come to michigan but we didnt take him. Now look at him". no we should just calm down and trust that the coaching staff knows what they are doing.

  16. @ tim I was speaking about strobel, not mangnuson. im actually very happy about that commitment. I just feel that pittmon or wormley would be a better talent to have instead of strobel.

  17. quick side note but what do u guys think about michigans retro jerseys they'll wear against ND this year

  18. Ok, if you check my previous posts, I believe I have a darn good track record for accuracy. With that said, here are a few predictions based on all that I have read.

    Pipkins is a lock. He's releasing his top 5 today, and with the class filling up as fast as it is, it seems he's moving his decision up a lot sooner than he initially said. Read this tweet:

    PeeWee9456 ondre pipkins

    Wormley and Diamond are almost certain commits. There's been speculation for a while that Wormley is a silent commit. Even though he may not technically be so, expect his decision soon because of space dwindling on the DL.

    Diamond is visiting here shortly for the Sound Mind Sound Body camp. His parents want him to make his decision and were hoping he would've done so by now. He's not going to any more camps and he's already visited Michigan before. With the addition of Magnuson, he knows this is going to be a great class, and there's only like 2 spots left on the OL.

    As for Kiel, I'm not getting too excited........yet. He's recently delayed his decision, and that's good news for Michigan, if he sets up another visit. Until he makes it to campus again, I wouldn't start celebrating.

    With the way the class is rounding out, it appears that these recruits are competing for us not the other way around. They know that there's only a couple of spots left at our available positions. Combined with osu's problems and with the class rankings starting to get released, they can see how well we're doing already. Those rankings are lighting a fire under them to commit. Expect Michigan to finish in the top 8 in team rankings when all is said and done. Perhaps top 5 if we get a 5* or two.

    Go Blue!

  19. @UMFAN323

    And rodriguez was one game away from the NC. I like the accolades Hoke brings along, but lets not crown him before he's done anything. More 4-stars this year than all of last year before a game has been played. I'll take that and saying that isn't good enough and is silly.

  20. @Bobby

    Couldn't agree more.

  21. Schools of thought:

    1) In part, I love the idea of holding out for some of the very best recruits because they do more often than not commit later. Imagine a class of nothing but a few 5 stars and the remainder being all 4 stars.

    2) Coach Hoke and company know that scenario one isn't likely unless you're in Texas. So they offer kids that they see something in, kids that they believe will develop, contribute and with rare exception, stay out of jail. In all honesty, to date there is only one recruit in this class that I wish we hadn't taken. I have to believe that Coach knows a hell of alot more about this kid and his potential than I do......maybe it's the intangibles, his leadership ability, his blood line, something that we or the ranking services can't see or score.

    I didn't expect this kind of a run on committments.....we weren't that good and history, tradition and academics aside, some kids want to play for a winner and don't necessarily see two years away (this season will be good but maybe not great). I don't fault a kid for just going to the school that is best for them at the time rather than the one they grew up loving. Mr. Strobel is a fine example of that. He may have grown up bleeding scarlet and grey but I have no doubt that he'll bleed for Maize and Blue.

    I think next year Coach Hoke recruits differently and sends out fewer offers in the beginning.

    Not every decision Coach Hoke makes, on or of the field will please all or likely any of us but we have to trust him. We still don't know how he'll work out as a head coach in the Big 10. For this we trust his record elsewhere, his past here, Dave Brandon and the Michigan Men who sponsored him for this position.

    We gave RR three years and truth be told I was one of the ones who would have said "okay" if they wanted him to have one more (BTW - I'm glad they didn't). Let's not expect overnight results but if he does turn things around that quickly....OMG

    Sorry for my rant but I see so much negative crap and total BS on other boards. This one without a doubt provides for the best open minded, well spoken dialogue.

    Go Blue

  22. Phil,

    Many underestimated Hoke because he wasn't a big or exciting name in college football like Harbaugh was/is.

    While Michigan has yet to play a game under Hoke, Hoke has assembled a pretty darn good staff and so far they have done a bang up job in recruiting.

    What remains to be seen is the coaching/development side. And that's what is most important. We can all hope that Hoke and his staff have as much success in developing a wickedly good football team as they have so far in recruiting.

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  24. If we take another d end like pittmon wormley does that pretty much take us out of the running for Stanford and Washington combo?

  25. What I like about Coach Hoke is that he'll have his hand in everything and his finger on the pulse. He'll also (and has) hire the best people he knows for each position and trust that they know their job. I see this guy knowing everything that's going on but not micro managing his staff. I just believe he's a great leader, especially when I hear him speak. Some coaches want to win because their coaches others like Hoke want to win because their Wolverines.

    They've got me the most excited I've been in a few years to pull into Pioneer H.S. on a Saturday morning.

  26. @ Robert

    Stanford and Washington want to play together but that doesnt mean they will end up at the same school ... Maybe 1 feels comfortable at a school and the other doesnt .. Stanford and Shane Morris have been communicating ... So who knows what will happen..

