Monday, 8 February 2010

DeAnthony Arnett

DeAnthony Arnett is one of the top juniors in the state of Michigan, he's one of only two players in the state to have earned a four star rating in's early evaluations. This could be somewhat surprising given his size and speed, only 5'11 170lbs, and a 4.51 dash - good, but not exactly lightning.

On video, he doesn't seem that explosive, but he has great hands and uses his superior footwork and route running to get away from defenders.

To really judge how good this guy is, you just have to look at the offers and interest he is getting from the nation's top college programs. Michigan have already offered him, as have MSU, Notre Dame, Oregon, Iowa, Illinois and more. Teams like USC, Oklahoma and Ohio State will soon follow.

Arnett made it to Ann Arbor for Michigan's first junior day, and came away very impressed with the facilities that the Wolverines have to offer. Academics will be an important factor in the recruiting process for Arnett, but the style of offense will also be key. He says he can play in the pro or spread, but a pro style would be "more helpful" for his overall goals.

Michigan will be right up there at the moment, being the in-state school, but Arnett will be looking for the Wolverines to step it up on the field this season. I get the feeling this won't be a midwest battle between UM, MSU, ND and OSU. He is a big fan of Lane Kiffin, so USC will certainly be there in the end, as will Oklahoma, who he plans to camp with this year.

This will be a nation wide recruitment, and a big test of Michigan's in-state recruiting power.

You can check out DeAnthony Arnett's highlight reel here.

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