Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Changes to Projected Class

It looks like Michigan will take six offensive lineman now in this class, which is one more than I previously had mocked. So when I add the sixth OL, the total is now at 27. Michigan is meant to be recruiting a class of 26, so what position should I cut down?

I think it has to be one of the offensive skill positions, or a DE. Since I think UM still wants Washington and Wormley badly, it'll have to be the offensive guys. But still, it's hard to predict which one, so for the moment I've left it at 27, with the assumption that Michigan won't take either a QB or RB, or a WR (less likely). Now that the numbers work is out the way, lets get onto changes.

The first change is one I meant to do over the weekend; the addition of Kyle Kalis. The general view is that Michigan leads for him after that visit on Friday, and although we didn't get the commitment, there's still a high chance of him going blue in the end.

The second change is at QB. I've added Maty Mauk instead of Austin Appleby. This is partly because Appleby still doesn't have the offer, and partly because Mauk had a great visit to Michigan earlier this month. The Gunner Kiel ship has probably sailed.

That's it for now. I've decided to not included Jeremy Clark, mainly because I still believe Jarrod Wilson will go blue, and in doing so, deny Clark a chance of being part of the class.


  1. Benji or anybody,

    Can anybody help me find a website/or does anbody know?

    Trying to figure out how many scholarships we'll have for next year after recruiting so heavy this year. Bucknuts are loving the fact that we'll have so few next year (some estimate 15). As much as I would like to see balanced recuiting classes, I agree that we need to fill this class big time to rebuild and or fill some voids. By my accounts, considering grads, 5th years, and attrition I think we're sitting at 18-19 next year. Thanks




  3. I have been wondering the same thing about next year (especially since we most likely already have 2 2013 spots taken up). And a small class isnt such a bad thing. We will be coming off a top five class(hopefully), so we won't have a lot of immediate needs other than WR. And we could still get an amazing recruiting class even with the limited numbers. A perfect example of this is OSU's 1998 class. They only had 16 commits, but 11 of them got drafted and two more started in the NFL.

  4. I am not sure on the # of scholarships will be avaible for next year you may want to try www.touch the banner.com they are pretty good with that. I am thinking some kids will leave the program for some reason or the other so there may be something there.

  5. No one can predict that far in advance.

    The limit, as is almost always the case, will be the 85 ceiling.

    Also, many seem to assume that all of these verbals will sign letters of intent.

    MI seems mighty heavy at TE, LB, and potentially DE for that to be the case.

    "Those who stay will be champions."

  6. @ GoBlueNorth
    While attrition will figure into available scholarships (which is somewhat determinable) the list of scholarships as things stand are up at Touch the Banner. I'll try to link it...
    p.s. Touch the Banner also has offer sheets available for reference, updated pretty regularly.

  7. My rough early guess for next years class is around 18. Likely take 1 at each position to start, 1 CB, maybe 2 Safeties, 1 LB, 1 DE, possibly 2 DTs, 3 or 4 OL (Lewan and Scofield will go and we'll need another Center by then at least,) 1-2 TE, 2-3 WR, 2-3 RB, maybe 1 Punter, and Shane Morris. Those #s will change if , for instance, we don't take a qb this year, we'll have to take 2 next year, more WR's this year mean fewer next and so on. The coaches have depth to build this year and will sacrifice taking a large class next year to do so. Maybe a little more attrition happens (as it always does) and the class moves around 20. As every year, it's safe to start with a small list and go from there.

  8. Anybody have a scout subscription? If so, there is an article on michigan scout page that talks about aziz shittu, can someone give me more info please.

  9. Michael, Mark, Jer89

    Thanks guys. I know it seems so far ahead but with only one commit lately I'm getting edgy.


  10. One of the nation's top defensive tackles, Utah's Aziz Shittu (Scout.com's #41 prospect) just reopened his recruitment -- but this is not one of those cold feet deals. Aziz just wants to make sure he is making the right choice in terms of the school he selects to attend. He gave GoBlueWolverine a breakdown of the schools on his list and how he feels about them ... and this is in no particular order.

