Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ondre Pipkins Update

Defensive tackle Ondre Pipkins just tweeted that he's landed in Michigan. I believe he's spending a few days with his Dad, who still lives in the Great Lakes state.

This is good news for the Wolverines as there's a strong chance that Ondre will pop into Ann Arbor to check out the campus and meet the coaches. A visit at this stage should solidify Michigan at the top of his list, and with UM probably only taking 1 DT, an on the spot commitment wouldn't be out of the question.


  1. He will go blue this weekend according to Mr. Ace Williams

  2. I can see it now, O'brien and Pipkins will be talking at the BBQ when they both realize the other person is about ready to commit. This will lead to a race between O'brien and Pipkins as they run to go commit. The person who gets there first (Aka the fastest and most agile) gets the spot.

  3. I think one, or both, will commit by the end of the weekend. I have no idea what they are being told, but if it's "We are only taking one DT, and the first one that commits is it" then you will see who, if either, really wants to be Blue.

    I'd love to hear more from TomV as to what these kids are really being told.

  4. At 7 tonight there is a live chat on rivals with obrien. Someone could probably ask him what the michigan coaches have told him.

  5. Here is my prediction for the final 7 spots:

    DT's: Ondre Pipkins and Danny O'Brien
    DE: Chris Wormley
    WR: Aaron Burbridge and Jehu Chesson
    DB: Wayne Morgan
    RB: Bri'onte Dunn

    Five of these guys will be at the BBQ and at the end of the day Wayne Morgan is too talented to not accept and Burbridge is going to qualify and get in. Dunn will be overwhelmed this weekend by all the energy of the other recruits and although he may be silent, he will be going Blue! The hardest part of this was leaving off one of the really great OLinemen. Banner and Garnett are too big of longshots and Diamond doesn't seem too interested. I do think that Pipkins and Wormley go Blue this weekend and O'Brien goes shortly thereafter.

  6. I read on twitter yesterday from ScoutWolverines that Diamond has decided to enlist in the Marines. Since then, I have not been able to find anything else about it. Anyone else have any info on this?

  7. Who will commit by midnight on the 1st (we'll give them a day to take it all in).

  8. @Caleb
    Wayne Morgan is too short, we have a bunch of short DBs. We have way to many DBs already and we are very slim at OL. We will take an OL, if not Diamond, Banner, Garret, or Peat then it could be a guy like Adam Bisnowaty.
    And Jordan Diamond is not enlisting in the Marines, he is joining the Marine All American Bowl.

  9. First of all to clear things up Caleb, I'm very happy we did not take Wayne Morgan. Reports have prior to ending his recruitment was he plays in a weak conference.... And as of recently at the gridiron kings he looked out of place on almost every play, most likely due to the higher level competition. He has even recently lost stick in ratings... So just let the Wayne Morgan band wagon die already. We WILL take at least one more OLine, if we end with bisowanty I will be very upset.

  10. Why don't you like Bisowanty? Wrestlers make great linemen. Pummeling is pass blocking. Plus he could always move to the d line.

  11. Can someone please tell me why we would only take one DT? if there are 6 spots left why in the world would we not take 2 expecially if they are both highly recruited players? We didnt take one DT last year and Mike Martin are only DT that has done anything in a game is a senior. Why would you not take 2DT, 2WR, 1DE and one OL? I can see if Dunn wants in then 1WR and use the other spot for him.

  12. WOW... Burbidge to MSU... What a joke.

  13. O well Burbrdge went to MSU

    As for Pipkins I believe we will take 2 DT's

  14. Academics must have been the factor, I wish the best for him though. In response to this TomVH said this "He's obviously not coming to the BBQ now. I said this on Twitter, this is a good get for them, but Michigan has a chance to get a good one soon too." that sounds like good news.

  15. Pipkins
    ( 1 WR !!!!)

    Get it done. "This is Michigan"

  16. Good get for Sparty..........our loss. I have it on good authority that there are other WRs out there. Let see who we end up with.

  17. Yeah, Wayne Morgan is a pure cover corner, and likely not tall enough to be an effective FS at the next level anyways.
    @Balla4show-I have absolutely no idea. OBrien said the coaches were looking to take 1, but the coaches say a lot of things. They told Bars he'd begin as a LT even though he's more suited as an interior lineman (and his HS coach is Kevin Mawae.) Godin should be a DT straight away, and is a pretty good 3 tech prospect. He could also be a great 5 tech, but if we only take 1 NT then he'll be the other guy inside. IMO Oline still has less depth than WR (walkons included) and we have a better shot with better Oline prospects than we do WR prospects this year anyways.

  18. I am still alittle shocked about Burbridge going to MSU.I quess summer school was not going very well. I still wish him luck.

