Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Live Blog tonight

So I've arranged for a live blog tonight at 7PM Eastern Time, feel free to stop by and ask any recruiting questions you like!


  1. Sounds great!

    I'll try to make it.

    Here's an ice breaker:

    Pretend it's a draft, and you are Coach Hoke. You have 7 picks left. You can only pick players who you think will accept, or you lose your pick. (No dreamer picks).

    Who are your picks? (Is your projected class in any particular order with regard to the open spots?)

    Let the game begin!

  2. 1st Pick: Ondre Pipkins
    2nd Pick: Dwayne Stanford
    3rd Pick: Brionte Dunn
    4th Pick: Jordan Diamond
    5th Pick: Adolphus Washington
    6th Pick: Chris Wormley
    7th Pick: Random FB/skill position player

  3. I like your board!

    I like:

    1. Dunn
    2. Pipkins
    3. Stanford
    4. Washington
    5. Diamond
    6. Wormley
    7. O-Brien

    I would not waste a pick on a random FB. I would move a LB or TE to FB.

    I would not waste a pick on Peat, as I doubt we are in his top 3. And, I think two DT's makes O[brien number 7, instead of Payton.

    But, I also think the addition of Washington and Diamond may result in at least one de-commit, opening up another spot.......

  4. 1. Ondre Pipkins
    2. Sheldon Day
    3. Noah Spence
    4. Brionte Dunn
    5. Yuri Wright
    6. Dwayne Stanford
    7. Zach Banner

    I know a couple of those might be slightly outside shots, but I wouldn't consider them complete longshots (According to ESPN we're #2 for Spence and #3 for Wright). 1st post on here..been following for the last month and a half or so (as I am a Michigan football fanatic), and must say this is a great site. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great first question Blue! I like:

    1. Pipkins
    2. Stanford
    3. O-Brien
    4. Dunn
    5. Diamond
    6. Garnett
    7. Washington

    I just think the focus first and foremost should be on positions of need (Tackle/WR/RB), and then try and fill in the extra spots with guys that can compete for starting jobs with the other recruits. I also wouldn't mind Day, but there is no way we're taking 3 DT's.

    I'm also wondering why more aren't higher on Obrien? He has been doing very well at every camp he is going to, and looks to have a great motor, which is exactly what you need at DT. I would be so happy if we took both he and Pipkins!

  6. Sorry guys will not be able to attend the live chat. I will be at the airport waiting to bord a plane to go back home to Michigan( can't wait to get back home for a vacation). Hope the chat goes well so there is another.

  7. You guys! Fill the tenches!

    1. Pipkins
    2. Banner
    3. Garnett
    4. Payton
    5. Obrien
    6. Washington
    7. Stanford

  8. I agree on the need in the trenches, obviously at DT. But, I was going form a draft perspective. As in: If you don't take him, you leave him on the board for the next team.

    That's why I chose Dunn, even though Pipkins is the obvious primary need at this point. I probably should have taken Pipkins first, but I just love Dunn, and could live with O'brien or some of the other DT options at 2, if Pipkins was off the board.

    With that being said, kind of ridiculous question, after all.

    All of these guys are first or second rounders!

    Go Blue!

  9. Not to go off topic but TR and RJS have come out today and said they will be taking some officals. Thoughts on this?

    Taking my fandum out of this, I can't blame them for taking them. It's a chance to see other schools and how they do things. Will also help determine if Michigan is really where they want to be. I just hope they stay blue.

  10. I would go:

    1. Dunn
    2. Diamond
    3. O'Brien
    4. Stanford
    5. Pipkins
    6. Wormley
    7. Burbridge (crossing my fingers that he qualifies. Worth the risk)

    I, too, think Dunn could be a stud and would have the opportunity to compete as a frosh. Since this is a draft format, I would take Diamond second, only because I think O'Brien and Pipkins would be available in the next rounds. As I have said before, I personally like Burbidge more than Stanford, but Stanford will qualify academically and Burbridge may not, but he's is still worth the gamble. I do think Wormley will be a very good and versatile DL that can play both inside and out. I left out Washington, due to lack of interest. Although Banner and Garnett would be amazing they both are longer shots than the few I mentioned.

    Fun question, BlueMarrow

  11. Regarding the draft thing
    1. Garnett
    2. Banner
    We don't need no stinking skill positions, we just need to own the trenches.

    I am fine with the visits, but I would prefer them to not go to schools like USC and Florida. They should just enjoy some free trips to schools like Hawaii.

  12. BTW, I watched a highlight tape of Pharoah Brown yesterday. The dude is all of 6'6 and plays QB and DE. The video was lengthy, but every tackle or sack he seemed to be very angry! This dude plays mean. He may not have the star power that Washington may, but WOW he may be the Rush LB/DE Mattison wants and all the talk about his domination as a TE/WR at 7 on 7's this summer will be 100% over when he reaches Ann Arbor in 2012. He is a wrecking machine at DE. No chance he plays on the offensive side of the ball and its not because he isn't capable, but of what he is capable of on the defense! If you haven't seen his highlights check em out!

  13. Yes but we've been bad enough that we get 7 first round picks...still a fun question: This is not my wish or dream list but is what I think we could pull in. I reserve the right to change my mind in 30 minutes.

    1) Pipkins
    2) Stanford
    3) Washington
    4) Diamond
    5) O'Brien
    6) Wormley
    7) Lewis

    I even have doubts about this list.....This is getting tougher. Any kid that dreams of being nothing but a Wolverine does not appear on our Rock Star list, which is okay.

  14. I really want Garnett and Banner.....

    As for the officials. It's okay with me. I think these guys are pretty strong commits but who knows. They've recruited hard for us. Some just want to be sure and others admittedly are looking for some free fun trips.
    Any of these kids could see a 7-5 or 6-6 season and run before NSD. Some may not understand that it's because of them that we'll be 9-3 in 2-3 years.

  15. Benji,
    RJS and T-Rich both said they are going to take more visits around the country. Should we be worried about them opening up their commitment? I thought RJS was GBOD?

  16. Not to Hijack your post but are MSU fans really that dellusional......from RCMB:

    sCum Pressure Valve released - Is MSU still in the running

    "With Royce Jenkins-Stone and Terry Richardson re-activating their official and unoffical visits it would appear they are pushing back against the Hoke pressure tactics that succeeded in getting their early commitments. Is anyone aware if State is part of the group of schools either of these will be looking towards?


  17. If Terry Richardson decommits for some strange reason, we are still recruiting Yuri Wright so we have a backup plan.

  18. Benji,
    I know UM is in the running for some 4 and 5 star O and D linemen. What player should we stop getting our hopes up for or is Hoke and staff so good they can get most of them?

  19. I think Peat is a long shot, and I can wrap my head around the fact Washington has yet to visit.

  20. Jen-

    A lot of the kids left on the board will not even make a decision until next winter. Some might say: The later the visits, the better, at this point.

    The best time for a closing argument is before the jury decides.

    Also, is a kid asked me: "What's the best time to see any college campus, and get a feel for it", summer would not be my answer.

    Maybe it's just me, but college campuses in summer, are about as exciting as ski resorts.

    Go in the fall. Meet everyone. See everything buzzing, at it's best. See actual practices.

    Maybe he already knows he has a high level of interest, and is just in no hurry.

    Lastly, maybe he just can't afford it. Or, his parents can't get the time off this summer. Who knows?

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