Monday, 13 June 2011

ESPN150 Visitor

Four star offensive tackle Andrus Peat (Tempe, AZ) will visit Michigan early next week, according to Peat is the #22 overall prospect on the ESPNU150 and has offers from all the big schools in college football such as Alabama, USC, Texas, Florida, FSU and Notre Dame.

This is still a real longshot at the moment, but a visit is a good start. One school that I didn't mention above is Nebraska, and that's where his brother Todd signed last year, which could be a major factor in his recruitment.


  1. Kid has some nice things to say about us on twitter. With our coaches I think we have a real shot here. Have to see how this one plays out.

  2. I am very hopeful about this kid.

    As for his brother, I think all it shows is that kids in his family are not averse to moving far away from home.

    If MI wants him, and I cannot imagine they would not be overjoyed to have him, they will give him the full court press. That includes spelling out reality to him: Diamond is probably coming, and this class is filling up fast. If you can't decide soon, then MI did not make the impression on you we had hoped. And if that's the case, you are not right for us.

    The clock is ticking, and it's up to you.

    Go Blue!

  3. In the 2011 season we'll have 2 or maybe 3 walk-ons in the Oline depth chart. RR took a whopping 2 linemen in 2009 and only 1 in 2010. If Hoke takes 6 offensive linemen this year we will still only have 13 on scholarship for the 2013 season where he could continue to promise playing time and take up to 4 more. With a now guaranteed 26 scholies for this year we'll save this last one for the big fish at the top of uncommitted list like Peat.

  4. Ha, you're tbmike23. What's up my fellow mgoblogger?

  5. Actually, I was wondering if I should change my Blogger tag. There are 2 Michaels on MGoRecruit. :/

  6. My offensive line wish list is as follows:
    Erik Magnusson (committed)
    Andrus Peat
    Kyle Kalis
    I know these are longshots but I would substitute kalis for jordan diamond though.

  7. I would not because if you except him and blow diamond off who in my opinion has been blue from day one and Kalis changes his mind and goes back to OSU then we are screwed.

  8. That's true I would rater have diamond anyway

  9. Getting a kid on campus makes a long shot not such a long shot any more. If the kid likes the school, coaches and players then UM could possibly score a verbal from another elite talent.