    California: "I like the environment they have there. I have a good time with the staff."

    Stanford: "I am real comfortable there with everyone overall. I still like Stanford and what they have to offer."

    USC: "Great tradition, and a lot of pros come out of their good coaching staff."

    Michigan: "They're a team that is coming back -- great defensive guys over there as well as a good coaching staff."

    Aziz has had contact with the Wolverines staff about his future at Michigan, and he tells us just how he feels about the Maize and Blue.

    “Coach Ferrigno (Tight ends and special teams coach) came out to see me and wants to know when I am coming out to visit. Coach Mattison (defensive coordinator) told me he would make me into the next Terrell Suggs and that I might have more than the 12 sacks he had. Coach Mattison said I have a great chance to play early, and start, because Michigan needs defensive lineman."

    Shittu is familiar with Maize and Blue tradition.

    "Michigan is Michigan. When people think Michigan they think Rose Bowls, Heismans, and Charles Woodson. Michigan is one of the Meccas of Football.”

    As for a decision, Shittu said he will know when he is ready to choose the school of his choice.

    “It will be how comfortable I am with the school. It will be the place that has great academics and athletics. It will be a feeling of where I need to be."

    "For right now, my decision will come in early January or Signing Day."

    As for Michigan, as of now they'll get one of Shittu's official visits, and then take things from there. For a player of his caliber -- assuming there's room in the class -- it is worth the wait.

  11. @Davon there you go. You ask you shall receive.

  12. @Jeremy
    Thanks man, Lets hope there's room for him in this class.Him and pipkins would be an unstoppable tandem.

  13. Yes sir they would be. Lets hope.

  14. Ok, I know we've broken down the numerous ways this class is going to fill up, and I don't really want to just rehash that. Instead, I want to give people a timeline of when the class is most likely going to fill out based on Benji's projected class. It seems people are concerned about missing out on elite prospects but I'll show you why that's not true.

    QB - Don't expect this position to fill up until Kiel announces his decision. Even though he's probably not coming to Michigan, the coaches won't commit here until they know for sure. A QB in this class is a necessity for depth. I'd be very surprised if they didn't take one. Hopefully, Kiel will announce soon so we know what's happening here, and we can then turn our attention to the other more flexible, in terms of numbers, positions.

    RB - This spot is a bit of a wildcard. If the coaches are set at taking two here then one is going to be a fullback. They're more than likely taking their time here because they have a good amount of depth already and need to be selective. If they're taking two, expect one (that can play FB) to announce before the end of the summer. If they're only taking one, expect them to wait to see what happens with Dunn after the sanctions are announced which will probably be in the fall.

    WR/TE - I don't expect any movement here until long after Washington/Stanford take their visit. We won't really know their level of interest until that time. If they miss out on those two, there's Burbridge whose grades are currently an issue. With Pharoah Brown recently showing that he can play WR, they may skip this position and instead elect for the pass-catching TE, Ron Thompson. Very unlikely that they don't take a WR but stranger things have happened. I don't think we'll know how things are going to shake out with Stanford and Burbridge until some time late this fall.

    OL - There are probably two spots open here. If Kalis is indeed a silent commit that only leaves one spot. Kalis supposedly has been taking heat in Ohio (go figure) because of his recent decommitment, and subsequent visit to Ann Arbor. His dad wants him to announce his Michigan commitment but some others (family, friends, coaches) are in his ear to hold off and take more visits. Most likely if he isn't going to Ohio, they definitely don't want him going to Michigan. I think he stays in the Midwest, and unless another school in this area suddenly enters the running, then I think Michigan has a great chance. Kalis wants to hold off until something big comes down the pipe for Ohio so that it draws attention away from his commitment announcement. For the final spot, that may drag on until much later in the year if Diamond isn't as interested as we all seem to think. Michigan won't settle for anything less that elite talent (Peat, Garnett, Banner etc.) for this spot, and they most likely won't be announcing until much later. There's no rush to settle here when five talented guys are already in the class. If you start seeing these names pop up more in the future then the Diamond ship may have sailed.