    With the recent player out or off the team does that affect the number of scholarships UM can offer this year?

  19. Since when is wayne morgan back on the board? I thought we wrote him off a while ago, do we really need MORE db's? I think our depth is pretty solid there. I'm going to write off banner and garnet. I'm also writing off washington/stanford. Diamond had his chance, and my guess is, after this weekend, we wont have a spot for him anymore.

    I'd love to see

    DT = Pipkins & Obrien
    OL = Bisnowaty
    DE = Wormley

    Then it gets tricky. I think we take 2 WR's. Choose from Darboh/Powe/Thompson/Madaris. And the final spot, IMO should go to either Devin Fuller (ath) or Noah Spence (DE).

  20. Jer89......don't be like that!!!! :) Apparently he has brought in two "A"s at summer school. For whatever reason he chose MSU. I wish the kid luck. We'll never know the mechanics of his decision or what coaches at either school were saying to him. He is our loss. I just hope that we can reel in a big time WR. He's better right now than most of what we have left on our list but there are still some quality WRs out there.

    Looking at our QB future here, I'm surprised we can't bring in a big time WR.

  21. I absolutely do not want Bisnowaty..

  22. The only DB that UM would still take is Yuri Wright. I am still hoping UM still has a shot at Banner,Garnett and Peat. I would love to get one of these kids. I have heard Bisnowaty name alot how good is he? Is he underated? Is it possible that UM gets 3 commits for 2013 recruiting class (Elmer,Shallman and Thomas)?

  23. GBN,
    I don't think lunch and gym count.

  24. Lal, why are you gonna write off banner and garnett. We are 1 of 5 schools leading for the package deal ( that still would like to play together). I agree write off diamond I've said this forever! I don't want Bisnowaty at all either. With limited spots left I feel we need to back off after the bbq and depending who commits this weekend ( hopefully pipkins obrien dunn ) then we can focus on elite players for the last spots. I don't think we can use the "if you want to be here commit now so u have a spot". Guys are about to jump on board when we need to be more selective rather than letting people join just bc its a top 3 class already.

  25. ^^^^^This guy knows what he's taking about^^^^^^
    I'd gladly take Yuri Wright if given the opportunity.
    I'm hoping o'brien doesn't commit at the bbq, yet. Id rather him wait so we can pursue Day a little harder..

  26. Jer89.....why so bad today. Even if it was lunch and gym, when it come to academics it's called nutrition and human kinetics. Apparently the kid is working and has worked hard. It would be nice to know the inside scoop on this.

  27. I'm just writing them off because the more I hear about them, the more they are leaning in other directions. They aren't coming to the BBQ (to my knowledge) and I don't see them as a package deal anymore, they'll end up splitting up, maybe we can get one, but not both. I also (forgot to mention) am writing off Dunn, simply because I don't think we need a RB. I wouldn't say NO to the kid, he is very good, but I think we could use that scholarship for someone more important.

  28. GBN,
    All kidding aside I do wish him well in life.

  29. Is there a final list of player at the BBQ? I have heard some guys have decided to come at the last minute.

  30. Besides a DT, who are you talking about holding out for? We've addresed about all of our needs. Skilled positions will be easy to fill next year. Keep filling the remaining spots with quality players. Holding off on talented underated 3 or 4* guys for epsn top 150 players is just stupid, and a waist of time. Why slow down a top 5 class? I hope the class fills up at the BBQ, it won't but I'd be happy if it did. Make more time for not only preparing for this season, but next year recruits as well. Ppl are making it sound like our program is in shambles.

  31. I don't care what anybody says, we have talent! Our bench isn't the deepest, but even all them FR last year got experience they normaly wouldn't have gotten. idk for sure but I'd bet that's the most freshmen to start in a LONG time. Will cambell is a beast and will compliment Martin very well on the line. Both Corners are back. Head coach is a d minded coach with one of the best DC mattison. Thier gonna play better this year that RR ever had our D playing!! They've already said the offense will be in shotgun 50% of the time (for drob). I gaurantee Borges has been working on the deep ball with him. If he can throw the deep passes, it's over!! They'll tear everyone apart if they can't stack 9 in the box to stop drob. That was the prob last year. Good d's like Wisconsin, Iowa, the cheaters, they just stack the box, if he ran thier whole team was there, if he threw, he'd either miss or the wr would drop it, if they connected it resulted in a huge play! Borges will make them connect more often keep the d honest. I don't see us loosin many this year.

