Wednesday, 13 July 2011

RJS and TR visiting elsewhere

Michigan's top two rated commits (by ESPN rankings) will be visiting other schools before national signing day. LB Royce Jenkins-Stone and CB Terry Richardson will both visit Alabama as well as a few other southern schools.

I don't think there is much cause for alarm just yet, as I think the visits are probably more about getting a free trip across the country than seeing other programs. Also, with James Ross still committed, I find it hard to believe that they'll turn their back on him and decommit.


  1. I'm not worried. I would do the same thing if I were highly recruited out of high school. I would have went blue no matter what, but I would have traveled on other schools money just to see the country haha.

  2. Yea the problem is the coach's told them from the get go that if your going to take visits than don't commit until your ready. Sam Webb on scout wrote this

  3. Off Topic

    Did you know Greg Mattison recruited Tim Tebow to Florida? Pretty cool haha

  4. Already breaking the coaches rules before you even get to campus not a good way to start out.

  5. As we all know very well...It's a long, long, way to national signing day!

    But, as an analogy:

    I'm happily and faithfully married. That's commitment.

    I still look. Raise your hand if you don't.

    Like Kanye says in Welcome to the Good Life: "And she got that ass, I got to look, sorry."

    It ain't no thing. It's not as if they were done recruiting them after they received a verbal. Just as you can bet that there are kids who have given verbals elsewhere, who we are still recruiting and inviting for a visit.

    Hard to raise a character issue on that count. Kind of tough to take, HS kids calling you a hypocrite.

  6. @balla

    When did the coaches say that, you have a link?

  7. nice analogy BlueMarrow. I'm engaged, and happily so. But I'd feel MORE wrong if I didn't look, like I wasn't doing mankind justice haha.

  8. Congrats, la,

    But, it's "we'd" and "humankind", because she's always going to look, too! ;)

  9. Let's just hope they don't dump their wife and run away with a stripper. In this situation it would be MSU or OSU.

  10. I dont have the link it was on scouts web site.

  11. Mark,

    If that happens, best of luck to them.

    It means the marriage is a failure, they don't want to be with their partner, and they are making a poor choice for their new one.

    It means they are not Michigan material.

    And, I don't think MSU or OSU are even on their radar. It's AL, Auburn, and FL. The SEC. National Championships. The top of the NCAA.

    Why would they not look? Experience of a lifetime. It's something they can tell their children and grandchildren about: Nick Saban and Will Muschamp wanted me, I visited, they wooed me, and I said no.

    The majority of these kids have never traveled much, or seen much. I can't question the character of any one for wanting an insiders tour of the greatest programs in NCAA football.

    Where can I sign up?!?!

  12. The problem is Brady Hoke said do that before you commit. Dont commit then start looking around. Very simple instructions I think.

  13. balla-

    So you know for a fact what Brady Hoke told those two kids?

    And, even if he did, you realize we are talking about high school teenagers, right?

    I'm not hearing that any offers have been pulled, or verbal rescinded.

    I think people are being very unrealistic and naive about all of this, including believing every scrap of info they read.

  14. I still do believe they both end up at Michigan. I don’t think there offer will be taken away. I understand they are young kids. I am just saying what I read that Brady Hoke said look around before you commit don’t commit then look around.

  15. follow RJS on twitter @ Mr2012RJS

    his latest tweet:
    "no visits 4 me. i will wait till i get to AA to get wined n dined =DD"

    The funny thing is yesterday, July 13th, he tweeted "I want to take my visits to Oklahoma Miami Florida Alabama and Iowa and get a feel for every school"

    I have a feeling this saga is far from over. Kid is all over the place which is natural when you are young and have so many options.