  15. DE/DT - Depending on the rest of the class, there may be as little as 2 to as many as 5 taken here. Five is definitely pushing it but it is possible if a class of 26 is taken (1 QB, 1 RB, 0 WR/TE, 1 OL, 1 S, 5 DE/DL). Based on the need of other positions though, I think 3 or 4 will be taken. If Wormley is indeed a silent commit, then that leaves only 2 or 3 spots available here. Pipkins seems like a strong Michigan lean and may be announcing as early as the month of July. For the final spot(s), there's really no rush so the coaches will leave it open like the OL and see how things turn out with Washington, O'Brien, Day, Pittman, and Shittu. This spot(s) may be left open until National Signing Day.

    S - Jarrod Wilson is announcing July 8th. If he goes elsewhere then Jeremy Clark takes his spot.

    Expect a couple of spots to be filled this summer (Kalis, a RB, Wormley, Pipkins, Wilson/Clark), and a couple more during official visits this fall, especially around the Notre Dame game. A couple of spots will be left open for elites that announce closer to NSD. Michigan has always taken a couple of guys after January 1st, and if the coaches miss out on these elites then those open spots may just be rolled over into next year's class. Another reason that the coaches may not fill up completely until next year is because they need to see where they stand on attrition, medical releases, etc. to have a firm idea of where they are on numbers. I hope this info helps.

  16. Is anyone else worried about are lack of WR in the future? Michigan didnt take one WR last year and people are talking about Michigan not taking one this year. That is a huge problem down the road. You cant go two years without getting a big time WR or any WR for that matter. The elite teams in college football dont just get top players in the OL or DL they get them in every position and at WR last year and this year we are not.

  17. We have alot of WR on scollies, and with Morris coming next year we are sure to get a couple good ones. I think they'll focus more on skilled positions with one of the top qb's in the nation coming in. Were taking alot of linemen this year so I don't see that happening next year. If we land a top 10 class this year, have a good season, recruiting should only get easier. Expecialy with Morris coming!

  18. How good is morris? are we, as Michigan fans,over hyping him, or is he the real deal?

  19. @ Casimir

    Of course there is going to be a lil bit of over hyping him since he is commited to Mich but by all accounts he is very good ..Every camp he has attended he has received very great reviews.. The only thing negative I have heard is that he needs to put more touch on his deep ball..He should be 1 of the top QB's in the nation I wont say 5* but a high 4 and possibly 5

  20. @UMFAN
    thanks, its greatly appreciated
    I was looking at reviews from the camp in Ohio, and I could not find anything about him, maybe cause he's only a junior.

  21. Michigan has too many receivers, but we're taking TE's and plan on using them. Devin Funchess projects to catch passes. Under Carr we didn't really have a 4th receiver, the TE would line up in 4 WR sets. Right now we have 8 WR's and 5 TE's. The coaches won't take one unless he's a top receiver at this point. Next year WR and RB look to be a point of emphasis.
    For 2012 we'll have Roundtree, Stokes, Jackson, Robinson as WR's, Robinson, Gallon and Dileo as SR's, 5 TE's again, and extra speedy running backs sitting around hoping to line up in the slot every once and a while. I actually expect our attrition to come from the Receivers, RB's, and LB's in the near future despite having depth chart issues there.

  22. By right now we have 8 Receiver's, I really meant right now we have 11, we have 8 receivers (Funchess included) factoring into our 2012 recruiting numbers. Funchess will play as a Red Zone jump ball specialist at the beginning, coming in at 6'5"

  23. Michael alot of those WR dont fit into the pro style offense or just arent very good we have alot of 5'8-5'11 slot WR

    Odoms - 5'8
    Terrence Robinson 5'9
    Gallon 5'8
    Barpol 5'9
    Dileo 5'10
    Owens 5'9
    This is the guys who are to small in the pro style offense ..

    And the guys who physically are tall enough just dont have great speed to be like a Braylon Edwards or a David Terell

    We need guys who are 6'2 6'3 that run a 4.4 all our bigger guys run 4.6 they arent gonna get separation from anyone ..

