Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Visits (past and future)

All the talk around Michigan is about the basketball team at the moment, and rightfully so; they've been fantastic ever since that win in the Breslin Center on Jan 27th. After beating the Spartans again this weekend, it looks like they've clinched an NCAA tournament berth, and this is great for the University as a whole, not just the BB program.

Anyway, it turns out in state DE Matt Godin was at the big game on Saturday, and with him being a lifelong Wolverine fan, you have to imagine he loved every minute of that win. Matt definitely seems to have gotten over his frustrations (the delayed offer), and Michigan is more than likely his leader. I would expect a commitment sometime this spring, could he be the first?

Last month Michigan also hosted LB Kaleb Ringer (Clayton, OH), and he really hit it off Hoke and Mattison, surprised? Yes actually, considering he grew up an MSU fan and is the cousin of former Spartan RB Javon Ringer. But still, it looks like Michigan is in a nice position for Kaleb right now, and he plans to visit again in the Spring.

This weekend Michigan will have two more Midwest prospects on campus in OG Dan Voltz (Barrington, IL) and LB Vince Biegel (Wisconsin Rapids, WI), both of whom are ESPN 150 Watch Listers.

Voltz likes Michigan a lot, and has named them in his top eight schools; but the general view is that he's leaning towards Notre Dame right now, so the Wolverines need to wow him this weekend, especially since he plans to make an early decision.

*UPDATE*: MGoBlog's TomVH is reporting that Voltz will now visit on the 24th of March.

Biegel will be a tough prospect to land; Wisconsin are doing everything to keep him in state, and he's also got family ties to BYU. Thus the Badgers and Cougars are the top two right now, with Michigan and possibly Michigan State trailing behind.

There also has to be a junior day coming up soon, in theory anyway. A lot of other schools have had theirs, and Michigan could really use the day to get some big names on campus, and possibly secure that first commit!


  1. Jim Tressel suspended for two games next year is nice. Too bad it's not the last two

  2. Wonder how long the NCAA will drag out their investigation.

  3. Watched the press conference, a lot of it was just the AD and JT talking crap. Hopefully the NCAA hits them with a failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance, which would give more sanctions.

  4. according to Bleacherreport we are in the top two, along with notre dame for a 6'3" wide out named Malik Gilmore. Have you heard anything on him? He seemed pretty interested in Michigan and would like to have an official visit to UM in the fall. I just cant belive that i haven't heard anything about him yet.