Monday, 20 June 2011

Weekend News

I've been a little busy recently, and I'm actually off to Germany this week, but I'll try to squeeze in some time for recruiting!

The major news this weekend was that Se'von Pittman committed to MSU, just a week or so after he reportedly tried to commit to Michigan.

This is a great pickup for the Spartans, as Pittman is a four star recruit and an ESPN150 member. If UM did reject a commitment from him, don't assume they didn't want him. I think it would have been a purely academic situation.

In more positive news, Michigan hosted a bunch of top OL prospects this week including Jordan Diamond, Andrus Peat and 2013 recruit, Steven Elmer.

Diamond is a huge Michigan lean in my book, and Michigan will have greatly improved their chances of getting an official visit from Peat in the fall. As for Elmer, both he and his family were extremely impressed with what Michigan has to offer him.

There were also three more OL prospects on campus this weekend, and I'll go over them in an overview of OL recruiting that I'm hoping to have done soon.


  1. We've missed ya Benji. I really hope were able to keep Elmer in state because the dude looks like a beast, can't imagine how good he'll be as a senior. I also heard he did really well against Godin in 1-on-1's at camp

    Go Blue!

  2. Is anbody out there a Rivals Insider.... Just saw this but it's all I can see from the outside.

    "Some lucky school could be getting a double dose of good news, as four-star offensive tackles Joshua Garnett and Zach Banner make it clear that they'd like to be college teammates"

  3. That's very interesting. Erik Magnuson has made it plain that he and Isaac Seumalo would very much like to play together as well, but if you ask MagnusThunder (and quite a few other observers) for OTs Banner is in the top 2 this year (and Garnett isn't very far behind.) I imagine any school would gladly let Banner play on their basketball team to land that pair of beasts.

  4. Some rumors going around that we are getting a big recruit tomorrow. Any clue whats going on?

  5. A couple of kids with Michigan offers have timelines centered around this week. I don't really know who but all the buzz talks about Danny O'Brien, Jarrod Wilson, Blake Bars, Ron Thompson, and maybe a few others. I don't know how many of those kids the coaches still want, but their Decisions are coming up soon.

  6. @GoBlueNorth-
    Bro you called it. Joshua Garnett just named Michigan in his top 5 and we'll get an official visit. He and Banner would be better than stealing any 5 tsio commits away by a wide margin.

  7. Per Tom VH Kyle Kalis is visting Michigan this weekend. OSU fallout is huge. Strobel has been in his ear and he is also friends with Chris Wormley. Would love to steal him away.

  8. Makes me wanna dance.....which is bad becuase 1) I can't really dance and 2) I'm at work so it might get weird!!

    I just don't know what's going on with the coaches....will they accept others first, are they really cooling on guys like Pittman (who is a star BTW and there is no proof that I've seen anywhere regarding problems with his academics). I'm not worried. I know that they have a master plan it's just becoming confusing and harder to predict. I have trouble believing they cooled on Pittman....I think we just lost one and that will happen.

    I think most of us who chat on here would agree that a month ago we all thought we could pick out most of the remaining it's a mystery!!!

    Looking at the OL (Rankings by position according to Scout):

    We have Magnuson #16 who has a friend named Seumalo #9 who wants to play with him. Diamond #9 is still a strong Michigan lean and Garnett #1 and Banner #11 want to stay together and we are at least on the short list.....we should be able to get a great back that wants to set up behind these guys!!!

    Does anybody know why we haven't offered Seumalo yet?

  9. O'brien is the rumored UM commit for tomorrow but the source is shaky at best.