    We may not get a stud WR in this class but the next 1 that needs to be a priority we need a WR that is a deep threat atleast 2 or 3

  24. Anybody know what this is about. From Badger Nation:

    "By Benjamin Worgull
    Date: Jun 29, 2011

    It's been a long recruiting process for five-star offensive tackle Jordan Diamond, a process that has included over 17 BCS offers and constant calls from coaches and the media. So the big Chicago Simeon tackle decided to make a commitment to put an end to the madness for the time being."

  25. Don't panic......I am not a Scout Insider but it seems like they are playing some kind of game.....apparently there has been no committment!!!

  26. The report said he is taking a break from schools. "commiting to a vacation". To bad most 5 star players are prima donnas. I am all for holding a couple extra scholarships at the end for the 5 stars but I will be just as happy taking a 4 star player who isnt in love with himself and will play for the team. I think a lot of these players how the act on the recruitments shows what type of teammate they are going to be. Case in point terrel pryor.

  27. Ya there was no commitment.On 247sports it says that faith ekakitie has penn state, michigan, and ohio state as his top 3? Is he on commitment watch?

  28. We (myself included) are just as bad for waiting for news of committments......although it's better than soap operas when you're on night shift.


    Jadeveon Clowney waited until February 14th to commit to South Carolina while SEC schools waited on NSD for a LOI to slide across their fax machine. Thankfully guys like him are few and far between (or at least the exception to the rule). I know it makes me kind of bad and childish but when a guy like that does come along....I sometimes hope that they've already peaked!!!!

  29. @Davon
    News like that turns me from a sane, sober minded rational observer into a face painted, vip-membership, blog-trolling slappy of a fan.
    My dream 4-3 under DLine for this year was WDE-Washington, DT-Shittu, NT-Pipkins, SDE-Ekakitie, and DE/OLB Odenigbo.
    Stop encouraging me!

  30. @70085274-a24b-11e0-a544-000bcdcb471e @GoBlueNorth

    Although I agree that it can be annoying for us as fans and supporters of UM football to have kids wait out to make a commitment, I don't think it should be looked at as being a prima donna's or bad teammates. As a recent grad, I remember it being a very difficult choice on where I wanted to go to college, and it took me up until the last week to choose a school. Choosing where your life will be for the next 4-5 years is a huge decision for kids that are only 16-18 years of age, and for some of them it will take that time to make a decision. With many great schools after these kids who all have so much to offer it is surprising more don't wait.

    I just think we should hold off on labeling these kids due to them wanting to make sure they are making the right decision (especially when it is a decision that will shape their entire future). There are obviously exceptions, but I'm sure the majority are good kids who want to make the right decision.

    I for one hope we land Diamond, regardless of when, and don't think his waiting to pull the trigger should be used to judge his worth as a teammate.

  31. Hoke has not even coached a Michigan game yet and look at what he has done on recruiting. I am shocked and amazed and what he and the new coaches have done. I am not going to quibble whether some guy is a 4 or 5 star. I am just happy at what has happened so far. I want it to turn into wins!

  32. Austin Appleby commited to Purdue so I guess its Kiel,Mauk or nothing?

  33. Devin Fuller is also appealing.

  34. I would rather save the scholarship for another player then on a QB that will not play.

  35. Devin fuller could play other positions if needed so he wouldn't be waste.I'd rather have fuller play than bellomy.

  36. Shat,

    I agree, to some extent. If a kid is a top 100 prospect, why should/would he burn any bridges?

    A program, like osu, can implode in short order. An HC can drop dead. Anything can happen....

    It's not the wait that annoys me, it's the circus. The hat games. The big production.

    As soon as a kid is sure he should let his new coach know, and join THE TEAM.

    But, it's also my fault. Here I am, a grown man, fixated on a bunch of kids, playing a silly game. we blow them up, hype them, pay attention to every twitter...

    Prima Donnas are created, not born. People like all of us contribute to their creation. Like it, or not.

