Friday, 1 July 2011

Bit of a slow down

Despite the commitment of Blake Bars this week, it does feel like recruiting has slowed down a bit as of late, but I guess this is expected when you already have 15+ commitments. Still, here is a few quick bits of news from the last few days.

- Austin Appleby committed to Purdue, which makes it slightly more likely that Michigan won't take a QB in this class. Austin never had a UM offer, but was a solid fallback option should the Wolverines lose out on both Gunner Kiel and Maty Mauk.

- Chris Wormley will decide before August, per some article from a Toledo newspaper. I think and hope it will come sooner, seen as he knows that Michigan is the school already. Interesting enough, the article claimed he had offers from the likes of Alabama and Florida.

- Michigan will be battling Penn State now for Jarrod Wilson's services. Originally it was thought to be a UM vs ND fight, but the Irish have since taken a 3rd Safety in their class. They took's #66 Safety, which means they probably didn't like their chances with Wilson.


  1. Boy, are we spoiled rotten.

    It's July 1, the 2012 class is almost 2/3's full and rated a consensus top 5.

    We had a solid OL commit this week, who turned down the like s of FL and LSU.

    And it feels like a slowdown! I agree with you Benji, but I think it's time for me to realize the pace is going to be somewhat more normal until Feb.

    Wilson July 10 (I think, could be wrong), then a very slow trickle....

  2. Re Wilson:

    I meant the date. He's Maize and Blue.

  3. BlueMarrow, signing day isn't until Feb. A LOT can change. Don't count your chickens before they sign the LOI!

  4. Oh, I hear you Maize! This is all just a dream until NSD.

    But I'll put my money on the over:

    We loose a couple lower rated/less wanted commits, and gain higher rated/highly desired commits on signing day.

    I see great goals, and great plans laid out by this coaching staff.

    BTW, I love TR's favorite quote on FB:

    "A goal without a plan is a wish."

  5. Indeed a lot can happen between now and Feb, but we will no doubt finish with a top 5 class if the recruits see W's this season or at least improvement as the season progresses (esp with the D!!)...unlike his predecessor. Can't wait for the season to start!!

  6. Since Nebraska fans spammers gave themselves 1,000,000 votes in the ESPN tradition bracket Michigans tech guys (Larry Page) decided to get involved. WE're now eating away at Nebraskas lead.

  7. USC gets its first major decommitment since sanctions took effect. WR Jordan Payton is back on the market. 6'2" 205 lbs, ranks 4 stars and averages across the board with Richardson and Jenkins-Stone. Michigan offered him while he was committed and is on his list.

  8. Benji,

    It's all over twitter that Payton Jordan decommited from USC. They are saying this is good for UM. I guess he is interested in UM how true is this and does UM have a chance. And if the coaches try to get him are they giving up on Standford and Washington?

  9. @ jer

    I know that I am not Benji, but from what I have seen Jordan Payton (not Payton Jordan) is pretty interested in Michigan. He said he wants to take an official to Michigan which means we are least in his top 5. And I see this as the coaches leaving their options open. If we have alot of attrition at WR we might need two WR's and have to pass on a QB and RB. This is also a good way to put some more pressure on Stanford, he is not going to wait around to commit if he sees that his spot might be taken.

  10. I like the idea of getting Stanford and Payton a lot! But, if Dunn decommits, like i think he will, then I don't know how the we could pass up a bruiser of a RB like that. We haven't had a bruiser for a while now, and this is just what i believe, need to get one, especially with the offensive line group that we'll most likely have coming in this class.(Magnuson, Braden, Bars, Stacey, Diamond, and Kalis)

  11. I don't see Dunn decommiting and coming to Michigan. He might decommit, but he would probably choose another school out of the Big Ten. SEC maybe???

  12. @ northernmi
    yeah, but he's liked us all along from what i understand, so if we have a chance?
    but youre probably right

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  14. What if aaron burbridge greyshirted this year at michigan? I'm not saying this is likely to happen but it would make me happy.This is if stanford and payton both commit.

  15. I'm not familiar with a "greyshirt" what is it exactly?

  16. @ casmir

    A grey shirt is when someone joins a team not on scholarship, but he will receive one after the football season is over. This is a way to not have a player count against the scholarship limit his freshman year.


    Burbridge would not greyshirt, he has offers to good schools. Greyshirting players is somewhat frowned upon because it is associated with oversigning.

  17. @Mark
    He has offers from 6 schools.He has interest from a lot more but I wouldn't say he has the best selection.I just want him in the class so bad but I'd rather have stanford if he comes with washington.

  18. There is 7 spots remaining if I am correct.This means we maybe getting Wormley,Diamond,Kalis,Wilson,Pipkins,Payton and O'Brien. That means UM may lose out on the likes of Banner,Garnett,Washington,Stanford and Peat. I think UM is going to lose out on some major Talent.