  27. Robert,
    We have 4 DE commits with two in the wings. I can't see taking 6 unless Hoke feels like he can move one of these guys inside. To date we have no DTs. I see that Benji has Godin in with the DEs but by all accounts he's listed as a if he gets played there, we can take two more DEs (Washington and Wormley) and then it becomes a matter of what/who does Hoke want for the other DT spot: Pipkins, Johnson, Jones, or Day. I guess it's a great situation to be in. I don't think we took any DTs last year. If we don't land a QB or mutiple good skill players does Hoke take a third DT??
    Not much of an answer to your question.....sorry

  28. I know I sometimes have neg. comments even when there are not meant to be. So here is my positive comment on coach Hoke and staff. Coach Hoke was not the sexy pick but the right pick. I watched the spring practice and all I seen was love for the kids and school. I seen the coaches teach the kids technique and the right way to play position. The D will be better because lets face it it can't get worse. The O will go as far as D Rob takes them and I think he can go far.The recruiting is going better then people thought and I think it can only get better next year. Specially if Morris recruits some RBs and WRs.I see another bowl game (hope in Florida so I can go see them again)and a win this time.So in closing I am very happy with the coaching staff and have faith in what they are doing.

  29. @GoBlueNorth,
    I like your insight about Hoke and his staff and your ability to answer questions i have one for you(and any others) Could you see matt godin and tom strobel both moving inside and us picking up Sevon pittman, washington, and wormley?

  30. Benji, who do you think will play their first year for the 2011 class?

  31. @ Davon

    If they each gained 50-60 lbs then yea move em to the inside but you arent going to have success stopping the run with guys who weigh 250-260 playing DT in the BIG 10 ... We need those big boys who are 310 320 who can be a force in the inside clogging holes..

  32. @Will: I don't think there are many impact freshman in the 2011 class. Our defense is young but growing stronger by the day. Despite the struggles of last year, I don't think a defensive true frosh will crack the 1st string.
    On offense, I think Thomas Rawls and Justice Hayes certainly have a chance to earn some carries at RB, perhaps moreso Rawls.

  33. Magnuson is the biggest 'get' in the class and the first sign that Hoke is raising the bar at Michigan. He may not be truly elite, but landing a high level national prospect, at a position of enormous need is a huge plus.

    Beating MSU and WVU for recruits doesn't impress me, but beating schools like OSU, Notre Dame, Oregon, Miami, etc for Magnuson and Strobel - that's what I'm talking about!

  34. could guys like braden, stacey or williams decommit if guys like diamond or banner commit and they think they would be too far down the depth chart than they would like

  35. @Will-
    Placekicker Matt Wile. :o)
    With Hoke taking 3DE's last year and maybe 6DE's this year a few likely won't redshirt and get time on Special Teams or coming off the bench. Same goes for LB's. Hoke took 4 last year and 4 more this year, and 4 CB's and 1 Safety last year and 2CB's and likely 2 Safeties this year. He won't redshirt them all so some of them will get Special Teams play too. Other than Wile Benji called it, Rawls is closest to starting time as a Frosh.

  36. Davon,
    Sorry about the wait but it looks like you've got great answers otherwise. Benji has been calling for 5 DEs and 2 DTs in his ideal class for a while and I totally agree. Right now we have 4 Defensive Linemen: Brown, Godin, Ojemudia and Strobel. We are in good shape for several others including Pittman (DE), Washington (DE), Wormley (DE), Pipkins (DT) and Day (DT). That having been said wanting and 7 Defensive Linemen we have room for three. We have Godin but I'm worrried about his size. We need Pipkins he has the size we need for a DT (about 325lbs). Wormley is almost a lock. If we land Pipkins and Wormley we have one Defensive spot left. Nobody knows the scoop with Washington/Stanford as far as their desire to stay together. As for ranking Washington, Pittman and Day, that's the order I would put them in. I don't think the coaches hold out waiting for one or another and who knows with all of this silent commit talk (could be one of these for all we know - the silent commit talk gets old). This is what I'm wondering about. We took two defenive linemen last year, 6 in 2010, 3 in 2009 and 1 in 2008. By the time some of these guys see the field we may be lacking in depth. So I wonder. If we have the scholarships (we could be up to 28 depending on where we are with are cap of 85 - sidenote: if anybody knows please tell me) we could take an 8th DL. We have room now for between 9 and 12 more commits. So let's say 4 more DL's and we have to take a RB/FB, a WR, another S, 2 more OL and if the stars line up a QB. That would give us 16 guys on the Defensive side of the ball and 10 on the Defensive side. Do we have 26 Schollies.....I don't know. This class would give us a pile of Defensive/Offensive depth for the next 5 years. I hate to spend the bank on some of the skill positions this year. We have good talent now and good talent in waiting and I'm not sold on our chances with more than a few really great skill players in this years class.

    If the schollies are there I think Hoke takes more than we anticipate. We just need a scholarship count.

    Sorry for the long winded answer

  37. Wow that was an impressive and very thorough response..thank you for that, you definitely answered my question with great details..You don't need to apologize for the long answer..about your sidenote it would be nice to get 28 (fingers crossed) idk if we have room but check out the site they have a daily updated depth chart and player transfers and recruiting class numbers etc.,

  38. Davon,

    Coach Hoke indicated in an interview with Rivals that we could take 23-25 and another source in the story said 26.

    Thanks for referring me to that site. Depending on where I look there I see 21 scholarships or on another page, 22-24. My wish list on my other post would give us 25 or 26. My best guess is we figure it all out on National Signing Day.

  39. Ya no one will no til then anyway for sure.