  37. Davon,

    With Bellomy he is already on scholarship so to add another QB just becauce he is a atl. does not make sense to me. And would you rather tell either Banner,Peat,Dunn,Washington,Standford,Pipkins,Wormley,Diamond,Kalis,Shittu and Garnett we don't have room for you because we used for scholarship on a forth string QB?

  38. Obviously not Jer
    But its not my decision.If they want a qb then Devin Fuller is the best option (besides kiel) if they didn't want a qb then I would take any of the prospects you named.Plus he could compete and push bellomy and gardner behind him if he out performs them both.I agree with you for the most part though.

  39. Hey Benji and fellow Maize and Blue friends,

    I have followed this site for months now and it is great. Keep up the great info and debates. This is my first post, so forgive me if I'm behind the curve on recruiting knowledge.

    I came across this site from a Bleacher Report article that has Michigan currently ranked as the #2 class! (Texas is #1)


    I know I've heard of Tom Lemming before, and this being CBS' recruiting site, I'm thinking it's at least legit, if not up to ESPN, Scout, or Rivals...

  40. Is Isaac Seumalo really a fullback?

  41. @mgojake

    It's promising to see such high ratings, but I don't trust it as much as 247 Espn scout or even rivals. They have a few odd ratings and there facts don't match up. They say Michigan has 4 top 100 players on the recruiting rankings page, but I looked and we only have 2. But they are still more credible than "recruiting insiders" named Ace.

  42. @Will
    No he is an offensive guard.

  43. Seumalo is an offensive tackle, recently committed to Oregon State.

    I think the MaxPreps site needs updating. Michigan has a great class but I don't think it's number 1. They will definitely contend for one of the top classes especially if a few recruits go our way, and some of the underrated commits get their 4th or 5th stars during the season.

  44. Perhaps a guard at the next level (college).

  45. There is a nice post on Thebighouseblog.com it talks about Braden. They make it sound like he may be a possible 4 star by the end of the year.

  46. I remember hearing someone say we were looking at him when we were talking about fullbacks
    @Jer and Stacey is close to a 4-star on rivals

  47. Will I found the same article on Scout.

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  49. Everybody remember to keep voting in the ESPN Sportsnation traditions poll (for Michigan of course.)

  50. Re: QB,

    I think Wilson got reps in the spring game for a reason. And, he did quite well.

    He's a distant 3rd string, and may not stick around for a 5th year, opting for med school instead. But, in a disaster scenario I'd rather have a RS Senior than some mid level recruit, true FR, in 2012.

    My bigger concern is not who comes before Morris, it's who comes after him. 2014 is the year they have to stretch, and find a good back up plan in case Morris gets injured, or turns out to be not as great as hyped.

    I agree with Jer and his list. Pass on one of those guys for some future clip board holder? Not happening.

    It's Kiel, or no QB for 2012.

  51. There is a good article in www.toledoblade.com today about Wormley.

  52. @ BlueMarrow
    I feel the same way. If we land a top qb then the scholarship is worth setting aside from the 85. If we can only get a freshman project qb then we're no better off than we are with a senior walkon. Our qb depth is where it was all last year except DRob and Devin are a year older.

  53. Maize and Blue fans go to ESPN to vote for UM in the poll they have going. Neb. is in the lead we need to fix that.So go vote

  54. I've already voted and it won't let me again! Anyway around that?

  55. okay this is way, way off topic, but why isnt anyone worried at all about T-R's lack of ideal speed, or height? Is it because he has outstanding technique, and a high IQ
    or is because there aren't that many WR's in the B11 that have big time speed?

  56. @ casimir_1995 idk you should ask the big time bcs schools that offered him. Or ask espn why they put him in the top 250? You don't have to be the biggest or fastest if you put yourself in a position to make a play! We've all gone through this a zillion times, your not better at judging talent than Michigans coaching staff!! Or LSU's, or USC, or bama!! Sit back enjoy the ride numb nutts!! He's our top recruit to date! God ppl are so stupid!! We have a top 5 class curently! Get your head outta your ass!!