  32. Lets say UM has 6 spots remaining.I think most of us would say take 2 WR,1 OL,2 DT,and 1 DE.I am thinking more like 2 OL,2 DT,1 WR and 1 DE.If I had my way they would be.
    OL Banner and Garnett UM may not even take another OL that would be a surprise?
    DT Pipkin and Shittu ( most likely Pipkin and O'Brien)
    WR Dabhob
    DE Wormley
    Please feel free to comment my feeling will not be hurt.

  33. Smokey,

    Depth is the whole problem. UM has good young kids and the coaches will make them play hard.

  34. @Jer
    I don't want Darboh without seeing any film. And I would want Pipkins and Day.

  35. I would take Day. Is he visiting?

  36. Wormley is a monster, I'm guessing he is 270 now and he looks like the mannequin with the Under Armor gear on. He needs to be coached by Hoke and co. Will be disappointed if he doesn't commit this weekend.

  37. Solid picks jer. Personally I think obrien and pipkins would be a better combo aziz seems to be a pretty boy ( idk maybe that's just me). I think those 2 300 lbs rocks at dt would clog up the middle forsure. Wormley makes me question his intentions. Its been awhile just like diamond?? Like wtf lol. So with that being said maybe we could land the taft duo. That would fill our wr spot and de spot with the big boys on the dl and banner and garnett for the ol like I been saying for months now.

    Also something to think about: Doing some research at my other blogs word has it we might sign more than 26?!? Anybody know how we could or how that works?

  38. Sheldon Day is visiting for the BBQ
    We can sign more than 26 because kellen jones and christian pace left the team. If we were planning on taking 26 before the those guys left, then we can take more than we expected..

  39. The Taft Duo is history.Wormley has been waiting for others to stop stealing his thunder.I would love to get Banner and Garnett. With the scholarships depends on what they do with the spots remaining from Jones, Jones, Pace and Talbott.

  40. I heard a rumor Day was going to the BBq but was not sure.

  41. Day just got a offer from Auburn. So we may need to wait on Day.

  42. I'm glad Burbridge went Sparty. Never like him. He's perfect Sparty material. Just like Charles Rogers. Best of luck to him. I'll take Ron Thompson any second.

    And, WR is the least of our worries. The biggest WR problem this program will have, moving forward, is which 5 star to turn down. Seriously, lamenting over a kid who was reportedly struggling to even qualify?

    Give me an equally rated, or better rated WR who turns down the likes of Stanford and Cal to BECOME BLUE! Such a commitment is pending, I am sure.

    MSU? Paalleeeeezzeeee!

  43. We may not necessarily be able to take more than 26. Although Kellen was likely a surprise, the others were medical issues and were likely anticipated by the coaches as counting towards the anticipated attrition. We just found out about them recently, but the coaches have probably known for quite a while.

    According to Sam Webb (on MGOBLOG) Sheldon Day will be at the BBQ.

  44. A burbridge grew up a spartan fan and was a heavy lean until his teammates all started to sign with Michigan. And if a athlete can get into state than he can get into u of m. Athletes aren't held to nearly as high of a standard as general students. Scout also wrote this today in there posting of his announcement.

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  46. Burbridge arguably had the best highlight tape of any of the wr on our board. His catch in lion's stadium was NFL quality. If there was
    no question with grades he would likely be UM first choice. Wish him the best at Msu, we are good with other prospects but he was one we would've loved to have.

    Anyone who sees Thompson as a wr is not comprehending what a wr is supposed to bring to a football field. Thompson is a talent but certainly is not a wr but luckily Tomvh alludes that we may be getting news on a wr soon.

    On another note Peat has a top 3 of fsu, Nebraska and Texas.

  47. Where did you see that Peat has a top 3?

  48. @balla4show Why would we take more than one DT. Our depth chart for by the time these guys are in there 2nd season is 4 deep plus a great walk-on in Nathan Brink who coaches have said will be in the rotation this year so thats 5 guys not including Matt Godin who will be in his second season

  49. I am guessing the coaches will take at least 1 WR, 1 DT, 1DE, and 1 OL. The last two spots will go to the best available.
    Here are my wish lists for the positions of need:
    1 Payton- He has the off the field attitude to fit right in, on the field he is the most talented prospect on the board.
    2 debrah- seemingly good kid, second highest rated receiver left
    3 Powe/Mondras- both have good size and speed, Powe seems like more of deep ball threat while Mondras (most likely spelled wrong) has a great initial burst but is not as good of a deep threat. Both are pretty high on some sites and also quite low on others (Powe is #71 WR on scout).
    Stanford is out of the picture, his personality isn't a fit for Michigan and I see there is starting to be a mutual disinterest between him and the coaches.

