Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ideal Class change

Just a quick change to the Ideal Class page; I've been meaning to remove Gunner Kiel for the last few days or so. It doesn't seem like Michigan has much of a chance now, especially since the 2nd visit never happened.

Still, UM has Shane Morris to look forward to in 2013! Kiel is currently rated as an 84 on ESPN (you need 85 to be a 5*), and he'll probably reach 85 by February. This bodes very well for Shane Morris, who is arguably just as talented as Kiel, if not more so.


  1. Am I the only one who sees an epic bowl game match-up between Kiel and Morris in the not so distant future?

  2. Benji,

    I know we have been spoiled with all the early commits. But I am jonesing for a new commit. Do you see a commit this week? And I have seen alot of new names come up for the O-linesCan you rank them and let us know Michigan chances?

  3. I see Magnuson popping up as a commitment this week. He has very positive things to say about the Maize and Blue.

  4. In the QB camp at OSU, I believe, Morris the JR performed as well if not better than Gunner if that means anything to anyone. UM will be fine at QB.