Monday, 13 June 2011

Wolverines will take 26

Sam Webb, the main man when it comes to UM recruiting, said on WTKA radio this morning that Michigan will take 26 recruits in this year's class. This makes sense with the way they are recruiting DE's.

I stand by what I said yesterday about Washington, they'll definitely take him, and possibly slide Godin over to DT. The extra scholarship will then either go to another DT (hopefully, imo) or a sixth offensive lineman.

In the projected class, I've gone with an extra DT, so Jaleel Johnson is back on the list.


  1. Edited comment from username 'Jay':

    1 DB
    3 DL
    2 OL
    2 WR
    1 RB
    1 QB
    = 10

  2. This would be a viable build for the remainder of the class, as you could argue that Michigan needs two receivers. However, I just don't see this happening. If Burbridge gets cleared academically, it won't be for a long time, and by then the class will be full. Apart from Stanford, I can't think of any WR that UM are in a good position for, so I think only 1 WR will be taken.

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  4. Yeah I just thought I'd throw that out there because of the WRs that are graduating and the Stonum situation. Also I figured that Hoke would want a different type of receiver than what RR recruited.

  5. I find it funny that Ondre Pipkins just released his top 7 and MSU didnt make the list

    Tenn , Bama,UF ,Mizz,Oregon,Oklahoma and Michigan

  6. Yeah they were bitching about it over at RCMB. LOL.

  7. Guys, I just meet Coach Hoke at an event that the Boston Alumni Assocation put on today. Let me tell you, it was exciting meeting him in person. I asked him if he was disappoiunted not getting to play and beat Tressel and he said "Yes but regardless who is coaching, the mindset and results will be the same...a UofM win, GO BLUE!"

  8. To Benji or anybody who knows,

    How many players does UM have on scolarship? And do you know if anybody is planning to transfer out and if so how many and who if you know?

    Benji, What are the chances of landing Peat,shittz,Kalis,Banner and a top QB. High,medium or don't hold my breathe.

    One last thing would UM really take a fullback instead of a RB?

  9. I think they take a physical back regardless because we already have 8 backs and size is a concern. We could end up taking a tailback or 2 next year, though.
    For the class of 26 Hoke is taking this year I believe 7 or 8 scholarships will have to open up. If all of those scholarships come from redshirt juniors not getting their 5th year then for 2013 we can only take something like 11 kids so I have to expect his attrition will come from underclassmen instead.
    We have a chance of landing at least 1 Rivals 5star this year. How our season goes might make a difference, but Hoke and Mattison may be the best clean recruiters in America and Mattison has been itching to recruit and teach kids ever since he left for the NFL so he's working hard. We have a decent enough chance, but with spots running outand 170+ offers out there kids with fewer offers to choose from might decide for Michigan before the biggest prospects do. Nobody has any real clue what Kiel will do, I wouldn't even know now that I'd engrave his initial commitment in stone. He could very well change his mind as the year plays out.

  10. Jer,

    I don't claim to be an authority, but I believe MI had 82 on scholarship. 15 are reported to be graduating seniors.

    So, to take a class of 26, 8 scholarships need to open up:

    Transfers/Injury or otherwise early "retirement", voluntary or not/Unrenewed 5th years/Early NFL exits are the only things that come to mind.

    The staff is probably setting the target number of 26, based on their experience, insight, and program historical data.

    Feb is a long way away, and 8, while it seems like a big number, is really not that big.

    Please chime in anyone. And I would love it if someone actually knows data like: How many scholarships have "opened up" per year for the last 10 years at MI? Other programs?

    Benji, put your summer intern on it!!!

  11. I am new to this recruit thing so I am just trying to learn somethings.

    Someone on twitter is reporting a hugh 4 star recruit for OSU does anybody know about this?

  12. Google them and it's all about sanctions!

    Verbals don't mean much for them anyway.

    Minimal sanctions and Urban Meyer mean one thing, and heavy sanctions and a less splashy coach quite another.

    It will probably be worked out by signing day.

    If it's true, I hope it's a LB!!!

  13. Jer89,

    It's Kyle Dodson, an OT.

  14. Why does that name sound likes it hurts UM chances with some players?

  15. So with 10 spots left, how many more are we going to take before we hold scollys for the big gun late signes? I'm thinking we could see recruiting filling up and slowing down real quick here. Unless we can sign a 5* or two rite now, then be filled before the season even starts. Giving more time to then focuse on 2013 class. Either way I have faith DR is a jr now, you know the defense will be considerably better, might even be able to make a field goal or two...making us better this season than last, coaching change or not.

  16. OSU thought Dodson was a lock and he is a verbal to Wisconsin now. Love it.

  17. ROFLMAO!!!! They were talking how Strobel is a traitor....not a real Buckeye like Dodson.

  18. I hope washington and stanford follow in the footsteps as kyle dodson.that would make my day.

  19. OSU fans feel good about Washington and Diamond

  20. They may be right about washington but their wrong about diamond for sure!

  21. The osu fans are trashing Dodson now. Classy bunch they are.

  22. They better not feel good about washington just yet alot of info has changed and many suggest the wolverines are the leaders now. Hell kalis is still openly stating that if fickle is not retained he is going else where.

  23. "Gracious" is the word of the day. Everytime we seemingly lose a commit, I just kind of wish the kid luck.....I may think they were wrong but as I've stated before, they make their choices for any number of reasons (and not everybody thinks AA is the greatest place in the world - I know, I don't get it either!!). With regard to recruiting I find OSU and to some degree MSU fans are the same...."great kid, coming here, went elsewhere, what an ass". I've also made the same observations tha last few years, walking out of the stadium after a game....after we've lost....OSU and MSU fans are not gracious winners. With any luck we'll see how they handle a loss, if not this year certainly next!!! Go Blue and stay classy

  24. well I thought the amount was 22 because I read an article on price per head bookmaking web site and they said 22, and 26 is a lot more