    1. Garnett- great player, could play any position on the line except center. Prototypical size and a true desire to learn at a good school.
    2. Diamond- Good tackle, comes off as a diva the way he won't commit, but I think he is just lost and doesn't know who to listen to. I would love to have him and I see him committing soon.
    3. Banner- Great player, but his height scares me (leverage). I think overall Diamond is more talented.
    4. Bisnowaty- meh. He would be a decent constellation prize, he lacks a wow factor.

    1. Wormley- I believe he will shock alot of people this year and be one of the most dominant ends in the country. When it's all said and done I see him in the top 100 range overall. He could also play early with his size an athleticism.
    2. Washington-See Stanford.

    1.Pipkins-Beast, he is agile and will always force double teams.
    2. Day- would be a great sidekick with Pipkins, great player
    3. Obrien- very formidable DT, Pipkins just seems better to me. I don't think there will be room for him when he wants to come.
    I am not to keen on taking 2 300 pounders, I say we take day an Pipkins becaus they could actually play together at the same time.

    Wild Cards:
    Dunn- Big back, enough said. Stealing osu's other five star helps a little bit also.
    Fuller- Our chances with him depends on how well Denard takes to the new offense. He would be a great insurance policy at QB, but could fill one of many needs.

    All of these guys are great prospects, they all are rated 4 stars by at least 2 major sites (maybe not Bisnowaty?) in the end i see us ending up with Payton (maybe blinded I'm by hope), Wormley (at the BBQ), Pipkins (at the BBQ), Day (sooner than later), Diamond (next month or it ain't happening), and Dunn (this uncertainty at osu untill past NSD.

  50. This guy^^^^
    Agreed. You spelled like 5 kids names wrong but that's okay.

  51. @ Will
    Alright now, you're drunk or at least your sentences are. Only a 2 deep at DT is insufficient, especially when there's a scholarship 4 deep nearly everywhere else.
    By 2012 we'll have BWC, Washington, Ash, and likely Rock trading spots with Wilkins. That's a standard injury from your 250 lb DT making his unverified debut in the 2 deep, also known as a very, very bad thing. Godin could technically be big enough to play as a true freshman but would get owned by an established college Oline his first year and could use a redshirt (like all linemen could) True freshmen and walkons 50-75 lbs underweight will not do. We need more DTs.
    If you don't believe me that's fine, but notice that I told you 10 freaking times Talbott wouldn't play either, and low and behold he's on medical scholarship.

  52. 1. Mike Martin, Craig Roh= two recent frosh to get sig time on d-line. Michigan has not had great depth/ talent at DT historically over 20 years. At least one freshman this year and next -- will end up backing up on DL.

    2. Backups= players currently not as complete at their position
    as the starters. Some of these undersized players can play well in their limited plays as BACKUPS. The only real issue is having multiple injuries to a position--like our DBs. Unless a rash starts coming during fall practice, I am sure we don't need the ointment.

    3. None of us know the true depth of this team until they start playing games. Carr was always recruiting top DBs but somehow not one of them could ever beat out Morgan Trent, a converted WR. We survived him and his wizard spells on the coaching staff and his half assed play because we had Leon Hall on the other side. My point: depth is hard gauge on paper. It is also very hard to gauge players (mike cox, for ex.) who did not play much under the old regime. Some of those players may have been better suited for this team now much like DRob was best suited for RichRod over talented qbs like Forcier and Threet. Others may have just been overlooked for favorites of the old staff on a personality level. I see many times how players buried on the chart like Demens outperform others once they get on the field. My second point, putting all of the
    success on recruits playing against uneven competition is equivalent to fans pulling a football Ponzi scheme on themselves!

    I mean this all without denigrating the recruiting class we are amassing. Overall, the class the strongest we have had in at least six years. However, I believe and love what Hoke said at the Big 1G presser yesterday. When asked if he was in rebuilding mode he said the team has the talent to compete and win this year.

  53. I still say we need 2 DT this year. Why do you think sec schools are so good? There defensive lines are dominant. Counting on a walk on and players that are 260 to 270 lbs for DT is not going to last in the big ten or anywhere. If we can get two top DT and we don’t take them I think it will be a mistake but I have a good feeling Hoke is going to take Dany O’Brien later in the season.

  54. Sec teams are loaded because they take anybody with talent. Academics isn't a factor to them. I'm not even sure you have to be able to read to go to auburn.

  55. I didn't list Talbott in the rotation you idiot. And how many players play at the DT in one game? Probably 4 at most

  56. I meant 2013 you idiot, ("by the time these guys are in their 2nd season") that means 2013. Plus why would the coaches who I'm thinking you respect would move Kenny Wilkins to DT if he wasn't gonna put on pounds. Read my fucking comment before you make responses to it

  57. hmm I think this is the first Ondre Pipkins update I see on your blog, I had seen somme at per head website, but this is something special! ;)