  57. @casmir_1995 I have no idea why @smoke blew hid lid at you! For those of us that know you're not Mel Kiper I will try to answer what I thought was a legitimate question. Richardson is short and may not have elite speed, but he isnt slow by any means. In my opinion, thing that can make a cb special are ball skills and instincts. Philip Buchanan had the measurables for example but lacked the other two qualities. Dre Bly was had the ball skills and instinct but lacked the size and speed of elite cb's. Richardson simply is a gamer and makes a ton of plays.

  58. T-R will be just fine, When the coaches get ahold of him they will teach him how to use what height he has to his advantage. I am more worried about the front line but that is being worked on know.

  59. okay, thanks Caleb, i am new at this whole thing...
    and at smokey, i never said he wasnt good, i was just saying he lacks the ideal measurables.... sorry guy

  60. @justin

    There is a way to vote numerous times. I don't know how, but it was mentioned on mgoblog a few days ago. If anyone is good with computers, some help would be nice.


    That wasn't a stupid question. Caleb, jer, and even smokey(although rudely stated) covered it pretty well, but one thing they didn't mention was his ability to play bigger than he really is. Size and speed are not as important as skill and IQ. Jeremy Clark is 6"4' and reportedly runs a 4.4, but he is unrated by most sites because his skills are not refined. And please don't think that I am bashing Clark, I think he is going to be a solid player but he was the best example I could think of.

  61. Football is full of undersized CB and alot of them have skills like Darrell Green or Champ Bailey is only half inch taller then T Rich. I think they did well at CB.

  62. Sorry if I sounded like I was rude to you I was not tryin to be. I am new at this too. We are all maize and blue family

  63. Smoke, holy Toledo! Bad day at work today, or what?


    The "measurables" are incredibly crude lumpers and spliters. If they were reliable indicators, the "bust" would rarely occur. As we all know, the busts are almost as common as the stars.

    Consider a moment the 40 time. 4.4 compared to 4.6.

    Over 20 yards, that's 1/10th of a second. Over 10 yards, 1/20th. Do you really think that determines open vs covered, or tackled vs running free?

    Of course not. Same thing with height. All within reason, of course. It's all one complex equation. If one factor is less than optimal, it can be more than offset by other factors.

    The great talent spotters and evaluators are relative masters of the overall equation, which is unique for almost every position.

    But, even the best are far from perfect.

  64. I recently heard that Jarrod Wilson narrowed his list between penn st. and michiganGreat news for us and bad news for notre dame.

  65. I'm just saying why would you dog on our highest recruit? And I quote "why isn't anyone worried at all about his lack of size or speed. " that implies that you are not confident in the recruit, or the recruiters. Look at drew breez, he isn't your a "prototype" NFL qb, but yet he's one of the best! Derel revis isn't the biggest corner, but yet he shuts ppl down! I just dont understand why you would doubt all raitings and offers from other bigtime schools? I mean you knew enough of him to know he's smaller. Where did you read that and not have it say below it that he plays bigger than his size? What are you saying we should drop an espn 250 in state recruit? Ppl dogged on getting Ben Braden, but someone on here said he's getting close to his 4th *. They give kids offers because they see something they like. Not just because.

  66. Smokey, I understand what you are typing. I see your points, and agree. I also see the other posters points.

    "I just dont understand why you would doubt all raitings and offers from other bigtime schools?"

    Two words for you:

    Boubacar Cissoko

  67. Exactly!! Whats your point? We took a prototype CB, who was a 5* that ran a 4.3, that couldn't cover a FB?!! Not sure how that applies to what I was saying, TR is not as big or fast or as high ranked as cissoko, but will probably be a better CB. Any team wouldve taking cissoko!! As they would TR! Can't be mad that you gambled on a 5* corner even if he was a bust!

  68. "Exactly!! Whats your point?"

    You typed a question:

    "I just dont understand why you would doubt all raitings and offers from other bigtime schools?"

    I typed a response:

    "Boubacar Cissoko"

    That's my point.