Friday, 29 July 2011

Big House BBQ Overview

This weekend is set up to be one of the biggest weekend's of the year for Michigan's recruiting class; there should be many key targets on campus, and we could well see a couple of commitments. Let's run through the list of targets who should be there.

- Ondre Pipkins: I mentioned yesterday that Ondre is in Michigan and is looking to visit Ann Arbor. It now looks like he'll make it for the BBQ, which is great news as he'll get to meet a bunch of other targets as well as current commits. Chance of commitment: Medium

- Chris Wormley: We all know the score with Wormley, not much needs to be said here. Chance of Commitment: High

- Sheldon Day: He dropped off the radar for a bit this summer, but this visit should bring him back into the mix for Michigan's one DT. Really it's a race to commit, so anything can happen. For that reason; Chance of commitment: Medium

- Dymonte Thomas: One of the top players in Ohio for the 2013 class, and he's already named Michigan as his leader. Funnily enough he's the cousin of....

- Brionte Dunn: The recent let off for Ohio State will definitely help the Buckeyes in the race for Dunn, so Michigan really needs a good visit for him this weekend. Chance of commitment: Low

- Jehu Chesson: A three star WR who was offered about a month ago, but he's actually been in contact with Michigan for much longer. If UM wants two WR, this could be one of them. Chance of commitment: Low

- Dan O'Brien: He's visited Alabama and Tennessee in the last couple of weeks, so they'll be fresh in his mind when he compares them to Michigan. Due to the DT race; Chance of commitment: Medium.

Commits: Given that most of Michigan's commits are from Michigan and Ohio, you'd expect a lot of them to make the event. This is obviously great if they are recruiting the other BBQer's.

So that's a quick rundown of the biggest names that are scheduled to attend. If I've missed any that you know of, just write them in the comments section and I'll edit them in later.


  1. WR Monty Madaris
    2013 OL Steven Elmer
    2013 RB Wyatt Shallman
    2013 LB Jonny Reschke
    2013 WR Laquon Treadwell
    Obviously if you we just including 2012 recruits the all that is needed is Monty

  2. Is burbridge still coming to the BBQ

  3. His grades go up, we still have a spot NSD nears, do you see him switching?

  4. I heard Seveon Pittman was getting pretty soft on his already soft verbal to MSU

  5. If the truly go soft on Ohio, I can see Pittman there

  6. I would rather have Pittman go to Ohio, it would keep the state fans in line. I also want osu to stay competitive, when Michigan and Ohio are both top five teams the rivalry is at it's greatest.

  7. Does anybody want to play over/under on commits this weekend?Lets do 2012 and 2013.
    Over or under 5 commits this weekend?

    I say over with 6
    And a WR

  8. Does anybody else think that O'Brien and Diamond are delaying there commit until the spots are filled so they can say I wanted to go to UM but they filled up before I wanted to make my desicion. I still say Diamond is never coming to UM. He have made up his mind and just does not want to tell coach Hoke.

  9. Under, i think 3.

  10. oh I love BBQ, especially on sundays when many of my best friends gather and we make some great BBQ hamburgers, I missed that especially after working as a per head wagering writer