Saturday, 25 June 2011

Quick Hitters

Unfortunately I still haven't found my way to a proper computer yet, so for now its just more quick fire notes...

- Jarrod Wilson will announce his decision on July 8th, and as of right now, I'm expecting it to be Michigan with Notre Dame in second. This would mean that yesterday's grayshirt commit Jeremy Clark would likely stay a grayshirt commit.

- Kyle Kalis visited campus yesterday I believe, and no commitment was made. I haven't been following his recruitment thay closely after the last few days, but most UM fans seem to be really optimistic here!

- Chris Wormley is another weekend visitor, and I'm expecting a decision fairly soon from him.

- OL Paul Thurston committed to Nebraska yesterday. This one hurts a bit more than the Olson commitment, because Michigan was the leader for Thurston, and he's a more highly recruited prospect.


  1. Thanks Benji,

    Enjoy your time off! If anything breaks, we will hear about it!

    Sounds like we are in like flynn with Wilson. I would not be surprised if someone swoops in a makes Clark an offer he can't refuse. Out of state tuition, even for one semester is a lot of cheese for many of these kids and there families.

    From what I've seen, Wormley and Dunn, yes Dunn, are Dunn deals. (As Dunn as can be until NSD)

    I'm not crying over Thurston. Who knows? Neb may fill up at OL and drive Peat into our fold! Besides, Kalis sounds like a virtual lock.

    I'm betting on at least big commit this weekend...

  2. Does anyone know what the forum on scout about terry richardson is about?

  3. Hey benji or anybody that knows.What ever happened to that reciever Conway who was going to junior colledge then coming to Michigan. I haven't heard anything about him lately. Do you still think he makes it to michigan?
    Go blue!!!!!

  4. Garnett names his top 11 and UM is in it. I was hoping his list would be a little shorter but he will shorten it up when he is ready.

  5. Looks like I'll have to dump all the T-shirts I made saying "I was at Commitapalooza 6-24-10!" now.

  6. I am sitting here watching the UM and Illinois replay game on the Big Ten Network and I hope the offence looks this good and the deffence does'nt look this bad next season. Man sometime I forget how gifted DRob is.