  19. @Jer
    I think we have 8 or 9 spots left.If we lose that much talent I would die a little inside.I wouldn't take o'brien or wormley if we had to get rid of some "lower" talent.

  20. I am not a O'brien fan at all. So that would not hurt my feelings at all Wormley maybe. I thought they were only taking 25 kids this year I would love to be wrong on that number.I have complete faith in the coaches. They have done just fine without me so far. And I am sure they will keep doing fine.There is alot of talent out there with UM in mind and as much as I wish UM could land them all it may not happen but I am greatful for the talent That UM does get. And i am looking forward to talking trash this year with my OSU co-workers.Go Blue

  21. I can't find a link but it has been said by Sam Webb and TomVH that we are going to have a class size of 26 this year. And this is not including our greyshirt.

  22. Dunn's younger cousin and he have talked often about playing together in college and his cousin has Michigan at #1 for him. I wouldn't rule anything out until NSD. Rumor has had it that Dunn was committing to Michigan to him being "fully committed" to TSIO to "Ohio has NO shot" with him even though he's still a verbal, and back again. I think we have a good chance with him.

  23. Yes we are taking 26.I think it was on rivals that I saw that.Anybody do the live chat with devin fuller?I read through it and he said that He is visiting michigan either late july our early august.I think we have a chance to make his top 10.

  24. Scents things are alittle slow with recruiting I am curious to see who everyone thinks the final recruits will be.Lets do a dream class and realistic class. Lets say there is 8 spots remaining. Does anybody want to play?

  25. Tomvh is reporting he feels sorry for some Oregon kids and a posible coaching change. Looks like it may be duck hunting season for the NCAA. Can Jake Fisher change his mind and come back to UM?

  26. Qb- Gunner Keil
    RB-Keith Marshall
    OT-Arik Armstead, Andrus Peat
    DE- Noah Spence, Mario Edwards
    DT- Brady Hoke
    DB-Stefon Diggs

    Anything less is strictly unnacpetable.

  27. Dream Class:
    QB Gunner Kiel
    RB Keith Marshall
    WR DGB
    OL Andrus Peat, Jordan Simmons
    DE Noah Spence
    DT Eddie Goldman
    S Shaq Thompson

    Realistic Class:
    Qb Devin Fuller
    Rb Greg Garmon
    Wr Aaron Burbridge
    OL Jordan Diamond, Kyle Kalis
    De Chris Wormley
    DT Ondre pipkins
    S Jarrod Wilson

  28. A 1/2 and 1/2 dream class/likely class for me:


    to finish off 2012.

  29. If aaron burbridge doesn't qualify this year and can't sign his LOI, what would he have to do to be a prospect in next years class?

  30. Dream
    RB Dunn
    WR Payton
    O line Armstead & Peat & Garnett
    D Line Spence & Edwards
    DB Diggs

    O Line Kalis,Diamond,Banner and Garnett
    D line Wormley,Pipkins and Shittu
    DB Wilson

  31. Guys,

    I wanna play and put my 8 together but gotta get my kids to bed. In the meantime I just got this off of MGoBlog.

    Re: Shittu

    "Aziz Shittu just tweeted: Hope Michigan Class Dont Feel Up Before I Make A Desicion.

    and another tweet: @Mr2012RJS One Time For My Boy #GOBLUE

    Royce Jenkins also tweeted to him to just committ already.

    Looks solid for Michigan, would love to grab this kid.

    Practice makes perfect. Unless you're the Buckeyes. Then you have to cheat."


  32. I'm loving the shittu news, but I am slightly skeptical of his timing. He just created a twitter account and so he probably wanted to get some followers, and the easiest way to do that would be to post a tweet that would be huge news. I still believe this is good news for Michigan, but there might be a little more to his tweet.
    Does anyone know if he has ever visited Michigan?

  33. Mark

    I don't know that he has but he wants to take an official. Here's what I did find on him......he's high on academics with a pretty good GPA

    Sport: Football
    Position: Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Nose Guard, Athlete
    Buhach Colony High School ( Atwater , CA )
    Graduation Year: 2012

    Personal Statement
    My name is Aziz Shittu I attend Buhach Colony High School in atwater, california. Im 6'3 and 280 pounds DE/DT I am junior my current gpa is 3.72 and I recieved Lineman Of The Year of my league. Im interested in a programs academic prestige as well as football prestige. I'm a full time varsity starter, and have a dire will to win football games. Open to all schools at this point. My goal when I step on to a college field is to just make an impact on the team I have choosen to play for and to get the best education my talent can get me.

  34. Devin Fuller would be an excellent Wolverine. If things don't work out with our last Safety prospect we're close with and/or our last qb prospects we're clsoe with Fuller could play either or. We could take him as our top DB prospect and count our qb depth improved and free up an extra scholie all in one.

  35. Our tradition has jumped back into the lead!!!!!