Saturday, 25 June 2011

Kyle Kalis Update

After Luke Fickell was named interim Head Coach for OSU, ESPN150 prospect Kyle Kalis re-affirmed his commitment to the Buckeyes, much to the disappointment of Michigan fans. Just a few weeks later, and things have changed rather dramatically! Kalis is no longer a Buckeye commit, and he's recently visited Ann Arbor.

Now there are rumors that his recruitment will in the next couple of days, with Michigan as the likely choice. So keep a look out for this potential commitment!


  1. Benji, Welcome back it's good to hear from you and hope your trip was good.

    Should we get our hopes up for Kalis and Dunn?

  2. Benji, you rock..just in time to feed information starved Big Blue fan-dom! I may need a therapist after this month! )

  3. Jer,

    Dunn deal. Mark my words.

    Plus Wormley, Stanford, Wilson, Thompson, and maybe even Kiel. Diamonds almost an after thought. Peat will probably have us in his final 5 as well.

    Top 5 class, or better.

    Go Blue!

  4. Blue, I will write this down and see how close you are. I will give props when signing day comes around or maybe even with verbals.

  5. Ron Thompson? I'll make my case: I don't have anything against him but he isn't really on the radar, even though he just visited. The coaches recently offered someone else just like Thompson though I don't know if they'll land him. 6'5" 212 lb Jason Croom is a tall, fast, athletic kid who can catch jump balls or high passes in the redzone. With the spots remaining and the coaches looking at top DE's still for the over-under defense and 5 of the top 5 linemen in the country they'll take 1 WR and 1 QB before they take a 2nd receiver and there just isn't room for RonTom by then. If he had committed earlier then they would've accepted his commitment, but when they're slowplaying kids like Pittman, they'll slowplay Thompson too.

  6. Kalis might be a silent commit or at least keep himself as one. As he's in the den of the lunatic buckeyes, he might not to fly under the radar for a while.

  7. I know this is a football recruiting site, but please Michigan fans keep 2013 basketball recruit Austin Hatch in your prayers. Austin is in critical condition and has just lost his father and step-mother. Believe in the power of prayer and help this young Wolverine heal. Regardless if basketball is ever an option, this young man has a tough road ahead. Go Blue.

  8. Michael,

    I thought Croom said he was going to play at a SEC school.

  9. He may have, though Kalis also recommitted in Columbus. The offer to Croom only just went out and Hoke and Mattison uber allies are the best recruiters in the country at this point. Mattisons 2 classes at Florida were #2 and #1. They can pull a kid outside of the Rivals 250 if they absolutely need him.

  10. Not on the radar? Whose radar, yours?

    They are still looking because Thompson has not committed, not because he has not been offered, or they are not interested.

    I see a guy that could be a Mike Williams at USC kind of guy. I think the staff may see the same kind of potential.

    Of course, if you have heard that he has tried to commit, and been rebuffed, that's a different story. I have not heard that yet....


    Don't bother writing any of it down. It will be even better than my ability to imagine....

  11. You'll probably have to look on someone else's team to see his talent on display because the coaches backed off of him in April, then 2 TE's committed, and they've offered at least 6 more WRs since then. Thompson could be in the running for the last spot in this class, but if anything they'll take and extra FB. They lost interest in Thompson months ago, and now his position has filled up, and further the class has filled up. He might be underrated, he may be great, but the coaches won't make room for him, they'll make it for Andrus Peat or Brionte Dunn. I can see them taking him if they miss on every new WR target they've offered since April, and we don't get a feature RB, and too many top linemen don't show interest. He's not a priority anymore. He was in February-May, but the position is full.

  12. Not being a priority and not being on the radar are two completely different things. I agree the coaches don't appear to be concerned with him committing, but if they didn't have some interest, I can't imagine he'd be visiting (the coaches would have told him the position was filled and stopped recruiting him).

    Why is everyone so sure Dunn is committing? What did I miss that made this an eminent decision? He is STILL committed to OSU, however fragile that may be.

    Same with Kalis, I get he's done with OSU and UM has been on the top of his list, but it's also been said a bunch of times his coach wants him to visit a few other schools. Visits do change peoples minds, but if he was going to commit, wouldn't it have been done while he was still in town?

    And until Croom retracts his "I'm staying in the SEC" comment, there's no reason to get excited about him.

  13. Reposting this because no answer yet.Hey benji or anybody that knows.What ever happened to that reciever Conway who was going to junior colledge then coming to Michigan. I haven't heard anything about him lately. Do you still think he makes it to michigan?
    Go blue!!!!!

  14. M- RT still has an offer, unless you have heard it has been pulled....

    He's probably just as likely to be WR as a TE. Also, at least one of the current verbal commits at TE will probably sign elsewhere. At least another TE, or a LB, or maybe one of each may be tried at FB.

    RS- Dunn has reportedly told others that if osu gets a bowl ban, he;s not going there, and he has already decided where he will go. He's reportedly asked to keep it quiet.

    Kalis has gone on and on about Strobel, how he has influenced him, and how great it would be to go up against him in practice every day....

    Here's a link to one recent post, in case you missed it:

    It it was me, I'd probably go home and at least sleep on it in my own bed.

  15. Thanks for the update. I'm still not sold on Kalis committing as quickly as everyone else seems to expect, but I do think UM has a big lead on everyone else. Hopefully I'm proved wrong on that one.

    I hadn't heard Dunn was gone with an OSU bowl ban. Good to hear. I know his cousin Thomas has hinted Dunn had UM as his backup plan, but I didn't know what may cause him to leave.