Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weekend News

Firstly, I'll address the rumor that Se'Von Pittman tried to commit to Michigan and was declined.

- I really doubt that this is true, mainly because Pittman has always wanted to take his visits, and you would think he'd wait and see what happens to OSU before deciding. Michigan may well be his leader right now, but I don't think he's ready to commit.

If by some chance the rumor is true, then I guess he would have been rejected because of his current academic standard. I don't think his situation is too bad, but he does have to put in some work if he wants to qualify, and a guy as talented as him should have the drive to do this.

- Four star RB Greg Garmon will be visiting Michigan tomorrow according to MGoBlog's TomVH. Garmon has previously placed Michigan in his top three, but did admit at one point that North Carolina was his leader, and I think that's still the case. Still, I think this is his first visit to UM, so he might just be blown away. Outside of Brionte Dunn, UM doesn't have too many options at the RB position, so this could be a key visit.


  1. we signed two Rb's in the last class so outside of Dunn I don't think this should be a priority. Especially with how high the coaches are on Rawls right now

  2. dperegoy,
    I agree with you to an extent with that RB isn't a priority necessarily but we haven't had a bruiser back like Mike hart in years. So i think it is a place of need.

  3. The coaches continue to offer OT's and WR's so we're definitely going to take 1 WR (even though we offered 258 of them.)I wonder if we'll end up with 5 OLinemen or 6 when all is said and done. Olsons visit totally blew him away and he could end up grabbing a spot. Our soonest Oline commits could end up being Olson and Diamond. Our soonest Dline commits could end up being Wormley and Washington. If both of them commit and we have yet to take a true DT then it might end up the first DT wins between Pipkins and maybe Shittu now that he's being targeted. If we do pull Brionte Dunn after the ND game and we already have Strobel and 1 spot remaining would we end up pulling Kalis or do we target yet another D-lineman. At this point I almost hope we skip a 4th DB to take an extra man-child.

  4. I believe that true FB is a higher need than another running back, I like The Rock's cousin from texas, @ 5'10 and 240 pounds the kid is a human bowling ball, precisely what we need to open up the hole and pound the rock.

  5. E.J. Fatu is the closest FB we have that is anywhere close to commiting. Sione Houma or whatever his name is. Will probably stay pn the west coast.

  6. According to Tom VH on(MGOBlog)Michigan has cooled off on Pittman

  7. Davon,
    Having read everything I have from TomVH and Benji I take back everyting I said!!!!! More great players being thrown into the mix.....doesn't that just suck! As for Pittman, his coach is saying that he may want to enroll early which might mean an early committment. Washington was wanting to hold out until the Under Armour All American Game. Shittu would be a great catch too.

    Assuming we have 9 spots left:
    1 QB - just because you have too
    1 WR
    1 RB - I agree Davon - we need a steamroller
    1 FS
    2 OL
    3 DL

    another FB/RB would be nice.....
    We're quickly finding ourselves in the same situation with our last OL spots....too many good players looking at Michigan.

    Again trust our coaches and imagine how frustrated they must be sitting there over a beer and saying do we take this great kid or that great kid, Oh what a dilemma!

    Gotta get ready for work.....everyone enjoy their Sunday

  8. Haha i know GoblueNorth it sucks that we may miss out on all these great prospects just because of lack of room!!Yea i knew washington n was wanting to commit at the American Game. One solution for washington is if pittman and stanford commit earlier than expecting because all of them would prefer playing for the same school so that might sway his timeline. This is just a hopeful prediction though.. Enjoy work..and your sunday

  9. @Jeffery; I wouldn't say Michigan hasn't cooled off on Pittman, they just want to see how his academics turn out. The coaches probably like Washington and Wormley better because they are both set to qualify. In terms of ability, there isn't much difference between all three of them.
    Unfortunately for Pittman, his academic situation might not be cleared up for a while, which would give Wormley and Washington plenty of time to commit ahead of him.

    @Michael; I don't see them taking more than five O-lineman, purely due to lack of space in the class. And Washington plans to announce at the UA AA game, so our soonest commits are likely to be Wormley and Pipkins, both of which are summer decisions.

  10. @ Benji,
    This may be a stupid question but if we only have room for 1 DT and lets say Pipkins is already committed would you see us dropping him for a guy like Aziz Shittu or Jarron Jones?

  11. Jones is not visiting anymore. I think they want both Aziz and Pipkins if they can get them. If not they will take one and Godin and Wormley have the frame to gain the weight necessary to move inside. Honestly with this many DE option two may be a serious reality.

  12. I don't rate our chances with either of those two prospects, so I doubt we'll have to worry about this too much.
    Anyway, I think Pipkins has the potential to be just as good as those guys, if not better, so no, Michigan would never drop Ondre Pipkins if he committed. Frankly if Mario Edwards committed to UM on signing day but UM had to cut one of their current commits, I would hope they wouldn't do it. That would be too harsh on the kid, and Michigan has class!

  13. @Lash; the DE talent seems to good to pass up on, I'm starting to think that they'll take Godin with the plan to move him to DT; which is actually where he plays on film.

  14. Ok i was just wondering i respect that they wouldn't cut anybody but most people say that they would tell this kid to leave so someone else can come in.

  15. @Devon, I know it was for Benji, but I hope to God we don't stoop to such low levels as to dropping an awesome recruit just because a slightly better one wants in. Truth be told, I actually don't think we end up taking a QB in this class even though coach has said otherwise.

    My logic is this, do you take an Austin Appleby over a Shittu or another blue chip Olineman? Appleby would probably never ever start so why use that scholly on a backup when you could have a possible future first round draft pick? It wouldnt make sense.

  16. I know Shittu said he'd visit, but I really don't rate our chances here. Stanford is an up and coming program with top notch academics, and I'd guess that playing time would be good there too.
    I see your point about Appleby, but every program needs a solid and dependable backup QB, and maybe he'll flourish in college and surprise us all. Stranger things have happened.

  17. @ Paul
    I know what your saying about dropping recruits and all. And i agree about your logic and all. I would prefer a walk-on QB as a backup rather than using a scholarship on a different guy who might not start.As far as Shittu i agree Stanford is up and coming but I think if Shittu takes the visit and likes it i think we could snag him based on the enormous amount of playing time and depth at the DT position.

  18. If shittu comes to Michigan my day would be made. Not only is behind o the best players in the country, he has by far the greatest name. I can just picture 110,000 fans chanting "shittu" at the end of every takle. It would be classic

  19. I actually posted these comments elsewhere on the blog that saw that they fit in here as well......sorry for the copy and paste:

    Hoke will not and should not send a kid packing. We teach our kids about committment by standing by our own to them. We extended the offer to Godin because our coaches saw something. Godin pledged himself to us. Now we do our part unless he becomes a total ass, gets dirty, becomes an academic waste of breath or becomes a felon!!

    Adding to that and supporting our Lord and Master, Benji, "Michigan has class"

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