Sunday, 26 June 2011

Blake Bars Update

Michigan currently has three offensive lineman committed, and could well pick up one more this weekend if Kyle Kalis does indeed pull the trigger. Then they have long time UM lean Jordan Diamond, who should be deciding towards the end of summer/early fall. This would give them five quality guys, but the way they are going, it looks like they'll be taking a 6th.

Andrus Peat is still an option as the 6th guy, but his decision could take a while, then we have other top guys like Joshua Garnett and Zach Banner. Another prospect who is high on Michigan is Blake Bars, and he's set to announce his decision sometime in the next week. Bars was assumed to be a Penn State lean for a while, but recently it looks like he could be leaning towards the Wolverines.

So that's yet another potential commitment in the next week or so!


  1. benji, do you know how Kyle Kalis's visit to michigan went?

  2. and has noah spence shown any interest in michigan soo far?????

  3. To all you regs on here thanks for all the info you guys are great. If I missed something please forgive me but is there any new info on the QB transfer Wilson

  4. Jar-

    For what it's worth...

    A friend of mine is a huge Auburn guy. Former head of the alumni association, knows everyone, yada, yada..

    He's been almost 100% correct in the past.

    I heard from him last Thursday that word down there is that Wilson's going to Auburn, and it's a done deal, despite reports he earlier chose Wisconsin.

    Some of the Tiger faithful don't like it at all, and are afraid that they are messing around with great team chemistry.

    OT: This guy also said that during the investigation of Newton and pay for play in the SEC they discovered so much cheating going on that the NCAA could not possibly expose and prosecute it all without destroying the entire conference.

  5. @bluemorrow

    The sec of today=the southwest conference of the 80's. They are both a disgrace to college football.

  6. Mark agree with your equation, in principle. I will add:

    The SEC of today = the SEC of X0's, where X = 0,6-9.

    As a matter of fact, though, they have taken it to a new level from the SWC days.

    Wide spread "agents" acting as intermediaries between HS kids/families, HS coaches, and SEC "recruiters" who are a mix of assistants trying to make a name for themselves, wealthy boosters, and wannabe agents.

    The story is very big, and the corruption very broad and deep. More than one good author is working on it as we type. The story, itself, is worth a fortune, and a Pulitzer.

  7. Benji,
    I know this is off topic. I know your a futbol fan so who you got in Women World Cup? I am going with either USA or Brazil.

  8. So destroy the entire conference, just because it's "bad for football" in some peoples' opinion it is still wrong.

  9. And in the process you'd destroy every school in the conference as well ... education in the US does mean something to some people.

  10. @Blue
    Wouldn't surprise me, wake me when it happens. :o)
    SEC football has nothing to do with a college education. Those schools would be better off without it. At SMU the student body protested it's own football program.

    OL Possible Scenario A- Bars goes Blue, Kalis goes Blue, Diamond stops stalling and goes Blue.
    OL Possible Scenario #2- Bars goes PSU/Vandy, Kalis goes Blue, Diamond pushes his date off till after this season (hinted at,) Garnett and Banner visit during season, slow play Diamond for the Dynamic Duo.
    OL Possible Scenario D- Bars goes PSU, Kalis Goes Blue, Diamond quits stalling and goes Blue, coaches push hard for Peat for the LT spot.

  11. Looks like it's possible scenario A. According to the mgoblog Bars committed. And @michael A,#2,D is not the correct order, but it made me laugh so thanks.

  12. @ Mark
    I wondered if there were any homies out there that remembered Home Alone :o)
    So with Bars committed at 6'5" and Kalis potentially committing at 6'5" and Stacey at 6'4" already committed it looks like we have our OG's pretty well locked up for this class. Magnuson is still the top Tackle we have but is better suited to the RT, who will be our LT? Diamond is the easiest answer but when will he decide? Will Diamond be a LT at 6'6"? If LT is our last OLine spot to fill I wonder how the coaches will play this.
    OT-the word verification for this post was "spuperic" and that's how I feel right now. I feel spuperic.

  13. Athletics have made and destroyed schools. The Cinderellas in College Basketball have massive amounts of extra applicants the year after their run. Strangely enough this shapes the school for the next few years.

    Taking away an athletics department or even just a football team isn't something that's done lightly. There's a reason the death penalty is likely to never be given again. Talking about removing football teams from an entire conference would do a lot more than make irrelevant at football.

    Yay for Bars. Nice to see another commit drop. Strange that I'm slightly in withdrawal when it's been more than 2-3 days without a new commit.

  14. Detroit news has just reported Bars has commited to Michigan!

  15. Apparently Kevin Mawae is coaching on Blake Bars team in Nashville now that he's retired. If you wanted anyone to coach your interior lineman prospect for his senior year it would be that guy. After Mawae, Funk, and Hoke are done with him his technique will be goooooood.

  16. NCAAF sanctions would have no affect on the school's education program

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